When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Fix-a-Flat

The flat that Oneal Ron Morris was fixing was not flat tires on a car, but flat tushes on trannies. No, not transmissions, guys who wanted to be women. Morris, who was not only President of the Butt Club For Men, but also a client, can be seen in the 2013 mugshot, left.

Is that supposed to be a woman, or some new … species… entirely? It’s like the medical condition known as steatopygia, common to some African bloodlines, only dialed up to 11.

But looking weird wasn’t the only result of getting the Fake-Doctor-Morris-Tush-Exploder treatment. As you can imagine, the guys who make silicon tire sealer like Fix-A-Flat never thought of submitting it to the FDA as a medical device, and as it turns out, this method and mode of deforming yourself can be no-kidding-graveyard-dead fatal.

A Miami-area transgender woman who allegedly injected women’s behinds with substances including tire sealant and cement has been sentenced for killing a patient.

Oneal Morris, who has become known as the “toxic tush doctor,” received 10 years in prison on Monday after pleading no contest to manslaughter and practicing medicine without a license.

In case you’re wondering why we make doctors, nurses, and pharmacists leap through the flaming hoops of licensure, Dr. Morris is Exhibit A. Which is hardly fair to real doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

Morris, 36, was previously sentenced to a year in prison under 2013 charges in Miami-Dade County, though Monday’s sentence in neighboring Broward County was much stricter.

Victim Shatarka Nuby. Like Morris, She’s A Man, Baby.

The new case involves one of the fake doctor’s victims named Shatarka Nuby, a 31-year-old who received injections from Morris to make her behind bigger starting in 2007.

Texas woman in botched butt injection used super glue: prosecutor
Nuby died in prison in 2012, and a medical examiner said that it stemmed from a “massive systemic silicone migration” from injections into her buttocks and hips.

The victim’s aunt told police that she was there on multiple occasions when the fake medical professional injected her niece, and that she told her the silicone was from Home Depot.

Morris, who allegedly injected tire sealant Fix-a-Flat and cement into women’s bottoms along with silicone, allegedly sealed the injections with super glue.

She said in court Monday that she would never use an unknown substance, including the sealant or cement, to inject someone, and added that Nuby was her friend, according to WSVN.

via Miami ‘toxic tush’ injector sentenced for death of patient – NY Daily News.

With friends like that… who needs (silicone) enemas?

Morris was dressed more conservatively than in the old mugshot, but still very weird looking, on this trip to court (left). Some public defender earned his or her pay on this one.

Morris, and his (or her, he would insist) inflated posterior are going to be going to a male prison, at least until some hunk of the Fix-a-Flat comes loose and strokes him out. Until then, he should be popular with other inmates.

10 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Fix-a-Flat

  1. LFMayor

    The Butt Club for Men

    I’m crying here boss! Cthulhu made you write that, hilarious, horrific, all wrapped together.

  2. DaveL

    Nuby died in prison in 2012, and a medical examiner said that it stemmed from a “massive systemic silicone migration” from injections into her buttocks and hips.

    Makes me wonder whether all that silicone didn’t get a little “help” in migrating. I bet the other inmates migrated the sh*t out of that silicone.

  3. John M.

    Our new Narrative is confusing the snot out of me. Is a “trans woman” a dude who pretends to be a woman, or a chick who pretends to be a man? I can usually figure it out in context, but it’s always confusing at first. And the pronouns! Ai yi yi!

    -John M.

  4. Docduracoat

    We are indeed using ” derma-bond” which is the same chemical as in superglue
    However it is sterile and you can’t buy it at Ace hardware
    And “bone cement” is not actually cement, as it does not glue anything together and is just a filler used in hip replacement surgery
    I’ve seen patients die from bone cement embolism and it seems the surgeons have mostly switched over to press fit hip implants
    I have never seen fix a flat used in the o.r.!

  5. Tennessee Budd

    I’m really, really tired of the bass-ackwards way they describe these…..well, we can still call them people, if little else fits.
    “Transgender woman”, to me, would mean an individual born with XX chromosomes, most likely with exclusively female genitalia, who has elected to look and behave like a man: similarly, a “transgender man” would logically mean someone with XY chromosomes, who –hell, a dude in a dress, to cut to the chase (without the cut, so to speak; if they commit all the way & have sex-reassignment surgery, I’ll give them credit for it & say they are then women, ignoring the reality of the XY).
    Society at large seems to go the other way, so that a “transgender woman” isn’t a woman at all, except in his own mind, and to outward appearance, with whatever degree of success.
    I feel pity for those suffering from gender dysphoria; it must be quite a trial. Their dysfunction doesn’t alter reality, though. Were my 12-lb Siamese to suddenly begin believing that she is a horse, that would not make her able to draw a wagon, nor would I enter her in the Kentucky Derby.
    Of course, I’m just a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal, or so it would seem. Such appears to be the snowflakes’ opinion of those who would say that, indeed, water is wet.
    Some days, I’m glad to be past the half-century mark, & closer to the beginning of an eternal existence than to the start of this temporal one. As has undoubtedly been said since Thorg saw Grak’s kid trying to teach crocodiles to fly, this place is getting crazy.

  6. Tennessee Budd

    I just read my post again, & I wouldn’t want the last line to seem to be casting aspersions on this blog, nor upon our esteemed host: by “this place”, I meant this vale of tears, not weaponsman.com. No offense to yourself was intended, Hognose.

    1. Hognose Post author

      No offense taken, Budd. And if there had been, we’re all grown-ups here, and from time to time will have adult discussions. Being lightly offended is for antebellum duellists, tween girls, and Unique and Special Snowflakes™ — of whom, only the duellists would be interesting conversationalists, were they still alive.

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