GMF 02 Update: Opt-Out

When writing about GunsAmericaa impresario Paul Helinski’s doing the Gun Marketing Fail figurative version of what our gun safety fail poster child in the photo at left did, we couldn’t remember ever reading the GunsAmerica blog. Turns out we had, because when we bloggers nobodies signed up for GA’s auction site, we signed up for the blog update emails.

A reminder came plonk into the mailbox bright and early Tuesday. And now we remember the GunsAmerica blog. Perhaps it’s unfair to compare this week, because it’s the SHOT Show week, but it’s all new product press releases. With plenty of dead picture links for some reason. But like any legal mailing list, there are opt-out instructions. Turns out there is nothing to it. Two clicks and our unworthy eyeballs no longer soil Mr Helinski’s cut-n-pasted press releases.

Well, there ya go. Wonder how many other bloggers nobodies are doing this across the net? But we’re sure Paul Helinski doesn’t care. We’re nobodies to him, and he doesn’t want our nodollars. Message received.

2 thoughts on “GMF 02 Update: Opt-Out

    1. Hognose Post author

      Normally we’re strict about Real Names on comments, because of all the [expletive] spam, but it was pretty clear from looking at your blog that you’re the real thing. Or a fellow nobody, if Paul whatshisname is to be believed. Thanks for the comment.

      By the way, SF is about 30% Rebs (especially Texans and mountain men), 30% Hispanic (more Texans, but plenty of immigrants), and 30% Irish from wherever. The other 10% is all the other guys who are misfits in Big Green. Even the New England guys have a big affinity with the Sons of the South.

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