Emergency at Hog Manor

Note to loyal readers: the usual 0600 gun tech or culture post will not be presented today, due to a veterinary emergency. We meant to clean up the post we had half-drafted this morning, but Small Dog Mk II is pain guarding and on closer inspection appears to have an extra joint in his leg (as a dog diagnostician, we usually stick to malfunctioning firearms, but we’re calling it probable tib/fib fracture, until we can get pro eyes on and x-rays).

First noticed it at midnight. Didn’t hear a yelp or yip, but our best guess is he conducted a substandard PLF on his descent from the recliner after Chair Time last night (usually his favorite). We carried him up the stairs (not the usual drill) and down the stairs this morning (which is the usual drill).

The patient is sleeping quietly, waiting for Regular Vet to open in a little bit. We’ll see whether Regular Vet has this, or whether we’ll have to take him to Big City Referral Hospital for surgery. He’s going to hate this as the weather has been summery warm, his favorite for walks and chasing squirrels, chipmunks, turkeys, cats, and once, a fisher. (Yeah. Twice his size. You know how people are always telling you they got the smartest dog? We got the other one).

We regret the lack of a tech post this morning; normal scheduled posts resume at 1100 with an update of sorts on the US strike in Syria as seen by various participants and observers. We will keep you posted on the little guy’s progress, look for UPDATE below.

And from here on out, he always gets lifted up and set down, no matter how much he wants to jump.

Update 0850

We’re back from the vet, both of us, and as a dog diagnostician Your Humble Blogger really stinks… more like a dog hypochondriac. Injury is not a break, but a sprain from which SDMkII is already recovering.

But what about the “extra joint”? He’s double-jointed in the wrists, which gives him his weird dachshund stance, and the Dumbass Dog Diagnostician was misreading that.

** hangs up stethoscope in shame, sentences self to three remedial episodes of Dr Jeff **

Vet bill: $59. Paid with something approximating glee. By then he was scampering around, bugging an incredibly fluffy white Samoyed that was the doc’s next appointment. We didn’t disrupt the vet’s schedule, because her first appointment canceled. She did have a pretty good laugh at the expense of a dog and his worry-wart Hog(nose).

Coming home, hadn’t put down the garage door when we went out, and an immense grey patchy cat, possibly a Maine Coon, came rocketing out. On exiting the car, SDMkII, all pain-guarding forgotten, launched into Great White Hunter mode and didn’t come back until he had treed the cat. We believe the cat to be a neighbor’s cat gone astray, and would like to catch her for that reason (if it’s the right cat, she’s chipped) but SDMkII wants to catch her for another reason entirely, so odds are we won’t be seeing that cat again.

On the gripping hand, there will be cat pawprints on yesterday’s freshly painted airplane parts in Stall 3. Infernal beasts, both of them.

Update 1400

Small Dog Mk II is showing absolutely no signs of having been showing signs. We reckon too many vet shows on Animal Planet with Dr Blue, Dr Dee, Dr Jeff, or one of their fellow professionals looking at the camera, saying, “well, the injury was just too old, but dogs do fine on three legs,” springloads us in the go-to-the-vet position. It helps that our vet is right in town, a five minute drive away. (10 if it’s drop-off time at the middle school. Can’t the Snowflakes take the bus like we did? Apparently not, as the traffic jam of Audis, Beemers, Benzes, Lexuses (Lexi?) and other helicopter-mom conveyances demonstrates. No Bentleys or Maseratis — even here, those kids go to Phillips Exeter, where they get diddled by one of the teachers and arrive at Yarvard already screwed up for life).

Van’s Aircraft divides its construction plans into Sections, and the Sections have numbered pages. So while the Blogbrother has been buried starting what he swears is his Last IT Job And I Mean It This Time, we’ve tackled the parts prep and prestationing for Pages 21-02, -03, -04, -05 and -06. Parts prep involves removing protective plastic, sometimes tripping parts, deburring and countersinking and dimpling as needed, and generally making the parts fit to snap together and rivet permanently. There’s a rather fiddly bit of filing and fitting on Page 21-02, and the parts for -04 through -06 still need further prep, but we should be able to put on a burst of productivity.

29 thoughts on “Emergency at Hog Manor

  1. rocketguy

    Chased a fisher….yeah, that could end poorly for much bigger dogs. Hope it all comes out well. The last time I had to carry a normally energetic dog up and down stairs it ended up be cancer.

  2. jim h

    echoing LSWCHP above. take care of the puppy. wishing you a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive treatment plan. we’ll be here when you get back. regards, brother.

  3. James

    Best of luck with the little dude,they will patch him up.That said,by the time done might need to sell some of those orphans from your collection to pay for it!Worth it though,that said,he messes with a fisher cat vet will be too late!Hopefully when home little dude doesn’t need one of those cones for head to leave healing alone,dogs hate the old RCA phonograph ad look!

  4. KenWats

    Here’s to Small Dog Mk II’s recovery!

    If you got the other dog, we got the other end of the cat intelligence spectrum here. Saw him in full on “hunting mode” (tail twitching, coiled like a spring, laser focused on something outside the glass doors to the deck. Went over to see what he was “hunting” – no squirrels, chipmunks, small birds… just a good sized (but young) 4 point buck. I asked him “what the heck would you do when you caught it?”. I got a look like, “Dude, shut up, I’m hunting.”

