Sunday Signal Silence

This post is actually being retroposted and backdated in the wee hours of Monday, so we were actually signal silent on Sunday.

And on Saturday.

And for the Friday Tour d’Horizon, which got partially written. (Just not enough to hit “publish” on).

Nobody’s sick, dead, or indicted around here; and nobody has run afoul of some even worse calamity, like being experimentally probed on by space aliens, or getting married again. We’ve just been experiencing a lot of disruptions in analog life, and some irritating computer slowdowns.

Since the missing posts are roughed in, we hope to backfill them Monday and Tuesday, but not at the expense of the new week’s content. As this goes live, the only thing in the can for sure is an 0600 Monday post. So we’ll be busy this week to keep all y’all entertained.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Signal Silence


    Heh. Been married twice. Give me the fucking aliens and their anal probes any day.

    After I moved in with one of my previous partners, she calmly let slip one day that her mother had gone mad and chopped her dad up with an axe. Didn’t kill him but had cut his right arm off and generally sliced him to bits. I stared at her agog. She seemed to think this was no great thang.

    I know quite a lot about firearms, ammunition, ballistics, marksmanship etc, but don’t ask me about relationships. For my current views on women, Google for a video called “It’s not about the nail”.

  2. Alan Ward

    So the short explanation is you are human like the rest of us. ;-)
    While I missed the content since the Lock it up post, I also appreciate you getting some analog “me”time. Looking forward to the days ahead. Thanks for all the good work.

  3. nick

    LSWCHP, one should always look new partners medicine cabinet.
    Usually supplies a wealth of information, should I stay or should I go?

    1. John Distai

      I’ve done that. It resulted in some very interesting and uncomfortable conversations.

    2. Hognose Post author

      I know “don’t mate with crazy,” and all that, but for a while between Plaintiffs I had a 100% streak in which every woman I dated wound up confiding, at some point, that her dad/uncle/some father figure type, had diddled her. These women ranged from mildly disturbed to bat guano crazy, but every single one of ’em “had issues,” and it wasn’t at all her fault.

      At first I tried to make them better. I finally began to eject as soon as the subject came up, thanks to the tar-baby results I got from “helping.”

      Either there’s a whole lot of diddling going on, or I’m a magnet for abused women. One advantage of getting older and better off is that the crazies seem to thin out, or at least get elbowed aside by the golddiggers.

      Right now I’m about ready to get a Death Before Dating tattoo. On my forehead.

      1. Mike_C

        >Either there’s a whole lot of diddling going on, or I’m a magnet for abused women
        Why can’t it be both? (As our senior statistician once said to me when I prefaced a technical question with “I don’t know if I’m merely ignorant or actually stupid on this one, but ….” Needless to say, we’re friends. […] Or so I think; could be teh stoopid at play here.) There’s a lot of apparently spontaneous crazy, as well as crazy-for-cause secondary to one sort of trauma or another out there. It’s both incredibly sad, and a testimony to human resilience, that people are as functional as they are. Perhaps you are a good listener: A sympathetic ear that does not appear to leap to judgement will get you all kinds of information, including some that you wish you didn’t know.

        Henry Bowman was a geologist, not a lawyer or a private investigator, but he had a habit that would have stood him in very good stead in either of those other two professions: Whenever people told him something startling, and particularly when they wanted an opinion, Henry was absolutely disinterested. His manner implied that the issue in question was commonplace.

        This attitude, or being able to project it at any rate, is very useful in medicine also. (And the reader will note the difference between “disinterested” which != “uninterested”.)

      2. 11B-Mailclerk

        Women with “daddy” issues seek to date “daddy”. If you come across as a “good father figure”, you are an absolute shit-magnet for the bat-shit-crazy subset of women. -Especially- if you also have that certain streak of “bad boy” along side it.

        And by now, you have found that bat-shit-crazy can also be -subtle-.

        I am starting to think it works much better done like an employee search, with background checks and references. sheesh…..

  4. James

    I was just wondering,has space alien anal probes been a issue in the past,whether it held up articles or not I am interested.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Crap! (No pun intended). That’s the same Ken Rockwell who does great camera tutorials. No wonder the aliens study him.

        A reminder to schedule my cinquennial up-periscope came today. Coincidence?

  5. Larry Kaiser

    There may be a lot of people out there who think “where in the hell is my free entertainment”, when you are quiet. There has to be a lot of people like me who think “Geeze, I hope nothing has happened to Hognose”.
    What you do is appreciated and important.

    1. James

      I just assume with family/dog/weekend/plane project/figuring out what the hell he does own in way of “collectibles”taking time to self,blog is just one of many aspects of life of a Hognose.I am too paranoid to think darker matters or would rule me life.I hope for the best(while prepping for the worst to ability).

  6. Steve M.

    I find the consistent level of intelligent content to be quite impressive here. I know if I ran a blog it would not match up in any way, shape, or form.

    When the signal falls silent, I hope that your enjoying some bit of life and not “dealing” with the bad stuff which life on earth can only bring.

    I very much appreciate the fantastic content which is free of ads, disturbing images with verbage about some “new trick”, and the various other distasteful aspects of many other blogs.

    Thank you.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Biggest single problem that I had…? Link hoarding. ~380 tabs open in Brave, in many windows, and it brought my computer to its knees, or whatever computers have in lieu of knees. I didn’t want to lose the stuff in the tabs for future posts, but the process of evaluating it and either nuking it (already used, or moot) or saving it to a spreadsheet which involved copy and past in a now very, very slow computer took days. I wound up working on it for four days and saving 228 tabs. I have 13 tabs open now and will be closing the ones not being used for today’s content forthwith.

      We’ll see how long that keeps up…

      Also, we made some real progress on the airplane fuselage center section.

      1. 11B-Mailclerk

        Sounds like you need

        a) a better triage system

        b) a crap-ton more RAM in your computer.

  7. archy

    ***Also, we made some real progress on the airplane fuselage center section.***

    Good. On one hand, I’m tempted to remind you of the somewhat trite generalization by way of John Wayne *Never apologize, Mister, it’s a sign of weakness…..*

    On the other hand, if anything ever does go badly for you. I hope you have sufficient staff preparations in place so that grief or prayer on our part is not a wasted effort… and I think you are aware that in the event there’s anything that can be done on your behalf, all we need is to know about it.

    For the best approach, split the difference. Your call.

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