Help Fight Stolen Valor Fraud

The many fat faces of phony John Giduck. Image: SOFREP.

If you’re like us, the epidemic of Stolen Valor — now with the blessing of the Supreme Court, Lord love a duck, or maybe that’s Lord loves Giduck — makes you scowl, rub your temples, and do things with your teeth that your dentist will tut-tut over on next visit. You don’t have to be SF and Ranger qualified like us to get irritated by SF and Ranger phonies — after all, while we reserve the greatest scorn for those claiming our own credentials, we get pretty angry at phony SEALs and Marines and we’d never for a minute pretend we were one of them.

The key to happiness is being proud of your own accomplishments, and not being proud of some other guy’s that you claim as you own. But the phonies are out there in massive force and quantity (as we document from time to time, particularly in our Assclown of the Ides monthly feature). It doesn’t seem sufficient to merely critique them on a blog, and surely we’ve all thought at one time or another, “If only there was something I could do.” 

Well, there is. John Giduck is one of the bolder phonies out there. He had a military career that spanned all of 58 days and ended in an uncharacterized discharge, according to him for medical reasons (which, apropos of nothing, is how they characterize the separation of incurable bedwetters; Giduck has not given any details of his claimed medical issue, which is of course his right. That is, if one chooses to believe his “medical” claim, which isn’t documented by anything but his word). Despite that brief and undistinguished record, Giduck repeatedly represented himself as a former SF or Ranger officer. (His story now is that he never made any actual claims, just that every single place to which he sent biographical information chose inexplicably to add eerily similar bogus high-speed, low-drag details to his CV. Uh-huh).

Called out for his claims, Giduck has sued the people who, among other things, unearthed his real military record (absolutely legally, through a public Freedom of Information Act request), for “defamation” and for the damage to his phony-hero, bogus-expert speaker racket that  was an inevitable consequence of his exposure as a phony.

Giduck has also tried to get a serving Special Forces master sergeant and his family whacked, by exposing his full name and other PII to the internet. (If you don’t think AQ collects information like that for future exploitation… let’s just say you’re seriously underestimating the enemy’s net savvy). Someone whose loyalty to the United States was instinctive and unalloyed wouldn’t have done that, but Giduck’s writings are bursting with praise and admiration for a foreign country. He is now claiming service “with” that country’s special-operations elements, who work closely with its dreaded secret police, as the source of his high-speedness. (Although, to be fair, sources in that country suggest that those claims, too, are highly exaggerated).

Legal experts, including the counsel retained by the victims and defense-law blogger Ken White, seem to think that the suit has little merit. It’s purpose is likely SLAPP (a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation), or in sports terms, a brush-back pitch against critics of phony warrior John Giduck. A secondary purpose may be to gather more personally identifying information (PII) to expose, for reasons that may make sense to Giduck or his foreign contacts.

If only you could do something about John Giduck and the epidemic of shameless, wanton Stolen Valor that he so perfectly typifies.  If only you could join the fight alongside the victims of his suit.

Well, you can. 

The victims of Giduck’s SLAPP lawfare, all present or former American special operators, family members, or supporters, have a legal defense fund that you can support via paypal to (who’s not just a real Ranger, unlike Giduck, but also a lawsuit victim) or by sending a check (start by emailing that same address for instructions).

Weaponsman’s in for a hunge. We’d like to see our readers match our contribution, at least. It will take many thousands, according to the experienced attorneys who have reviewed his dog’s breakfast of a filing. (They also cast aspersions on the legal education of his attorney, but you can’t really blame a lawyer for decisions his client may be dictating).

Hat Tip: Giduck victim Pat McAleer, in the comments to a previous post. Good luck, Patrick and guys.

5 thoughts on “Help Fight Stolen Valor Fraud

  1. Patrick McAleer

    There is also a Facebook page “Standing With SOCNET” that went active today.

    It has links to weaponsman as well as other blogs and news articles related to this SLAPP suit, Giduck’s behavior (including threatening the SOA), news as our attorneys see fir to release it and background information on how this odyssey began.

    I’d like to take some time to thank weaponsman for spotlighting this individual who thinks nothing of putting an active duty SF troop’s PII out on the net and for continuing in support of those of us who are fighting the good fight.

    I wasn’t SF, or a Ranger. I washed out of the Army the same as Giduck due to a condition existing prior to enlistment… for the record- chondromalacia. Blowing out a knee during RIF years was tough.

    I’m just a former cop and disabled contractor who had concerns about law enforcement agencies giving PII to someone who brags about having high level repeated contact with hostile intelligence agencies over the course of 18 years. That is what got me sued.

    What warms my heart though is that I stand in the company of giants and I am able to do my part in fighting back against this inane and scatterbrained SLAPP suit.

    I appreciate all that you are doing brother and I am glad to have found this place.

    Yours in brotherhood.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks for the update. Ah yes, “chondromalacia patella.” BTDT. I was Q’d by then. It did get better after a few years. Yes, we stand with SOCNET (although we can’t do facebook).

  2. Anton Breslinski

    Bro, as a member of SOCNET and SFA Chapter 60; thank you for posting this.
    I loved your Assclown articles about Giduck . Fucking low life poser.

    I’m contributing to PayPal.

    Vietnam Vet

  3. Patrick McAleer

    The SFA just issued a strongly worded denunciation of Giduck and have contributed to the defense of MSG Clouse and even took that a step further and encouraged every Association Chapter to do the same, along with asking both the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust that they each match, on a dollar for dollar basis, the collective donations of our membership.

    That’s going to leave a mark.

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