That Was the Week that Was: 2012 Week 03

Well, we’ve made it through three weeks and we’re having a blast here.  You too? And in a first for That Was the Week that Was, we’re going to begin by mentioning some real-world arms developments at Hog Manor, aka The WeaponsMan Wolf’s Lair.

So here’s the gunny stuff:

  1. Started towards an NFA (National Firearms Act) trust. Why? Because…
  2. Got a Colt 6921 M4LE Carbine on order.
  3. Did a little work in the shop, towards some light smithing.
  4. Have a line on a non-gun M203 for display on our wall of weapons. That means we need to complete another M16A1 clone.
  5. Started the paperwork towards getting one of the Remington M24 Sniper Systems, a process which has yet to be blogged.

And of course, there are the posts:

  1. On Sunday all good WeaponsMen rested, for a second time. Forsooth, the tradition is officially established.
  2. We had a WordPress glitch which still has us editing posts in an FireFox. Yawn. But it knocked us off the blogosphere for most of a day. Fortunately, we resumed publication — we don’t want our readers to sink into despondency, for they all have weapons. No link (you really want a link to test posts?).
  3. We began the substantive posts of the week with a starkly unbelievable rave by two Vietnam War phonies, Dave Corso and Duncan O’Finnoian. You can catch Teh Stoopid just by looking at these guys. It was Thursday before we had our IQs back.
  4. We are very concerned about the lack of support for poor confused turncoat Bradley Manning. If they just give him to us, we’ll support him in the proper manner. Welcome to the Bradley Manning Support Network.
  5. We celebrated Rodney King Day, in the spirit of his great call for tolerance. Can’t we all just get along?
  6. A brief note to commenters. With a real cool Chicom propaganda poster. And yeah, the Taiwanese dirtbag spammer is still with us.
  7. What was it about the AR-15 (and M16) that made it revolutionary? We list 12 points with some pictures of a cloned AR-15 prototype, and steered you to where you can get the stuff to clone your own.
  8. A consumer warning about Bad Veterans’ Charities and links to places to check them out, plus our recommended small charity and big charity paying our debts to the wounded and to the survivors of the fallen.
  9. Gun Marketing Fail 02: Paul Helinski of GunsAmerica hates him some intertubes PJ-clad bloggers nobodies.
  10. Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week is RB Gun Graphics. We want to hang a couple of his pieces in the gun vault. They’re all good and appear accurate.
  11. The Steyr AUG is the weapon of tomorrow, and has had such lousy luck penetrating the US market that it’s probably going to be the weapon of tomorrow, still, tomorrow. We try to explain the variants still on the market and available used to American civilians.
  12. This week, Ralph Peters is a genius. The micturating Marines are still knuckleheads. That point needs to be made but it’s best made by their own personal gunny, of whom they should be afraid.
  13. No sooner did we post the story of Paul Helinski’s dislike for bloggers than his business sent us a robo-email (for which we’d signed up, back before the Great Flood or sometime). We signed back down. And then blogged it, because it’s not sporting to kick a man while he’s down and begging to be kicked… but it feels great.
  14. We step away from the guns for a minute to note that, one cowardly cruise captain notwithstanding, manhood in general is not in crisis.
  15. We look at Fire as a Weapon. We may not have elaborated on this in the post but it seems that flamethrowers are one of the few deadly weapons to escape Federal regulation.
  16. The best gun magazine you never, ever heard of. Worth learning German for, even though it’s no longer publishing. That good.
  17. If you’re a pro historian, and completely fabricate the evidence supporting your thesis, a lot of other professional historians will back you up. Especially if your lies about gun history make them feel good. It’s not a profession, it’s a tribe.
  18. What the mission of Special Forces is, and why it’s different from those other guys. With a guest appearance by T.E. Lawrence.
  19. Why we‘re not at the SHOT Show, and where to go to find out the stuff we’re not reporting because we didn’t go to the SHOT Show.
  20. We identify the most powerful weapon in the US inventory. Hint: you could not hang it on your wall.
  21. The Parrott Gun is an interesting and historically important artillery piece from the 1860s. Both sides used them in the Civil War, and some people still make and shoot them today. (200 years from now, will there be Taliban reenactors?)
  22. Saturday Matinée 03: The Battle of Algiers. And we kept our promise, and broke the curse of George Takei, connecting this to #01, The Green Berets. We promise, no Sulu next week.


Week 1: 26 posts + wrap-up

Week 2: 25 posts + wrap-up

Week 3: 22 posts + wrap-up

Hmmm. Not a good trend.