Travis Thursday (with bonus Taylor!)

Thursday is usually the day when we catch you up on quadruple amputee Travis Mills, but this is not a “usually” kind of week. Also, we missed last week, but that’s OK as the Mills family hasn’t updated the blog.

We do have a brief request from the Millses, for any Texican readers:

For all supporters in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, don’t forget that next weekend is the Miles for Mills motorcycle ride and benefit. It promises to be a huge event. It’s begins Saturday, July 28th in Dallas and ends in Lake Dallas at the American Legion. And even if you’re not a motorcycle rider, you should still attend! Check out the event’s Facebook page for all the details or send an email to the event hosts Rick & Tancy Turner. Volunteers are still needed, so if you’re able to help, please contact them!

As usual, all the new news can be found onĀ – Updates. In addition, there are Travis Mills t-shirts available. Good for working out in and expressing your support for a great wounded warrior! As you see, we’re not only pluggers, we’re purchasers.

If you’re like us, and find the daily triumphs of seriously wounded paratrooper Travis and his family inspirational, you’ll also want to check out Navy EOD guy Taylor Morris. Like Travis, Taylor was wounded quite recently and survived the amputation of all four extremities. And like Travis, he’s not letting it cripple him.

Where do we get such men?