Brace for Auction!

Rock Island is up this weekend with Online Auction #2013, one day only 23 March 17. And more auctions will be following, from all the major gun-auction houses. We’ll just cover the most immediate ones here.

RIA Online #2013:  23 Mar 17

There are 683 lots currently in the auction, 243 of them containing C&R firearms and 68 antiques. Most of the offerings are common firearms with moderate collector interest, and they are expected to draw relatively reasonable prices. There are many Smith & Wesson revolvers.

There are also some oddities, like Lot 84, this “Getsem” brand trap gun. Not a recommended home security solution in 2017, and don’t even think about using it to take wildlife — the game wardens will sling you so far back in county jail the turnkeys will have to feed you with a slingshot.

Remember the mystery revolver one of our readers had, which was identified by our commenters as a Bacon revolver? Here’s Lot #165, a Bacon in considerably nicer condition.

You might want something newer, or longer (plenty of long guns), or more Teutonic (a few Lugers and Walthers)… or…. just plain weird, like Lot 479: a percussion cane gun with two Japanese-style el cheapo swords.

If you want to participate in this online-only auction, Thursday is the day, starting at 0900 Central Time. If you’re inclined to participate, we recommend that you mess around on the website, learn what the total costs will be, set your limit early, and then bid and forget it until you hear if you won.

And, here are brief blurbs on some of the other upcoming auctions, the nearest (temporally) first:

Amoskeag Auction Nº 113 : 25-26 Mar 17

These two auctions are coming right up, too. We’ve already featured some of the highlights of this auction. Bids for the Silent Auction can be received as late as Sunday 26 March. If you plan to participate, register now. Silent Auction catalog (.pdf). Live Auction catalog (.html).

James Julia “Spectacular” Auction: 11-12 Apr 17

RIA Premier Auction #70: 5-7 May 17

Unlike the utilitarian and fundamental collector pieces in the Online auction this weekend, RIA’s Premier Auctions are where the fancy stuff is, like Elvis Presley’s revolvers.

The full catalog isn’t up yet.

There are more auctions coming up… but these will have to hold you for the moment.



22 thoughts on “Brace for Auction!

  1. jim h

    yeah, that revolver is waaaaay nicer than mine. thanks again, all who contributed. it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Ken

    I would like to buy one of those Elvis revolvers, shoot my television set in a drunken rage, and then relist it.

  3. Arsenal762

    That trap gun had me confused for a moment. I thought how are you supposed to shoulder that to take a bead on a clay pigeon. Caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet…

  4. whomever

    I was curious about the 15mm necked down to 8mm AT rifle – that’s a pretty big reduction. It’s the one labeled 7.92×94

    (image copied from www DOT quarryhs DOT co DOT uk /ATRart.htm if the upload doesn’t work; top picture)

    1. DSM

      Do a search on here, I’m fairly certain Hognose had a post or two on here about these rifles as well as the rifles with a reducing bore diameter.

    1. LFMayor

      Sweet. So it was a product of their schv tests. Did it have a tungsten penetrator, like their tank rounds?

      1. whomever

        From the pseudo-linked page:

        “The key component in penetrating armour is velocity, so designers in two separate countries coincidentally decided that a high velocity could be combined with moderate size and recoil by selecting a smaller calibre. The countries were Germany and Poland and the cartridges the 7.92 x 94 Patronen 318 ‘Panzerbüchse’ and 7.92 x 107 respectively. The former was chambered in the PzB 38 and 39, and the M.SS 41 bullpup. It is famous for having a ‘tear gas’ pellet at the base of the bullet. The Polish cartridge was used in the Kb Ur wz 35, better known as the Maroszek after the leader of the design team. Both were capable of up to 1,200 m/s muzzle velocity but barrel erosion was severe leading to a rapid fall-off in performance. The Patronen 318 was loaded with a tungsten-cored bullet which was capable of penetrating up to 30 mm armour at short range.”

        The ‘tear gas pellet’ sounds interesting. Maybe the theory was that the inside-the-tank terminal effects were marginal, so they’d gas out the crew?

        1. Ti

          Can you imagine a DU round in that cal?! Tear gas? How ’bout oxidizing uranium inside the cab? That’s gonna leave a mark….

        2. Hognose Post author

          The gun had a 15mm round as ZB initially set it up, but after the occupation they redesigned it for the 7.92 x 94.

  5. E. Garrett Perry

    Hmm. The 15mm prototype of that Czech bullpup is still on exhibit in the Czech Army Museum down in Zižkov. I’d been unaware it ever hit production, even in the smaller calibre- the museum only identifies the weapon as a prototype ATR design, no mention of its further development.

    1. Hognose Post author

      They’re probably not too enthusiastic about drawing attention for something they not only built, but built explicitly for the SS.

      1. archy

        ***It’s a weapon designed by the Czechs as a 15mm AT rifle, but adopted by the SS in 1941 in a 7.92 mm caliber and manufactured in the ZB factory. This example in the photo is missing internal parts and inoperable for that reason, but might be gunsmithed back to life.***

        Is this another example of the Czech fixation with small arms designs that charge the action by sliding the pistol grip assembly forward, them back to the rear? If so, was it the first of those to actually see production?

        It’s been nearly 50 years back, but I recall one of these things being on display at the Patton Museum at FT Knox around 1966. I can imagine that those at the Armor School might have a decided interest in previous light antitank weaponry, even that from 25 years prior.

        1. E Garrett Perry

          Yes, and I think so. Although it’s worth noting that both of the native-German ATRs both used the firing grip to open and close the breech, so it may have been one of those evolutionary dead ends that several people chased independently.

          Also worth noting is that at least one of the Czech-designed entrants in the British competition to replace the STEN gun was charged by twisting and slamming the forend muzzlewards. Czech designers were always very forward-thinking and innovative, and oddball human-interface solutions like that were a going thing in CZ for quite awhile.

  6. TRX

    > Elvis Presley’s revolvers

    A year ago RIA Lot 1222 was an engraved 1849 Colt with display box, authenticated as having been owned by Brigham Young.

    I tried to talk Larry Correia into buying it, but he bought a mountain instead. Probably cost him less than that the pistol went for, though.

  7. James F..

    Elvis had drug problems which killed him, and, yes, he shot his TV (like you haven’t been tempted) but in the photo below, he has his fingers OFF both triggers.

    1. TRX

      Looks like a decent array of CCW weaponry from back in the day.

      You were pretty much limited to foreign guns in .380 or 9mm or snubnose revolvers in .38 or .357, or maybe a Colt Officer’s Model .45.

      Some people probably did carry a full-size revolver or Government Model, but there’s no way I can do that unless I get a new wardrobe. And, frankly, I’d feel silly wearing a dashiki or shalwar kameez, even if they’d easily conceal an AK underfolder down each leg.

      In the last decade or so the manufacturers have ramped up so many compact handgun models I don’t even bother to keep track any more. Which is a *good* thing, all things considered…

      1. John M.

        I highly recommend the shalwar kameez for comfort. It’s probably not so awesome at concealing guns, though, as there’s not really a proper belt, and pulling the kameez out of the way to effect a draw requires a lot of motion. You could get a stylish vest or sport coat to wear over it that would conceal a shoulder holster nicely.

        -John M.

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