The PD ruled this a good shoot

The suspect, one Flint Farmer, was lying on the sidewalk. The officer, Gildado Serra, who had had two other questionable shootings (one suspect wounded, one killed) in the preceding six months, steps over him.

And fires.

And fires again, a double-tap.

The latest revelation: Serra may have been drunk, but police department bigwigs stalled for some nine hours before Breathalyzing him.

Where did this happen? In the only-the-cops-can-have-guns paradise of Chicago, naturally.

The city has already paid off the large sum Farmer’s family’s lawyers demanded.

Now it looks like Serra’s going to go on trial. Watch and see why. Read the details.

Thank your God you don’t live in Chicago, at the mercy of the grifting pols and this kind of cop and this kind of police department.

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