    1. James

      Ken,my old Siamese aptly named Warchild Tsunami was the same but even more deluded!I saw a large doe racing across the lawn thru the large(I mean huge/expensive single piece picture window)being chsed by a 8 pound Siamese Lynx Point down to the river,take about delusions of grandeur!I also thru said window saw him toe to toe with a doe and a fawn in background once at woods edge.I came home later and the fawn and doe along with Warchild all together on the lawn napping in the sun,mus have been one of his hippy moments!

    2. Sabrina Chase

      A cat that would hunt me venison would be *great*. It’s not like deer are endangered, and cats don’t need hunting tags. Win-win.

      We had a family cat that was clearly a high-speed, low-drag operator. She not only caught a bat mid-air on the first try, on two separate occasions, she treed TWO raccoons. In separate trees. And patrolled around the base of the trees to keep them up there until we called her in to dinner. Tried to teach my sister and I how to hunt rodents, too, but it didn’t take. She was a total hunting badass.

      Very relieved to hear Small Dog V 2.0 is fully operational.

  5. Steve M.

    Hopefully all goes well for you. Dogs are great and vets are pricy. It’s terrible for owners when the two mix.

    My black lab mix, Stella, hates deer. I’m not sure why. Anyway, a few years back she was having a blast being all tough chasing two small fawns from the yard. As soon as she broke the wood line, she yipped and reversed course beyond rapidly. Bambi’s mom came flying out of the woods chasing after my dog. The dog and deer circled the back yard a few times and the deer was gaining. All my yelling finally caught the dog’s attention and she shot back to me by the house. The deer was in hot pursuit but broke off the chase when she saw me standing in her path. She didn’t run away either, she walked slowly back into the woods snorting and stomping.

    The whole time this was happening I was just having visions of massive vet bills for a deer stomped dog. Like I said, dogs are great and vets are pricy. Hopefully all goes well for you and the little guy. Thanks for the great site.

  6. archy

    ***the usual 0600 gun tech or culture post will not be presented today, due to a veterinary emergency. ***

    No apology necessary, of course.
    But the info on the cause behind the interruption of the usual here is a comfort, and the details behind your little buddy’s hurt and hopeful rapid recovery are of as much interest as would be so for any other family member.
    Take care of the Little Guy. He’s our pal too.

  7. revjen45

    Yup, the fur people are part of the family – first things first. I would agree that it’s better to take the critter to the vet and find out it’s not serious than ignore something that is. I’m glad that SDMkII is OK.

  8. Mike_C

    Glad to hear it was a false alarm and the little guy’s better.

    > the Dumbass Dog Diagnostician was misreading that
    I had a minor freak out (OMG stroke!!) when I happened to be home the very morning my mom was stricken by Bell’s palsy and I saw the onset of facial paralysis. So you’re in good (or bad as the case may be) company. It’s difficult to play doctor for the ones we love most.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Well, “when you hear hoofbeats,” wasn’t stroke the horses, and your mom happened to catch the zebras?

  9. KevsBlogBrother

    Healthy dog, painted parts and NO late dance pickup tonight means a long building session. Win-win-win!

  10. S

    What is this fearsome fisher? A bird?

    Glad to hear SD II and owner are ok, and condolences for the cat-signed paint.

    1. Mike_C

      The fisher (or “fisher cat” as we sometimes say in New England, though it is not feline) is rather like a polecat or marten. Basically a big weasel. Omnivorous and not to be messed with casually.

      1. Hognose Post author

        We have 8 species of weasels in NH and that’s the mac daddy of the bunch. The others are seldom seen, even by outdoorsmen. I saw an ermine this winter, but it was actually scampering across the parking lot at Seacoast Strength, as if it were a squirrel! It hadn’t color-changed which is pretty common for coastal ermines. I had a fisher living under my lawnmower shed for a while. Mostly, they leave domestic animals be. (Only 1 of 100 in a test by NH Fish and Game had any cat in its digestive system, but wise cats give them their space).

        1. S

          Ah, thanks. Shoot the wretched things, please, but don’t let anyone import them here. Even norteamericano squirrels are invading and thriving here. Apparently they are edible? Hmmmm…

    2. Hognose Post author

      The cat was defeated in his or her objective, as the paint had thoroughly dried. Sorry, kitty! SD is sufficiently healed that he was up for a game of Fetch The Squeaky a half hour ago… he has now “buried” the rawhide treat he got in his dog bed, and sleeps soundly atop it.

  11. John D

    Glad He’s ok-

    Hope he never gets ahold of that Maine Coon–

    59 bucks won’t even get you through the door. ;-)

  12. James

    Glad to hear the little dudette is all right.59 bucks and a couple of hours of time a short cost for piece of mind.I would also say glad the coon cat treed,if cornered,actually think you would be u-turning back to the vet!That said,if not neighbors and a homeless one please note,I may have enuff space in my life for another little monster mouse police family member.

  13. obdo

    whoah, followed your live blogging on sd2 and glad to read that your wee companion is fit enough to antagonize a feline thrice its weight up into yer botanic.

    ot: what’s your mind on rthe hk slb 2000 target we are about to buy?

  14. Bret Stevenson

    Glad SD Mk2 is well. Missing posts don’t matter when there is cause for concern of our canine buddys.

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