Let’s have a tour d’horizon, shall we?

File all of these under, “things that make you say, ‘Lord love a duck.'”

Defense Furloughs Trigger Weaponized Sniveling

Which wasn’t really the headline the original reporter had in mind, but it seems to fit the article better. Basically, as the sequester-induced furloughs get underway, every group of soon-to-be-idled DOD workers is trying to wring out an exception for themselves.  The troops and their family members, many of whom work at low-paying DOD jobs as PX clerks or dependents’-school teachers at far-flung bases, are now feeling the squeeze of the recession that the Washington beltway Establishment remains both immune and blind to.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of defense dollars, in Air Force One and C-17s and C-130s, will soon be wasted expended flying the First Family to Martha’s Vineyard along with the retinue of clerks, cooks and bottle washers (not to mention golf coaches, tennis pros, and basketball buddies) that are absolutely necessary for the function of a representative democracy during a nine-day vacation.  It’s rather selfless of them to take some time off and experience a little touch of unemployment, just like millions of their constituents! Nothing says Man Of The People™ like summering at Martha’s Vineyard.

The hard-working first family hasn’t had any time off since their $100 million African vacation in June.

The Upside-Down World of Gun Bansters

Nobody is more intent on banning guns than the Chicongo Chicago Combine. Combine Dear Leader His Excellency Speaker of the House For Life Admiral General Aladeen Mike Madigan has been fingered in a jobs-for-contributions scandal. This is the same guys whose fully-owned-and-operated daughter, Lisa, is the figurehead Attorney General of the State and who, doing his bidding, fought, resisted, cajoled and foot-dragged to keep Illinois out of the Union with respect to the Second Amendment and the Heller and McDonald decisions. She;s never had an original idea or a personal opinion in a long life at the public trough, and was only his cat’s paw. So you could say, he fought the law, and the law won.


Mike Madigan will probably beat this rap too. After all, it’s not like the Illinois Attorney General, three-time Nepotism Today cover girl, investigates corruption cases.

We Can Always Rely on Law Enforcement!

At least, to lose stuff. This time it’s not guns, though, just a bunch of secret-squirrel encrypted two-way radios. They think they’ve lost about 2,000 of them, but their property accountability for sensitive items is so slapdashedly casual that they’ve actually lost track of the number they’ve lost, according to an eye-opener by Devlin Barrett in the Wall Street Journal. (Barnett’s scoop has also triggered reporting by other agencies, so if you get paywalled at WSJ, let us google that for you).

The radios are a typical government boondoggle, sole-sourced at $2k to $5k each. (If you think the price of electronics goes up every year, You Probably Work For The .Gov™). Here’s what a report from the the agency’s Office of Strategic Technology. quoted by Barret, told Marshals Service brass:

It is apparent that negligence and incompetence has resulted in a grievous mismanagement of millions of dollars of USMS property…. Simply put, the entire system is broken and drastic measures need to be taken to address the issues…The 800 pound elephant in the room needs to finally be acknowledged.

That was three years ago. What’s been done since? If you guessed nothing, you’d actually be wrong. Nope, since the 2011 report, they’ve lost more encrypted radios.

If your kid has a tree-house club with Johnny, the Federal Marshal’s kid, have him tell Johnny to give Dad back the neat-o walkie-talkies. Of course, if criminals have the radios, they could listen in on the Marshals’ and other LE nets; if a foreign power has them, it has a chance at breaking the cryptosystem entirely and gaining insight into other US cryptosystems. Well done, Marshals.

By the way, they also run the Witness Protection Program. If you’re a member of that particular corps d’elite, you might want to bend way over and kiss your snitching ass goodbye.

Who will be fired over this?

  1. The guy who set the system of accountability up?
  2. The Marshals who lost their radios?
  3. Nobody?
  4. The guy who leaked the news to reporter Barrett?

You know the answer.

The Upside-Down World of Gun Bansters, Part II

Remember the pictures from Trayvon Martin’s telephone? They would have been an interesting counterweight to the pictures of 12-year-old Trayvon that the prosecution and Martin family lawyers teamed up to release in the trial-by-press stage. So the prosecutors: Angela Corey, Bernie de la Rionda, John Guy, and Richard Mantei, conspired to conceal this and other evidence, and successfully did so until the trial was underway.

