Sunday before a Green Christmas

Green? Well, the weather guessers would have to be radically wrong for it to come out white.

Christmas is a huge secular pageant, but it’s actually not the most important date on the Christian calendar (that would be Easter, when the promise whose fulfillment began with the Advent is fulfilled). But saints like our readers, sinners like us ¬†and those atheists who consider themselves above it all, all alike are running around like madmen buying gifts for those we love.

No guns under the tree this year. We’re procrastinators and all the good stuff was out of stock. There may be archery targets and supplies for weapons-happy kids. The economists and MBAs among you will go, “Aha! Substitute goods.” Unfortunately, so will the kids.

If you are a praying type, or even if you’re not and are willing to abide an exception, a good prayer today would be mercy and rest for those who have died violently and unexpectedly recently, and comfort for their survivors. Certainly not obligatory, just a suggestion.