TSA: Evil, but Incompetent

tsa-bozoThe worst agency of the government? It was once a tough competition, but the TSA has all but retired the trophy: there is not one intelligent, good, decent, moral or ethical individual employed by the TSA or who has ever been employed by the TSA.

Employers, watch for that line on resumes. it is the mark of evil incompetence, and you don’t need ex-TSA problems in your work force. If one of these payroll patriots is seeking work in the Dreaded Private Sector™, it’s someone who was so bad as to get fired from an agency that has no standards whatsoever. Consider their recent achievements:

ITEM: Apparently not content with their massive, chronic and pervasive thefts from travelers’ baggage, they’ve decided they really ought to search their parked cars, too

(Does the TSA really steal from baggage? Let me Google that for you. Short answer: hell, yes, all the time). Of course, they’re having the parking valets do at least some of the car-searching, which is a good thing: in our experience, parking valets are much more trustworthy. They are more carefully selected, more thoroughly trained, and have much higher levels of integrity and accountability than TSA employees).

ITEM: Their “improved” security provisions at Kennedy Airport locked first responders out of the facility, so when a middle-aged man collapsed in Terminal 4, the ambulance crews couldn’t get through the doors or into the elevators. The security Nazis forgot to port their access cards over — too busy tossing citizens’ cars for resalable stuff, perhaps.

No doubt “Blogger Bob” Burns, the overpaid Goebbels to this horrid horde of half-assed Heydrichs, has some lame excuse and some fingers to point somewhere else. He always does. Doesn’t wash. Your guys own this, Bob.

Of course, as good economists, we must weigh the benefits against the costs. So let’s add up the benefits. Against the massive inconvenience and waste, the loss of privacy, and the occasional dead traveler, we can weigh:

  • Terrorists caught by TSA: 0.
  • Terror plots stopped by TSA: 0
  • Terrorists inconvenienced by TSA: 0

It’s zeroes all the way down… kind of like their employees. There is no intelligent, good, decent, moral, or ethical person at TSA. Never has been.

Want to be cheered up?

The TSA has some employees who are authorized to carry guns, and they want more. What could possibly go wrong?

2 thoughts on “TSA: Evil, but Incompetent

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  2. Andy

    And these folks are a part of the force that will be used when gun confiscation starts?Heck if they hire the type of folks that I have heard about,they could just go to Chicago and hire a whole bunch of gang members and that would already be trained thieves,and murderers,seems like the type of upstanding folks they want for employees!be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

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