When Guns are Outlawed… There’s an App For That!

Ah, the gig economy. You can be individual entrepreneurs, arbitraging firearms between South Carolina (where they’re mostly legal) and NYFC (where they’re mostly outlawed), and delivering them via Uber to customers.

But one thing that predates the gig economy: when you’re selling illegal stuff, one of your customers just might be an undercover cop.

And another thing that was here before the gig economy and will continue long after: the government doesn’t care how it spends its money or whether it’s achieving its ostensible ends. While a few gun sales would have been enough to bust these guys, the cop kept buying and buying and buying, ultimately paying them over $100,000 for over 100 guns. The profits they made from running guns to the NYPD were, in part, plowed back into running more guns to more criminals in New York, so NYPD was in effect financing criminals’ ability to gun up in their own five boroughs.


Who do they think they are, the ATF? Nobody’s supposed to do gunwalking, but if you have to pick an all time champion gunwalker, it’s hard to compete with ATF. They’ve set the all-time record. We hope.

Anyway, on to these low-rent Merchants of Death, NYC streetcrime variety:

Shavar Stuckey, one of the gunrunners.

Shavar Stuckey, 31, and Levon Jackson, 30, who are half-brothers, are both facing a 203-count indictment that includes charges of fourth-degree conspiracy and first, second and third-degree criminal weapons sales, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Is anybody ever more than a half-sibling, in the ghetto? Asking for a friend.

It’s just amazing that these guys’ various baby-daddies didn’t bring ’em up right, isn’t it?

Devon Heatley, 32, and South Carolina residents Troy Allen, 32, Shakial Shephard, 22, and Liq’uel Robinson, 19, are also facing multiple charges for allegedly supplying the firearms for Stuckey and Jackson to sell, said the DA’s office.

The South Carolina men and Heatley would purchase the guns from firearms retailers in the South then bring them to New York City by buses they would take to Chinatown, according to the indictment Stuckey and Jackson would then bring them up to Harlem and the Bronx in cabs and Ubers.

B-b-b-but, Uber bans guns. An Uber vehicle is a gun-free-zone. Unpossible!

Then again, come to think of it, NYFC is a gun-free-zone, but no one seems to have told the guns, especially the ones that are leaping into diverse young hands and urging them to acts of mayhem.

“The South Carolina residents would allegedly transport the guns to Stuckey and Jackson usually via the Chinatown bus lines and in doing so endangering the passengers, the drivers and the residents in Chinatown alike,” said Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance. “After they arrived in Lower Manhattan, it’s alleged they would hail an Uber or take a subway uptown to Stuckey and Jackson.”

LeVon Jackson, the other master-mini-mind

A backpack or briefcase full of guns is actually as inert as a bag of hammers, unless a human opens it up and actuates the firearm. So who’s endangered… and who’s grandstanding? Wait… Cyrus Vance… where have we seen that name before? Why, this CV’s dad was the Cyrus Vance who led the Carter Administration to foreign policy victories like the Iranian Islamic Revolution, and the narco-state of Panama. And the incompetent Secretary of State’s dad was the Cyrus Vance who was one of Roosevelt’s (F.D.’s) New Deal technocrats.

Between December of 2015 and March of this year, the pair sold the undercover officer 105 guns – including 75 semi-automatic pistols, 21 revolvers, 5 assault rifles, and 4 shotguns. Most of these sales took place in the detective’s car. The officer paid between $800 and $2,000 for each gun.

“I don’t know what you can say except its incredible that you can find these,” Vance said.

Actually, in the free world they’re common as the above-mentioned hammers. It’s incredible that one could be a law-enforcement official and not know that, but then again, we’re talking about a guy bred to socialism for at least three generations, and whose genes descend from the sort of intellect that thought the US’s best policy move was to encourage Khomeini to take over Iran. It’s a wonder he can use the restroom without a respite care worker.

But hey, all the guns came from gun stores out of state, right?

Of the 105 guns, 20 were reported stolen, Vance said.

via Brothers used Chinatown buses, Uber to smuggle illegal guns | New York Post.

