When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Farm Implements

Another tale of woe from the fields of India, where having just 1% homicidal nut jobs in the population still means ten million of them are on the loose. In this case, the whacker (mugshot right) seems to have been motivated by his conviction that his wife was carrying on with another fellow. His wife’s head, being detached from her body, is unable to meet the charge with confession or denial, and a lawyer might say that that particular tort, whether it happened or not, is now about as moot as it gets.

Bhubhan Mardi, 38, seized an axe and decapitated his wife Charumani Mardi last Sunday, police said.

They say axe, and there’s a crudely formed axe or hoe or similar thing he turned himself in with, but he also seems to have used this rudely-forged thing, apparently; a farm implement turned murder weapon wielded with sufficient force to bend the iron. Any of you farmers know what this is?

He then put her head in a striped bag along with the murder weapon and carried it to a police station to hand himself in, they said.

Not often the coppers get all the evidence needed for prosecution in one painless deposit like that. I guess you could say those Indian police had all their $#!+ in one bag, that day. Axe and bag:

But police were tipped off about the killing and intercepted and arrested Mardi along the way.

This guy is such a loser that he can’t even turn himself in. That’s pretty bad. And he thought his life was bad at the start of the day, when he was just a cuckold.

He allegedly attacked following a heated argument over her supposed extra-marital relationship.

His wife’s body was found in a paddy field near the couple’s marital home in the Bandhmutu village near Ghatshila in the east Indian state of Jharkhand.

There’s a pixelated-out picture of the headless body in the field at the link, but we’ll spare you that.

Sanjiv Besra, deputy superintendent of police at Ghatshila, said: ‘Mardi was heading to court to surrender.

‘Our team was tipped off about the killing and found the woman’s body in a paddy field near her house. The man was arrested on his way to the court.’

Police are yet to confirm the motive behind the murder.

According to neighbours, the couple had been having frequent quarrels in the past few weeks.

via Jealous husband ‘carried wife’s head in a bag after he decapitated her with an axe’ | Metro News.

We dunno. We’ve had a marital “quarrel” or dozen, but nothing that ever made homicide look like a solution. Old Bhubhan Mardi is about to find that all his fit of temper has done for him is exchange one set of problems for another. Had he reasoned that out, what odds he’d have made the swap?

But he didn’t reason it out, of course. His reasoning was overcome by emotion welling up from the red place where murder brews, and the fact is that a penniless Indian field hand is certainly as capable of murder as any of us with scores or hundreds of firearms, whole display cases of knives, and hundredweights of ammunition.

Because removing any particular “means” from the familiar cop-show equation of “means, motive and opportunity” has zero effect: substitute means are always available, and all means are always available to those without intent. The crime of murder forms, not in emanations or vibrations or witchcraft or toxic radiation from any particular means, but in the formation of intent in the human mind and soul.

When you solve that problem, you solve homicide.



11 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Farm Implements

  1. Ken

    I couldn’t figure out what the tool was until I “embiggened” it. It looks like two separate things. A wore out hand scythe and some kind of hand forged head chopping knife.

    1. John M.

      And neither, clearly, is the tool pictured next to the striped bag in the other photo.

      -John M.

  2. Ken

    The second tool pictured looks like the sort of axe that could be readily forged out of a piece of automobile leaf spring with very little skill required.

  3. 11B-Mailclerk

    Speaking as one who has made a number of blades, you get some ugly results when you forge in the fires of hate.

  4. archy

    ***His wife’s body was found in a paddy field near the couple’s marital home in the Bandhmutu village near Ghatshila in the east Indian state of Jharkhand.***

    That pretty much confirms what the naughty farmer was harvesting with his sickle/bill hook.

    It’s been said before. But oh! If she’d only had a gun, even a little single-shot derringer….

  5. LFMayor

    Looks like a hedge axe, or hedge knife. My grandfather used one, they would walk along the hedgerows that bordered the fields and use them to prune. This had the added effect of keeping the trees short and dense, that made them effective fences that would contain your livestock after the were turned into the field after harvest. The head is fairly heavy, possibly four or five pounds. The examples I’ve seen were mounted on a straight axe handle, not overly long.
    I think the European name would have been volgue or bill ( bill hook). They were pressed into levied service in the Middle Ages because the hook could pull riders off their mount.

  6. TRX

    The top item looks very much like a cane knife, used for cutting sugar cane. The curved blade keeps the stalks from slipping down and off the blade, same reason a scythe’s blade is curved.

    The bottom item is definitely a hand axe. I thought those had died out with stone tools. A Google search turned up lots of hits for “hand axe”, but every link that didn’t refer to Neolithic artifacts turned out to go to a hatchet or tomahawk. Apparently “hand axe” doesn’t mean the same thing it did a few decades ago when I took that anthropology course…

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