When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Onion Knives

In England, where guns are just barely short of outlawed (and whence English anti-gun activists infected the same EU that they’re now Brexiting with the same magical belief), all violent crime is at an end.

Yeah, riiiiiight. Police are still responding to scenes like this: 

[P]olice found Natasha wrapped in a blood-stained duvet in a cupboard under the stairs at her home in Bournemouth.

[Prosecutor Sally Howes] said: “The body was curled up into the fetal position. Her body was rigid, her eyes were open and fixed.

“She was not breathing, she had no pulse, she was very cold to the touch and completely unresponsive.”

Uh, that’s not ‘pining for the fjords,’ ma’am. That’s “dead.”

The barrister said police found three notes written by [perp Jay] Nava, including one apologizing to Natasha’s mum Shelley.

It said: “Tasha died at 11. I was ashamed to take my own life. She was the only person that I loved and loved me.

“Shelley, I’m sorry for hurting your daughter. I’ll take my own life soon, I loved her. Why I did this is beyond me… that’s why I killed myself.”

Another read: “I wish I had a gun to shoot myself, if I did it would have been done by now but I needed to get all the kids away as they shouldn’t see this.

This guy wanted a gun, but to off himself. Gun control advocates think this is a bad thing, but really, what’s better, this guy in Hell now or him getting out of British prison in the usual ten or fourteen years, still with the character and impulse control that put him inside in the first place?

“I’m very weak and scared, I have been for a long time now. I’ll see you again Tasha in the next world x.”

Not if she sees you first, we think. Chicks may generally dig jerks, but there’s a time to draw the line.  If she can’t do it before he kills her, presumably she can after. 

What, exactly, did he do?

A soldier on leave who stabbed his girlfriend 11 times told a child that blood on the walls was “ketchup” after she found the young mom lying dead under a blanket, a court heard.

Great. A soldier. There’s millions of us, and only one that makes the news is this crumb.

Jay Nava, 27, tried to kill himself after butchering Natasha Wake, telling a cop who intervened to save his life: “I want to die,” jurors were told.

Pity that the cops are not in the wish-fulfillment business. For that particular wish.

Nava is said to have rowed with on-and-off girlfriend Natasha, 26, after she discovered he was investigated by police for an alleged sexual assault.

So impulse control is not a new problem for Jay.

She was stabbed with such force six of the wounds went through her torso and out of her back.

Lord, have mercy.

One young child was “woken by a scream” and came downstairs to ask Nava for a drink, jurors heard.

Prosecutor Sally Howes said “She saw him in the kitchen. He had a knife in his trousers. There was red spots on the blade and handle.

“She recognized the knife as the one Natasha used to cut onions. (Nava) had blood on his shirt and trousers.

“She saw Natasha lying on the floor in the lounge with a blanket covering her.

“(She told police) the blanket had big, medium, and small red dots on, there was red on the walls.

That kid’s going to have issues.

“Nava gave her orange juice and said ‘Go upstairs and don’t come back down’.

Or else what? Was he threatening the kid, too?

“In the morning she asked why he had a knife in his trousers and why Natasha was on the floor.

“He said they were being silly, Natasha was asleep and it was ketchup on the walls.”

The soldier took the children to his grandparents’ home.

He then contacted his mum in Australia, confessed to killing Natasha and said he was going to kill himself, the court heard.

Cops found him just in time to revive him as they searched beauty spot Hengistbury Head near Christchurch, Dorset.

Funny how when it was time for him to check out, he didn’t go with multiple violent stab wounds, but something gentle and, apparently, easily reversed.

Nava began a relationship with Nationwide bank worker Natasha in January 2013, the court heard.

He joined the Army two years later and served with the Royal Artillery’s 29 Commando Regiment based in Plymouth.

We bet the Royal Artillery could come up with a creative way to get rid of this blot on the service’s escutcheon. Preferably involving a 203mm gun.

via Man accused of butchering girlfriend told her kid blood was ketchup | New York Post.

7 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Onion Knives

  1. 68Whiskey

    And no pictures of the (alleged) perpetrator? Good heavens, I can’t imagine what he looks like.

  2. E Garrett Perry

    A lot of European countries forbid publishing photos of people accused (but not yet convicted) of crimes, with exceptions for public figures, unless they’re wanted and being actively sought- to the point that the “perp walk” is illegal: prisoner transfers are required to take place indoors, away from the public eye. It’s nothing to do with not offending people or hiding a crime wave (that would be the 140odd British paedos, including former MPs, that got found out a few years back, or the Israeli organ-theft rings in New Joisey), but rather with avoiding the appearance of impropriety and/or tainting the Court. Much of Europe takes documentary privacy (though not physical privacy, ie cameras, in big chunks) EXTREMELY seriously, to the point that Google.cz gives significantly different results than google.com because certain types of information are illegal to disseminate without the written permission of the subject themselves. Not sure what the UK’s laws are on such things, but I’d bet on publishing a photo pre-conviction being against the law.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Actually, that puts me in mind of German practice, remembered from my time living there (30 years ago, in what was then West Germany). An accused was customarily only identified by first name and last initial, as in, “The quiet village of Bischofsgrün was shocked by the murder of retiree Helena F. and the arrest of her son Karl-Heinz F. on Sunday.” These stories tended to be not in broadsheet newspapers, but in gaudy tabloids (by German standards). In addition, I cannot recall German criminal lawyers (neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys) trying cases in the press or seeking publicity.

      It must be a shock for Europeans who visit the USA and turn on one of our television channels. Half the ads are for ambulance-chasing lawyers (“Tort, Tort & Extort will get you the CASH SETTLEMENT you deserve!”). The other half are divided between ads for crap cars, ads for ungodly-expensive prescription drugs for rare conditions (never figured the economics of that out), and ads making outlandish promises for non-prescription quack nostrums (“Over 80? VitaGoop will restore your throbbing manhood!”). At least in the view of admen, my countrymen are litigious hypochondriacs, with bare brain-stem function, who are foolish enough to believe that this year’s Government Motors SUV is not going to be rolling junk like the one they just finished three years of payments on, or that a sugar pill will cure cancer or make them irresistible to women. (But then again, the admen don’t have a high opinion of the women, either).

      1. archy

        ***In addition, I cannot recall German criminal lawyers (neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys) trying cases in the press or seeking publicity. ***

        That’s pretty consistent with my own observations from Bavaria in the Munich/Toelz/Augsburg area 1966-67, with a return as a newspaper photog covering the 1972 Olympics, with two exceptions: The Bader-Meinhoff gang /*Red Army Faction terror-murders, and the Munich Olympic village and Fürstenfeldbruck airport murders of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes and a German police officer killed at the airstrip. There was little sympathy for the perps in either case, nor much prattle about any presumed innocence.

    2. Xwire

      Currently police on this side of the pond are not supposed to confirm a suspects name until they are charged, although the media may get there first. However there is a growing movement for not naming until conviction – especially following a couple of recent false rape reports which destroyed the accused lives.

      Hognose: on another note, wondered if you’d seen this – GIGN getting rid of their 416s and adopting the Bren2


  3. revjen45

    Correct nomenclature for that frightening piece of cutlery is “chef’s knife.” If I had to pull a weapon out of the knife block that’s the one I would go for: sharp point, dropped edge, and if properly maintained razor sharp.

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