When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have concrete sidewalks

A gang of Latino punks thought it was amusing to key the private car of a police officer (and USMC Afghanistan/Iraq vet) Jonathan Molina, who lived in their neighborhood. When he confronted them, they assaulted him. One knocked him unconscious, and straddled him, beating his skull against the concrete. There’s a news story about the accused doer’s indictment.

Just like Trayvon Martin did to George Zimmerman. Just like Trayvon, the accused, Juan Gonzalez, was “an unarmed child” of 17. Unlike Zimmerman, Molina had more restraint, or perhaps he was already unconscious.

He suffered “a fractured skull, internal head injuries and multiple facial fractures.” He never regained consciousness and died nine days later.

Gonzalez’s fellow gang members ratted him out to save their own skins. Gonzalez’s skin is safe; despite being charged with capital murder of a police officer, he can’t be executed because of his calendar age, but if convicted he can expect life without parole.

These are only accusations at this point, filtered through the media, and who knows what will come out in court (a lesson we learned from the Zimmerman case, as well as from Popehat and TalkLeft,  two informative blogs by working defense attorneys).

Because Molina was a police officer, and because the homicide occurred in Texas, he’s quite unlikely to have been charged if he had shot Gonzalez.

Just a teen. A kid. An unarmed kid.

Who killed him stone cold dead.

You don’t need a weapon in your hand to commit murder. Not if you have murder in your heart.

8 thoughts on “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have concrete sidewalks

  1. Andy

    Situations such as this are why we still need vigilante lynch mobs!If this kind of punishment happened enough,then maybe deadly crimes would diminish!Too many of the younger generation are coming up being more violent ,is this a decline of our system,mental illness,or failure of the family of these thugs?Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  2. Aesop

    Look for a notable uptick in police shooting members of that gang and others in the area on sight in coming months.

    1. Rooster

      So far these chucos are not known to be gang affiliated.According to the El Paso Times Molina took his attention off them to ask a bystander to call 911 and Gonzales blindsided him.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Gracias. Surprising to us; here in New England, an overwhelming preponderance of homicides, and in the last several years just about all homicides with multiple young males present, are gang related. Most of the gang activity is black and hispanic gangs but there’s also biker gangs and white prison gangs.A lot of the mischief is caused by wannabes and hang-arounds trying to get into the gangs.Charming folks all.

  3. Aesop

    Gang or no, picking on an off-duty cop is picking on the whole bunch.
    Suspects making “furtive moves” and getting ventilated will become a team sport.
    So will back alley baton shampoos .

    And that’s assuming the victim’s service buddies don’t take up a collection to get Homeslice jacked up or shivved in prison.

  4. Samuel Suggs

    I dont see how not shooting the people slaming your head against a hard surface constitues restraint unless you bind yourself to a pacifist philiosiphy

    1. Samuel Suggs

      I mean isnt that just a failure to respond in the way you would otherwise have responded given the chance? I dont think he was like “oh he’s unarmed wouldent want to get linched bye the media I will lie here and take my lumps.” I think it was more “du da du da du walking down the street WAM!!! CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH CRAAACK!!!!!” then “yeah nigggass we kiltd hiim dead”

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