Phony and Prison — perfectly matched

Schroeder in his costume as a PTSD counselor. See ya after prison, he-ro.

Schroeder in his costume as a PTSD counselor. See ya after prison, he-ro.

This is another post that’s been lounging around the draft queue whilst we’ve been lounging around the real world — sorrt about that. But Paul Schroeder deserves recognition, and not the good kind.

At first glance, his sentence is demeaning, to see with all that this scrote did he got a lousy 30 days. You get that for refusing to take your hat off in the courtroom. But as we’ve seen, judges don’t think veterans should get the respect due, for instance, judges.

But then, it does show that even with the Stolen Valor Act invalidated by anti-military judges, people are making prosecutions of professional phonies like Paul Schroeder.

Of course, his career as a PTSD counselor is also on the bricks. Unless that’s “Phony Trauma Simulation Disorder” in which he’s now a court-certified expert.

According to the military records he presented, Schroeder had the necessary credentials – a Silver Star and three Bronze Stars. He also claimed to have graduated from several elite Army schools, including Special Forces, Rangers, Pathfinder and Jumpmaster among others.

But on Monday, Schroeder admitted it was all a sham. His true records showed 10 years of Army service but as a military policeman stationed in New York, Panama and Texas. He was discharged before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan even began.

The investigation against Schroeder began after April 2009 when he applied for a set of special military meritorious service license plates with the Texas Department of Transportation.

via Fake war hero from Houston area gets 30 days in prison – Houston Chronicle.

This blowfish was an actual vet who couldn’t resist puffing up his CV for personal gain. It all fell apart when this grifting bum tried to seize one more bauble — silver star license plates, getting him out of paying registration fees — and it wound up in the grips of an FBI agent who was a vet himself and took, as they say, a dim view.

The lawyers and judges who defend these scrotes and call it a “victimless crime” haven’t met the misled friends, ripped-off vets, defrauded wives and girlfriends of these guys. They haven’t seen the fallout of lives built on the quicksand of lies. They haven’t seen real veterans struggling with the usual postwar demons who flee from VA”help groups” because they’re full of phonies telling knee-deep-in-claymore-clackers, stackin’-up-the-skulls stories to other phonies.

Few people realize the disheartening universality of the two WeaponsMan Unified Laws of Military Phonies:

  • It’s never just one fraud with these guys.
  • They will never stop until they are made to stop.

… but real veterans the world over, do. If the wannabe busters of the world had a nickel for every wannabe who went on to serious felonies, and a penny for every one that even after being busted returned to making false boasts when he thought nobody was watching, they’d be sitting on the market capitalization of Apple, Inc.