How to get your comment binned

We’re generally pretty tolerant about comments here. We’ve been called traitors, and we let it go up.

So what doesn’t go up?

  • Nongermane comments. Nobody gives a crap what a good deal you have on fake designer boots. If you’re desperate enough to advertise in a weapons blog, you’re selling overpriced fake crap and we all know it. So spare us the trouble and just kill yourself.
  • Spam. See above. Most spam is deleted programmatically. If your bot beats our bot our humans bin your post.
  • Autogenerated crap from facebook. If your link is to facebook, the odds that we’re even going to read it before zapping it dwindle.
  • Anything where the URL is fake or a scam.

OK, what if you put a comment up and we let it through and you think better of it? (It does happen, usually with varying levels of -OH radicals in the bloodstream). Just make another post, asking us to bin it. We will — we don’t want to embarrass you.

Likewise, if you want to send a message to the blog authors, just make a comment and put some notice in there that it’s for information, not for publication.

Finally, using a fake name and a free email account raises our suspicion to 11. All you guys using free email (yahoo, gmail, etc.) do understand the essential rule of free stuff, right? “If you’re not paying for it, it’s because you’re the product.” Or your personally identifying information, other confidential information, or in Google’s case, the actual content of your email.

Gives you a warm fuzzy, don’t it?

Now go forth and comment, but comment wisely. (Most of you did not need this reminder. And it’s probably wasted on the 5% who did but we have to try. And we can keep our hatchets scoured for those guys).