SHOT Show — We’re not there (w/Update[s])

We’re not there for a few reasons.

One, we’re new.

Two, it doesn’t really focus on military gear.

Three, most of the new stuff is vaporware at this point.

But primarily, number one above. .

To elaborate a little on point two, it’s a trade show, so there’s no action in historic weapons to speak of… it’s all new stuff.  It’s also not directly oriented towards defense, only towards stuff retailers can sell…other shows are better for that stuff, like the special ops expo. Although, to be fair to SHOT and its vendors, there’s been a big uptick in what we could call tactical (cough wannabee cough) gear in the last few years

To expound on point three, a bunch of stuff will be introduced and make a big media splash this week. A few companies (Ruger) are ready to ship their new introductions now. Some other products will ship in six months or a year. Some will never ship.

Consider some of the stuff that’s made a splash at past SHOT shows, like the Kel-Tec shotgun or the Surefire 4-column magazines (60- and 100-round for AR/NATO). You still can’t buy them at your local shop or at the big internet retailers… and you know they’d have had them in the shops for the holidays if they had production sorted out. The companies have left a lot of money on the table, but it certainly wasn’t intentional. Sometimes it’s a lot more work getting something into production than it first appears. Sometimes there are unanticipated problems. (Heck, look at the long and painful gestation of the M16-M4 series weapons for an example).

But primarily, we’re not there because we’re not ready. Here are some places where other sites, not so constrained, are posting their information:

ARFCOM SHOT show forum

ARFCOM SHOT 2012 photo/video thread

M4C SHOT 2012 photo thread

If you see anything interesting, shout out. Didn’t see anything magical in a quick run through these. It would be nice to hear from Kel-Tec or Surefire that they’re shipping the stuff from last SHOT to customers, but as of last week they still weren’t.

Update I: KitUp! has some good coverage. They employ a number of former SOF guys (SEAL sniper instructor, SF guy, Ranger, Recon Marine)  so their interests and ours align pretty nicely. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have a separate SHOT Show link or tag. But almost all their recent posts are new, military-oriented kit from SHOT. Don’t stop at the first page — this is some good $#!+, brethren.

Update II: Yeah, they had some good stuff there and we will get a post or two out of it. And credit them for the tip.