Another source of SOF info coming soon

Tim Haake is a retired former SF/SOF general with time in JSOC and overt SF. So he sounds like just the guy to write this column in the Washington Guardian:

Starting July 23, Retired Army Major General Tim Haake will take Washington Guardian readers on a weekly mission inside the ranks of America’s fiercest and most secretive warriors.

His Special Ops-ervations column will explore the untold acts of heroism, the breath-taking capabilities and equipment and the expanding reach and mission of America’s special forces.

via Gen. Tim Haake explores the untold stories of U.S. special forces | WashingtonGuardian.

However, a closer look at Haake made one wonder. He’s now one of the teeming horde of lawyer-lobbyists around the National Capital Area. And indeed, all his Army commissioned service was as a JAG. So… we checked him out. It’s never hard to check out an SF or SOF guy if you are one. Just start emailing or dialing. It can take three bounces to hit a guy who knows the guy  firsthand — usually the first or second bounce brings you the second-hand, reputational information.

And we learned this: Tim Haake is the real deal. He transcended his JAGness in ways we don’t need to discuss here, and would probably be embarrassed by some of the good things that bona fide warmakers said about him. Our  contacts’ contacts even went so far as to praise his lobbying efforts: as a lobbyist, he’s gotten vital SOF priorities funded.

So that puts his column in a different light, and we’ll be looking forward to it here at

4 thoughts on “Another source of SOF info coming soon

  1. Medic09

    Any chance Gen. Haake might take an interest in the plight of the SOCNET defendants?

    1. Hognose Post author

      Doubtful. Just not on his radar. But I think “plight” is a bit much. They have been forced to retain counsel, which is expensive, but they can’t lose as long as they don’t default. You can’t defame someone by publishing true information, or clear opinion, about him. You can’t defame someone who has a bad reputation to start with, for example, a Stolen Valor type. Or someone who consorts with felons of demonstrated moral turpitude, and officers of hostile intelligence agencies.

      Mr Giduck claims that he never made all those SF and Ranger claims, just coincidentally every place he sent his bio added that stuff, independently and spontaneously. Really? How would that claim fare, if contested. before a finder of fact (judge or jury)? My guess is, poorly.

      SOA has expelled him by revoking his membership by board vote (he was an honorary, not general, member, anyway. General members of SOA are the combat guys and their numbers end in the -GA or -GL suffix).

      1. Medic09

        Yes, ‘plight’ was a poor choice of word.

        I was hoping the general might take an interest (if someone approached him) because of his legal community connections, his public forum access, and his interest and concern for the integrity and welfare of the veterans community in general, and SF in particular. I was thinking someone might want to put it on his radar, so that he might at least have the choice of helping out. Guys like Giduck sometimes win just by default or attrition in the civil legal system. I don’t think he can do that to the SOCNET folks; but some assistance should be welcomed by them, I would think.

        1. Hognose Post author

          Doc, they have published an email address to which PayPal defense contributions can be sent. (On the more recent threads).

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