One of the Regiment’s less celebrated sons…

…is back in the news. Convicted murderer Jeffrey MacDonald, a one-time SF doctor, continues to seek exoneration. Educated in an Ivy League environment that had a culture exactly opposite to the selfless service that exemplifies SF, MacDonald was convicted of murdering his wife and kids in 1970 to pursue a new romance. He has relentlessly pursued many possible angles that would release him from prison, with no success so far.

Now, helped by one of those sick women who are attracted to convicts, he’s pushing for DNA evidence in his case to be examined.

While MacDonald is always described as a “Green Beret doctor,” and some physicians assigned to Group over the years have either become SF qualified while in the position (prior to the 1980s) or been former SF soldiers or officers who subsequently went to med school, we’ve been able to confirm that MacDonald was not fully SF Qualified. So technically, he’s not a member of the regiment but a support guy. He was a doctor assigned to Group. But we get the credit (or blame) for him nonetheless.

The case has had many twists and turns. A writer MacDonald engaged to write a book about his innocence turned on him; the prosecutor in the case wound up in prison for unrelated misconduct; the performance of the MPs and CID who investigated the case was, in a word, abominable (although that’s really typical of CID and MP performance on serious crimes).

RALEIGH, N.C. — Jeffrey MacDonald, a clean-cut Green Beret and doctor convicted of killing of his pregnant wife and their two daughters, is getting another chance at trying to prove his innocence — more than four decades after the slayings terrified a nation gripped by his tales of Charles Manson-like hippies doped up on acid slaughtering his family in their own home.

The case now hinges on something that wasn’t available when he was first put on trial: DNA evidence. A federal judge will convene a hearing on Monday to consider new DNA evidence and witness testimony that MacDonald and his supporters say will finally clear him of a crime that became the basis of a best-selling novel and a made-for-TV drama.

Like we said, one of MacDonald’s current allies is one of those dim bimbos who fall for convicts, providing more proof if proof was needed for the adage that “chicks dig jerks”:

“This is Jeff’s opportunity to be back in court almost 33 years to the day of his conviction,” said Kathryn MacDonald, who married him a decade ago while he’s been in prison.

The elderly MacDonald will not get out of prison until 2020 at the earliest if this attempt fails. We’re actually agnostic on the subject of whether he did it: the initial investigation was so incompetent that we think it wasn’t well proven. Like most cons, MacDonald has always insisted he was innocent. Most cons are full of it; is MacDonald like most cons?

Even the guys who were in the unit at the time and knew him personally are divided on the question of his innocence or guilt. It seems profoundly out of character for him to have killed his kids, whatever disagreement he might have come to with his wife. But men ask the question — if intruders attacked my family, would my wife and kids be killed, and me only lightly wounded? and the answer they usually come to is, they’d have to kill me first. If intruders there were, they didn’t have to kill MacDonald first.

One thing is for sure, in all the focus on poor suffering MacDonald, no one seems to remember his murdered wife, Colette, and their 5 and 2 year old daughters (not to mention the unborn child that perished with Colette). Since Feb. 17, 1970, the drama’s been all about poor Jeffrey.

If he’s innocent, that pity was well placed. If not, bad luck for all concerned that there was no death penalty at the time of his first trial. May the truth, whatever it is, come out.

Block quotes from: Green Beret guilty of killing family in 1970 looks to DNA – US news – Crime & courts | NBC News.

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    1. Hognose Post author

      The guys who knew him are quite troubled over this, and not of one mind. God alone knows the truth. You’re right, one needs to focus on the victims and their loss of life.

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