Forgotten Weapons’ Machine Gun Archive

Such a deal we have for you!

Go on over to Forgotten Weapons where they’ve got more vintage machine gun manuals than you can shake a stick at. All the manuals together (including many not yet posted on line) are available on DVD ¬†for a reasonable price (for us it was about $45 including shipping). Yes, we eat our own dog food around here — if we tell you to buy it, we usually already bought it.

According to Ian, this contains “all the interesting machine gun manuals” from the FW Archive, which is large and multinational. There are 10 different BAR manuals, for example, including maintenance stuff and manuals for the FN Model D BAR as well as for the “common” American version. There are five Bren Gun manuals (not counting ZB manuals, which are there too). For us polyglots, there are manuals in a number of European languages, containing helpful illustrations even if, say, French is Greek to you. (Worth noting: the more technical most European languages are, the more words they borrow from English or vice versa. Also,

Here’s a complete list of the contents.

Best of all? This is Volume I, which means a plan for Volume II … and beyond… must be lurking under all that hair. (We’re just, shall we say, baldly envious, that’s all).

Sorry the AM post is up a bit late. Slight cold, fire in the kitchen, bit of smoke inhalation. Never a dull moment in the weapons shed.

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