No kidding. From whom? That’s not clear. Bet more than one is an NYPD heater.

Incidentally, what state provides the most guns traced by ATF in New York? (.pdf)  If you guessed SC, or FL, or TX, go soak your head. The right answer is New York, for the last data available (2015), 1,350 of 4,863 total traces (27.8%). South Carolina? 266 (5.5%)

New York State crime is almost entirely urban, and mostly New York City crime. 3,621 of those traces were initiated in New York City. Three-quarters. (Okay, only 74.5%, we rounded up).

While the national average time-to-crime (really, time-to-recovery) of traced firearms was 10.48 years, New York’s was 3 1/2 years higher, 14.11 years. Straw-purchased firearms like the ones discussed in the article would have been traced much less than one year after leaving the retailer.

New York State is 100% effective in hassling peaceable gun owners, but all its gun control laws produce nil effect on local crime. This is predictable by the laws of economics, specifically, how market equilibrium results from natural responses to changes in supply and demand as signaled by price.

A shortage of any good produces rising prices, which stimulates importation, manufacture (including diversion or clandestine manufacture, if legal manufacture for the market is closed off), and substitution, until the market’s equilibrium is restored at the point where the demand curve (which goes down or is “negatively sloped” on a quantity/price graph) intersects the supply curve (which goes up or is “positively sloped” with the graph). In other words, all demands are ultimately met.

34 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed… There’s an App For That!

  1. Larry Kaiser

    An interesting mental exercise is to estimate how many AK type firearms could be imported in a standard shipping container. And the profit that could be made by selling them on the black market. If you only imported the receivers and sourced the wood parts and the barrels in the states you could bring in 10 thousand parts kits in one container. You could build the guns for under a hundred dollars apiece and sell them for > 1K. Say $1,100 each. That is a profit of 10 mill per container. If the guns were not proofed they would not smell like anything interesting to dogs. Packed right they would not look like gun parts on an x-ray. Much easier than smuggling drugs. I think my cost estimate is a little high. I would not rifle the barrels and that would save a few bucks. I don’t think that the customers would complain. They would be full auto and untraceable. What’s not to like?

    1. Loren

      This guy walking up the courthouse steps in Chicongo just had 6 rounds put into his crotch – from a moving van using a 6 shot revolver.
      Seems the bangers are getting better at grouping so you might have to rifle the barrels to keep up with the consumer.

        1. John M.

          What, they don’t have the Internet in the jail where they keep Leland Yee?

          -John M.

          1. John M.

            How can you tell you’re in prison in CA? Easy: your effective tax rate goes to zero.

            -John M.

  2. Billybob

    Wow, some of your best sarcasm today. I think it was even sharper in the one on the General.

    I love good sarcasm when it is applied to politicians, and fuktard supervisors.

  3. Keith

    And all of that activity (not implying or saying you would do it) is just handing the fellow travelers of the Progressive/Tranzi/Cosmo Pravda more ammunition to hammer us legal gun owners.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  4. Tom Stone

    Pikers. All of the Heroin from the “French Connection” case and a whole lot more (1,300 Lbs of Cocaine and Heroin) went missing from the NYPD evidence room.
    No one was ever charged, but some folks had a real nice retirement.
    PD evidence rooms in big cities leak like a sieve when it comes to anything portable and valuable, google “Police evidence room theft” for an eye opener.


    Liq’uel? WTF is behind the bizarre attraction that diverse people have to weird names with meaningless apostrophes?

    Seriously. What letter(s) of the alphabet is that apostrophe standing in for? Enquiring foreigners need to know.

    Your Sincerely


    1. Tom Stone

      L’SWCHP, I know someone named Derf ( His father was named Fred), dated Virginia Hyman in High School, and have met several Male’s and Female’s ( The birth record shows “Male” or “Female”, then the last name until a first name is chosen by the parents) and I named my Daughter Rosetta.
      And I almost forgot Margerine and Glycerine Smith, two sisters I encountered while living in Oakland.
      We live in an absurd and at times bizarre world, go with the flow.

    2. Sommerbiwak

      It is for sticking it to “The Man” and to confuse the slave owners.

