SEAL Team Commander Dead (non-hostile) in Afghanistan

Lord love a duck. A friend sends the following which he saw on the news the night before Christmas Eve.

The death of a Navy SEAL commander in Afghanistan is being investigated as a possible suicide, military officials told ABC News today.

On Saturday, the Pentagon announced the death in Afghanistan of [a Naval officer]. [He] died Saturday of what a Defense Department press release described as “a non-combat related injury” while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

[He] was assigned as the commander of SEAL Team 4, a Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Va.

via Navy SEAL Commander’s Death Investigated as Possible Suicide – ABC News.

The suicide speculation is not helpful, tying it to the guy’s name and hometown is doubly not so, and the assclowns who are braying about this stuff to the ghouls at ABC News ought to be duct-taped to the targets in the tire house — when the Afghans are running through.

It is the Christmas season, so for Christ’s sake give the man’s family and friends some breathing room. Did they do that? Naw… they tried to send a live truck to his home. It’s enough for you to wish them a very Unchristian comeuppance — coal in the stocking, perhaps.

Of course, this will just encourage the Lifson-trained “suicide prevention” pshrinks. (Exercise for the reader: list all the pshrinks you know. Draw a line through the names of the ones who themselves evidence some psychological problem or other. Any names left? We didn’t think so. That’s why they became pshrinks in the first place).