‘Just Blew Up’

Damage to the Woods’ home. Times-News photo by Laurie Welch

While we’ve heard that expression from time to time, it’s pretty rare for something to ‘just blow up.’

When the something is a gun safe, “pretty rare” becomes “just about unheard of.” Until now.

Sunday night, Fred and Amy Wood were having dinner at home in Burley, Idaho when, the local fire chief reports, they heard “a sound like a 747 coming from their basement.” The 747 — or whatever it was — blew their patio slab up into the air, causing a frame roof over the patio to collapse and starting a fire.

Amy Wood was on the patio at the time. She suffered 2nd degree burns and was life-flighted to the hospital where, the latest information is, she’s expected to recover. Fred, a state legislator, is not reported as being injured.

The explosion apparently happened in a gun vault that was accessible from the Woods’ basement. The blown-up patio actually formed the roof of the gun room.

The house is a mess (See photo). But the state fire marshal thinks they have an idea what happened. “We’re not real positive but we kind of figured out where there was a problem,” he told the local paper. Unfortunately, he also says it will be some weeks before the findings are confirmed and made public.

There’s a lot to be said for storing guns in a vault inside, and ammo in a bunkered outbuilding. But we would be jumping the gun to make any comment on cause, and on what preventive measures the rest of us might take. At least there was no irreversible damage to human beings!