A Message from Aaron Bank

Things will remain slow around WeaponsMan for a few days more, so we suggest you visit the excellent Loose Rounds and ForgottenWeapons.com sites, and we shall attempt to inspire you with a  few words from one of the many legends of Special Forces, First Commander Aaron Bank.

Dedicated adherence to spartan standards, maintenance of continual operational readiness for the conduct of multiple, complex missions; complete faith in the capability to execute those missions and the willing acceptance of hazards far beyond the normal call of duty have made teh 10th Special Forces Group Airborne the unit with the greatest combat potential in the Armed Forces.

He wasn’t kidding about the hazards. The same unit yearbook (1956) that this inscription is in — available as a reprint here or perhaps more reasonably here (whilst supporting an Airborne/SOF museum) — lists  nineteen names on its “In Memoriam” page. (Most were probably casualties in the last year of the Korean War, after serving briefly in 10th, which was founded in 1952, but without research we can’t confirm that). Special Operations service remains hazardous, which is why the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (a most excellent and soberly-run charity) extends its benefits to the survivors of casualties of peacetime training events as well as those of combat losses.

10th Special Forces Group was, at this time, the senior of two Special Forces Groups. Today it is the senior of 7 Special Forces Groups and four disbanded, but well-remembered, SF Groups. 10th began many SF traditions including the Green Beret, the Trojan Horse as a symbol (nowadays an unofficial one) of Special Forces, and — somewhat later — the Group Coin, which spread first through SF and then the Airborne, and finally to seemingly every element that buttons up a uniform before going to work. Over the years. 10th served at Bad Tölz, Germany; Ft Devens, Massachusetts; and for the last 20 years at Ft. Carson, Colorado with a battalion at Stuttgart, Germany. Its exact operational responsibilities are classified, but it conducts special operations for, within and on behalf of the European Command.

Exercise for the reader: when Aaron Bank changed command, who was the next commander of 10th Special Forces Group in Bad Tölz, Germany?

And yes… posting will continue to be slow.