So it wasn’t a Glock

The story in the Detroit officer-shot-girl-while-gun-holstered story, which we meant to write up here but put off as “too weird,”  just keeps getting weirder. So it’s now too weird not to write up. The Detroit Free Press has the facts:

Adaisha Miller was on her knees while dancing behind an off-duty Detroit police officer early Sunday when his holstered gun fired, striking her in the chest, a police official familiar with the investigation told the Free Press today.

The official said that explains how Miller was shot in the chest while dancing behind Officer Isaac Parrish during a fish fry early Sunday at his home on Archdale.

The official said the angle of the gunshot is possible because Miller was not standing and described it as some type of “exotic dance” where Miller, 24, was tugging at Parrish’s waist.

via Police: Party-goer was on her knees dancing when officer’s holstered gun went off | City of Detroit | Detroit Free Press |

Needless to say, Ms Millet’s family objects to the current position of the officer and the Detroit Police, which seems to be that she kind of had it coming because she was doing a slutty dance, and.. .squirrel!

We speculated a Glock would be involved:

Police say preliminary findings show the shooting appears to be an accident, and Parrish did not touch his gun, which was in a soft holster on the right side of his waist.

The official said police did not give Parrish a Breathalyzer….

Investigation 101… never ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer.

It’s unclear whether Miller had been drinking when the shooting occurred about 12:30 a.m. Sunday.

You don’t say. Gee, the tool they’d have used to answer this question if Parrish was a civilian stayed happily in the closet.

The early investigation shows the holster Parrish was using may have allowed the trigger of his gun to be “manipulated” while the Smith & Wesson M&P 40 was stored.

See? Not a Glock. Of course, the M&P copies the Glock’s zero-margin “trigger safety”.

So let’s see some obfuscation from the white shirts:

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. said at a news conference Monday that the department does not have a policy regarding what holsters off-duty officers should use. Also, he said the department-issued gun didn’t have an external safety, but it had one in the trigger.

That’s also called, in the world of real weapons design, no safety. But the boss cop did have one moment of clarity amidst the swirling poo:

In most incidents, he said, a weapon “does not go off without the trigger being engaged in some manner.”

You don’t say.