An IT evidence technician working for the prosecution was sufficiently alarmed by this to bring the evidence to the judge, a de facto fifth member of the prosecution team. He got fired and the jury (and most of America) never saw these insights into Martin’s real character: small-time dope dealer and assault enthusiast. George Zimmerman’s been crucified in the media, but he saved the State of Florida millions in incarceration costs throughout Martin’s lifetime.

“Justice for Trayvon?” He’s already had it. We’ll see him in Hell.

Meanwhile, Bernard Kruidbos is still fired, and Angela Corey and her Minions are still Officers of the Court. For the time being. We see more lawyers making lots more money before this case wraps up.

Celebrity SEAL Report

Old SF Joke. Q: why are there two more men in a SEAL Platoon than on an ODA?

A: Still and motion picture cameramen!

That hoary old chestnut is a little unfair, as the Frogs have their fair share of quiet professionals. A lawsuit between two of them, one a quiet professional who broke out with two books, and one a self-promoter who displayed marginal skills in political and Hollywood careers bought with his celebrity as a phony athlete, is shaping up.

In Chris Kyle’s American Sniper, he tells the story of “Scruff Face,” a former SEAL whose political opinions about the war, and marginal skills at self-control, brought him to an informal SEAL wake, where he expressed contempt for the combat-loss frogman for whom the ave atque vale was intended. And got a whack upside the glass jaw for his trouble.

Everyone in the community knew, even before Chris confirmed it on KFI Radio, that “Scruff Face” was Jesse Ventura, a peacetime SEAL who rode his self-promoted “authenticity” to successive careers in the phony worlds of WWE fake-wrestling, Hollywood acting, and politics. Ventura, who has politically idiosyncratic ideas, has often expressed contempt for the GWOT and, more problematically, the men serving in it. No one was surprised  by the story, and given the relative reputations of Kyle and Ventura, nobody believed Ventura’s desperate denials.

His biggest beef, apparently, is Kyle’s claim that he knocked Ventura down with a punch. (Chris wasn’t real proud of this, actually. Ventura is an old man, gone to seed. But if he said what Chris says he said, where he says he said it — and Ventura has expressed similar opinions all over the place — he had a belt coming).

In any event, the death of Kyle delayed Ventura’s lawsuit, with which the washed-up has-been is trying to get a piece of Kyle’s earnings. Last week, a judge allowed Ventura to substitute Chris’s widow, as executor of his estate, as the defendant.

Ventura must want that money really badly to continue damaging his reputation like this. What’s he going to do, erase ten years of history of non-support for the guys in the Teams on the pointy end?

Our prediction; the suit settles. Ventura takes some money to go away. And stays on SEAL shit lists forever.

The Upside-Down World of Gun Bansters, Part III

In gun-culture circles, one often hears something allong the lines of, “Massachusetts was the Cradle of Liberty, the birthplace of the glorious Revolution. Now, it’s Stalingrad-on-the-Charles. What the hell happened?”

Answer: schools like this character’s, where even the administrators are closer to jail than Yale. Naturally, no punishment for the plagiarizing principal, as the district hides behind the old “personnel confidentiality” dodge.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have swords!

Like this sphincter muscle in Illinois. A “homeless man” (plain Anglo-Saxon: “bum”) killed a guy with a sword, and burned his house down. This particular bum was only 19, but he was already on the frequent-flyer program with the justice system as a career burglar. One burglary, he found someone at home, so he strangled and slashed the guy, then stole his stuff and turned his crime
perfect” by burning the house down. He got busted when he sold his victim’s cell phone to his usual fence. He gets life in prison, but it’s a parole-eligible phony “life.”

Of course, the homeowner might have defended himself with a gun, except that this all happened in Illinois, where even now only criminals and the politically connected — same thing — are allowed to have guns. If the homeowner had shot the scumbag, we’d now be seeing “Justice for Jamil” rallies led by Jesse Sharpton and Al Jackson. And Nancy Grace would be explaining how it was the victim, Jay Rosio’s, civic duty to lie still and wait for the cops while Jamil Eason sawed his head off.

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