Happy New Year

We’ll be ringing the New Year in appropriately in two ways.

First, as you read this, we’ll be having a (single) drink, whilst toasting those Americans who are, unlike us, not at home in the warmth of their families. May they come home safe and take pride in duty done. We’re ashamed to say we didn’t think of this toast alone, but were inspired by a message from another retired SFer.

Second, we’ll be on the range tomorrow midmorning (so yeah, we’re violating our usual 12-hour rule before operating heavy machinery, aircraft, spacecraft or automatic weapons).We’ll be shooting stockpile rounds which we’re hoping we can replace from the range’s stocks. In this market, who knows?

May 2013 bring you blessings and good tidings, and may the bad memories of 2012 fade as the good memories glow on.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing you back here in the New Year.

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