      Must make hell of the job of the government clerks tasked with processing the application forms for welfare payments. Or for the stenographers and judges at court…

      1. whomever

        Only amateurs limit themselves to printable characters. The pros (“The Artist Formerly Known As Prince”) know to use something that will need special typesetting. Try and put out an APB on the wire for that!

        (I’m waiting for the first kid whose name is an emoji)

    3. LFMayor

      well… let’s just say that the little guy with the funny mustache only thought he was angry. If he had been confronted with the, shall we say “apostrophes demographic ” there would have never been a war. A stroke would have claimed him years before 1945.

      You’re talking about our lower political class. The upper political class uses them to provide votes and an unspoken and low key sort of saber rattle. This group of people at the bottom have become enslaved by dependence on the welfare state. It spans racial boundaries and in honesty relies more upon lower iq to help keep the voters on the plantations. These people have been cultivated using the most insidious weakness contained within the human creature: vanity. By being groomed well into the fourth generation to believe that they are somehow superior in spirit, intent and body while at the same time oppressed denied and stolen from, they are weaponized barbarians. Crude, and only effective while the host,v the targeted civipopulation is too comfortable and cowed to recognize and or resist.

      That apostrophe makes for uniqueness, a powerful talisman in tribal warrior society, and was similarly manifested in earlier years by Franco-fication of names, (also seen in music…. Le Freak, cest chic?). The adding of a La prefix to all first names was another.

      So, just to prove I’m not a social sciences major but instead a sci-fi geek I present this as evidence of my summation above. https://www.amazon.com/Imperial-Stars-War-Vol/dp/0671656031

      That book is basically a favorite short stories list from the author Jerry Pournelle. Damn near all the entries entertain, some are there to teach , but the one I’m leaning on and recommend for this little social study is ” Tribesmen Citizen and the Barbarian”. The original was submitted in the early sixties to analog magazine. If you’ve stayed with my rambles this far here’s the original by Campbell, worth the read to you I hope. http://www.baen.com/Chapters/9781625793171/9781625793171___9.htm

      1. Mike_C

        I particularly like your second paragraph. However, I would argue that while the corrosive effects of State as Mother and Father span racial boundaries, my take is that here in these United States the belief in innate “superiority [of] spirit, intent and body” is only inculcated, no, only allowed in one group, at least by the MSM and the intelligentsia.

        >The adding of a La prefix to all first names
        I once read a purportedly scholarly article claiming that the addition of “La” as a prefix, plus use of the syllables “sha” and “qua” in names were a deliberate harkening back to “their ancestral Swahili” because those syllables could be found in Swahili. (I have no idea if this is even true, never mind the bigger issue of Swahili being an East African language. )

        Hah. James Herriot in his All Creatures Great and Small books about life in peri-WW2 Yorkshire, mentions the four brothers Skelton, with the improbable (for the region) first names of Marmaduke, Sebastian, Cornelius and Alonzo. Paraphrasing from memory, “The first time I heard Alonzo give his name, in his heavy Yorkshireman’s accent, I thought he was pulling my leg and was about to make a lighthearted remark. But something in his eye made me think better of it.” The point being that such unique names are often more a burden than a benefit.

      2. W. Fleetwood

        Good Lord, I read that in the original. And you’re right it’s worth rereading every now an then.

        Sua Sponte.

    4. DaveP.

      It’s Swahili for “I intend my child to be on government benefits or in jail for the rest of their life”.

  6. Aesop

    All that for two street-level perps?
    And the UCs tripped to them how, exactly.
    (No ponts for guessing they were unlicensed competition, dimed out by one of the Five Families’ licensed and approved armieres.
    So, NYPD culls the sludge from the shallow end of the gene pool, and opens the markets to brighter wiseguys with smashed noses to make unencumbered profits.
    And for which, someone (who are we kidding? Some twenty to a hundred guys, minimum, from beat to borough to bench) is on the take.

    Almost like NYPD and BATFE were just government-subsidized enforcers for the Mob.
    Who’da thunk?

