Turkey Exports: TSA Agents Flock to Olympics

The TSA stands ever watchful on duty for safety and security. But this guy’s all groped out.

The British government and its contractors having choked rather badly on preparing for the 2012 Olympics (where was Mitt Romney when a bungled Olympics needed him? Oh yeah, he’s tied up). British security contractor G4S which received an over half-billion-dollar contract for Olympic security, has only hired 4,000 of the nearly 14,000 guards required.

To plug the 10,000-guard gap, the UK government has had to deploy thousands of cops ripped from their beats, and thousands of soldiers right as the same government has imposed traumatic austerity measures and downsizing on UK forces. Even with almost 20% of the entire Army on Olympic duty now, they were only able to surge 3,500 replacement guards. Midlands and rural police forces have been denuded of spare rozzers, and the call’s gone out as far as Yorkshire and even Scotland. And with those measures exhausted, there’s nothing left but the bottom of the barrel: the TSA.

US Security Agents ‘At Heathrow For Olympics’.

TSA managers are delighted by the arrangement, for the bragging rights, and for the perks. While there may not be much in benefits for the line TSA screeners, pilferers, peepers and gropers, a disproportionately large “management slice” will be traveling to vacation at the Olympics on public expense to exercise proper command and control over the seething horde of payroll patriots.

The only thing that’s up in the air is whether the US taxpayer or UK ratepayer will be carrying the burden of these freeloaders, or whether the cost will be divided, and how.

This will also ensure that American travelers and any foreigners unwise enough to travel via the USA or on US-flag airlines — for those are the ones that will be funneled to the TSA turkeys — don’t miss the groping, peeping, baggage-thievery, and other such markers of TSA excellence as they’d receive at home.

The US has fought two wars with Britain in our mutual history. We pretty well had relations sorted out, and have tended to see things the same way, and join conflicts on the same side, since then. But what’s going to happen when some royal gets groped or some celebrity’s Rapescan image gets emailed around?

Because you know some TSA turkey will do it. The one thing you can absolutely depend upon is that no one good, decent, moral, honest or competent is employed by TSA at any level or in any capacity.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Exports: TSA Agents Flock to Olympics

  1. Medic09

    Well, that’s it then. The image of Americans in the European mind has always been a bit critical. And let’s face it: plenty of American tourists are not admirable representatives of all that is good about America. But TSA? The American image will be down the toilet in a few weeks… I sure hope I’m wrong.

    (This isn’t really a Duffle Blog post, is it? Wishful thinking on my part…)

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