Commenters’ Commandments

All comments are moderated (We’ve already been receiving tons of unwelcome comment spam, and we’re still days from official launch). We’ve seen many communities poisoned by trolls, and so here we have rules.

  1. This is a privately owned site. We defend democracy, we don’t practice it. You can make a point if you like, but you do not have a vote.
  2. The First Amendment does not apply here. Seriously, look it up. Our site, our rules. You have no rights. You have posting privileges to the extent we grant them to you.
  3. No spam is going to be posted, period.
  4. Real names. If you are a serving or retired Quiet Professional (i.e. SF or SOF), you can use initials or a callsign, at our discretion, but we have to know your real name and bonafides before we grant that privilege. Poseurs, impersonators, wannabees and four-flushers will find this to be a zero tolerance environment for their kind. If you’re anybody but a QP (say infantryman, cop, or genuine Mall of America mall ninja) it’s real names, or don’t post. Reason? People hiding behind anonymity have problems with self-control. We won’t tolerate it.
  5. Real guns. If you are an airsoft “expert” go find an airsoft forum. If you’re ready to make the move to big boy toys, tread lightly, because the big boys are not impressed with your current toys and what you have learnt playing with them. That said, we’ll help you transition to real guns if you’re ready to man up.
  6. Trolls are not welcome. We decide who’s a troll. One tip: personal attacks and inarticulate profanity are worth a lot of troll points.
  7. Your first-hand knowledge and expertise are welcome. Your armchair/internet expertise, not so much. It is good to lurk before posting. It’s really good to think before posting.
  8. Childish tribal brand-boosting and -bashing have no place here. This means you, H&K fanboys. (And yeah, we put the ampersand in just to cheese you off).
  9. Evidence for your claims, please. Big claims need big evidence.
  10. Before you post any kind of link, review Rule #3.

That said, we’re all about having fun and sharing knowledge here. Those ten rules could probably be condensed into: “Don’t be a jerk” and you’d get by. We’re looking forward to interacting with you.

Commenters’ Commandments v. 1.0, posted 1 January 2011

3 thoughts on “Commenters’ Commandments

  1. Thomas F. Schultz

    Best wishes on this endeavor/endeavour. One teeny request from a VFOG.
    Please use just a wee bit larger type font.

  2. Hognose Post author

    Hi Thomas! Good to see you here.

    I’ll look at making adjustments to the theme, as since I had my eyes tuned for distance I tend to blow up the text to read it myself.
    1. On the Mac, that’s as simple as spread-pinching a finger and thumb on the track pad.
    2. On the PC, if you use Internet Explorer, Control and + (the plus-sign key in the upper right area of the keyboard) should make text larger. This is supposed to work with Firefox too, as does holding control and rolling the scroll bar on your mouse. Try it — it should work on almost all websites.

    – Kevin R.C. “Hognose” O’Brien

  3. Manuel Torres


    I like the site already. Good luck keeping the Trolls, Fanbois, and other assclowns off the site!

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