Special Forces as seen by…

.. one of the conventional Army’s funniest cartoonists.

As the runner strode up to him, the stealthy ninja felt like the King of the Universe. He was camoflauge incarnate. To borrow a phrase from my appalachian herititage, if Patrick had “been a snake, he could have bit ‘em.” He was close enough to feel the breeze that stirred up as the runner passed.

Then, without missing a beat, his fantasy world fell apart with one word, “Sup.” To this day he doesn’t know how he was spotted. The leading theory is that he was betrayed by magical SF spidey sense.

via Sup | Delta Bravo Sierra.

As SF guys, it’s always interesting to see how we’re seen by all of Big Green out there. This strip is very well tuned in to life in today’s line units, and the pop culture of the infantry these days in particular. We’re reminded of a conversation a contractor friend had with some line dogs:

“We want your job! How do we get it?”

“First, go to selection and the Q course…”

“No, selection’s a bastard. How do we get it without going to selection?”

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