Something cool over at Forgotten Weapons

Ian has a description, some photos, and a manual of one of the truly forgotten weapons: the TRW Low Maintenance Rifle, of which even we have never seen more than the grainy picture and short description in 1970s-vintage copies of Small Arms of the World and the nearly identical information in similar vintage Jane’s Infantry Weapons. Bet you haven’t seen this picture before:

Nice, eh?

Click to embiggen to a fairly ridiculous degree.

(And yes, that is an M60 GPMG trigger group. The LMR, like the 60, was full-auto only, firing from an open bolt, at a low rate of fire, making single shots very possible.. and rather inaccurate).

So, while what Ian has is not much in absolute terms, relative to the de facto information blackout on this intriguing 5.56mm weapon, he has a treasure trove of new findings. Get thee hence and get educated.