When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have blunt instruments

Schumer Hammer 2In the gun-control Utopia of Japan, where even toy guns are tightly restricted, real guns have been banned since 1965, and the Kempei Tai police state of the former militaristic Empire was never really dismantled, they still have a problem with crazies. The Independent:

On Sunday night, the bodies of 71-year-old Makoto Sadamori and his wife Kiyoko, 72, were found in the smouldering remains of their home, in a mountain hamlet in the western Yamaguchi prefecture.

Around 80 metres away, police came across a third body, thought to be that of a 79-year-old woman, Miyako Yamamoto, whose house had begun to burn at around 9pm, approximately the same time as the Sadamori home.

The remote village is said to contain just 10 households, a temple and a community centre, so when two more bodies were found in other nearby homes on Monday, the dead amounted to a third of its population.

Like their fellow victims, 73-year-old Satoko Kawamura and Fumito Ishimura, 80, are believed to have been battered to death. All five reportedly died instantly after being struck on the head with a blunt instrument.

Criminologist Jinsuke Kageyama told the Japan Times: “All of the victims must have been asleep when they were attacked… Even elderly people resist. It would have been difficult to strike them repeatedly only on the head.”

Police have yet to find a murder weapon, but think they may have discovered a clue to the killer’s identity: a haiku poem, fixed to a window at the home of their chief suspect, Yamamoto’s 63-year-old neighbour, which reads: “Setting on fire/ Smoke gives delight/ To a country fellow.”

via Japan: Hunt on for serial killer who left a haiku clue – Asia – World – The Independent.

They have not named the sole suspect in the case, but he had previous run-ins with some of the neighbors, kept an intimidating dog, and “told neighbours that if he killed someone, he would be immune from prosecution because he is on medication.”

Japan has no legal guns, but you can’t control crazy. (Despite being an island nation with a high level of social order, a pervasive surveillance society and almost zero gun manufacturers, they can’t keep guns out of the hands of the Yakuza organized crime outfits, either). Japan also has a higher suicide rate than the USA, despite the lack of private arms; while most of the “gun deaths” cited by American civil-disarmament interests are suicides.


6 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have blunt instruments

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  2. Y.

    “You can’t easily hold up a convenience store or shoot someone to death if you don’t have a gun,” Detective X put it in a nutshell. Unlike in the United States, that’s Crime Prevention 101 in Japan.

    I’m thinking that given a machete or an axe, you could hold up a convenience store pretty easily.

    “In order to prevent atrocious crimes using firearms, possession of small arms was banned in 1965, with strict penalties for violations of the law.

    Same law didn’t help in Korea Wou Bom-Kon went off the deep end. Fifty-six dead.

    1. Hognose Post author

      But Woo was a cop, they’re the only ones trained and responsible enough… (collapses into a fit of giggling).

      The Japanese police’s nosy surveilance and block-by-block knowledge of their residents (in Japan, people are registered and monitored) is probably closer to Crime Prevention 101. That and an ethnically and socially homogeneous society.

  3. Aesop

    I suppose surreptitiously finding the crazy neighbor and moving him to some D.C. suburb near Chuck U. Schumer is out of the qurestion?

  4. Y.

    Do they restrict toy guns too?

    I remember something vague about the best airsoft replicas being Japanese, and that they indeed started out with airsoft replicas…

    They probably restrict muzzle energy of airsoft ..

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