    And as noted in comments above, if some guy can cook meth in his apartment, it’s guarangoddamteed there’s some guy (or ten) with a machine shop borough-close turning out AR and AK lowers, and building them from parts, sure as God made little green apples and baby ducks.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Oh, meanwhile, the guy who was paying the NYPD $10k/each to give his “clients” pure-unobtainium pistol permits? He got an incredible deal from the same NY courts that want to throw citizens of other states, whose car breaks down on the Cross-Bronx Expressway with a gun in the trunk, into Upstate with New York’s irredeemables.

      If you watch impro guns, you find that when either police or (more usually) poverty totally suppress criminals’ ability to acquire or import modern handguns, they turn to cottage manufacture… and since they’re as well hung for a sheep as a lamb, their product usually looks like a crude M45B or even-cruder Sten. Way to go, gun control! If you get it to really work on the non-criminal element, it gets the criminals out of revolvers and into Stens and AKs.

      1. DSM

        I’m as law abiding as most Midwestern farm kids tend to be but I’m currently working on an M45D kit with one of the Indy Ordnance receiver & bolt kits. Really getting into the guts though it’s quite plain to see how stupidly simple they are.

  7. Simon

    The mainland Chinese have this thing with names apparently. They search for an exotic character to use as name for their children, so that they are distinct from the rest, at least that is what a friend from way out in the countryside there told me. There was then a measure to computerise all ID cards etc., and they found that many of the exotic characters were not in the computer base, so they were trying to force people to change their name to one of the “approved” characters. Probably been solved by now, this was a few years ago, but the problem of over 100 000 possible characters (most of which the normal Person would not know and would not be able to pronounce without instruction) makes the life of court reporters etc. miserable.

  8. Mike_C

    >Is anybody ever more than a half-sibling, in the ghetto? Asking for a friend.
    I have a follow-on question, perfectly serious. In such communities, what is the expected degree of cosanguinity in a random child, a new Ward of the State as it were, given the complicated web of kinship between random elements of the prior generation of wards of the State? The old joke/putdown about “his family tree don’t branch” (not to mention the possibility of loops in the diagram) comes to mind.

    >The mainland Chinese have this thing with names apparently.
    Huh. One of the problems with having something like a only dozen common surnames for over a billion people, I guess. Could be worse: literally every other Korean is called Kim, Park or Lee. (This is a nightmare when you are, say, looking up citations in a database such as Pubmed.) Any road, I hope people are not getting tagged with given (I guess you really couldn’t call it a Christian name!) names like “Rural Electrification” any longer :-)

    Feeling sorta nonplussed on this one. While I am strongly against the State telling people what they can name their kids (a German friend called René tells me “My parents had to go to court so I could have my aigu!”), I’m also against people naming their kid “Moon Unit” much less “Indoor Plumbing” or or “Glorious Revolutionary Tractor.”

    1. John M.

      I knew a German lady once. She and I looked at each other in disbelief as I realized that she thought it was a GOOD thing that the German government only allowed certain baby names, and as she realized that I thought it was a BAD thing that the German government only allowed certain baby names.

      -John M.

    2. Hognose Post author

      I ran into a Russian cat one time whose name was, I am not making this up, Traktor. He was born in the late 1920s or early 1930s and as I understand it, is not with us any more. He did say there was a fad for giving kids… I forget what he called it, something like “Socialist Realism Names.”

      1. DaveP.

        I’ve heard of a “Dynama” (female form of Dynamo), but the parents may just have been hockey fans.

  9. Simon

    Yes, Austria had the same law. You had to prove it was in use in some country as a name. Not sure if it is really such a bad idea when you look at some of the celebrity kid names.

    1. Aesop

      Au contraire.

      Such nonsense is ever a foolproof indicator for past and future f***tardery.
      This is prediction, not profiling.

      And for probably $50 or so, the kids can go down to the courthouse and fix momma and absent daddy’s stupidity, thus letting the smarter lobsters crawl out of the trap.

  10. FcukYou

    I get that you acquired most of your information from the media. It would be pretty dope if you can at least do some research before you make these post. “Various baby daddies” ? These two men aren’t brothers or half- brothers. Two different mothers and two different s fathers!

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