How Many Guns In Your “Arsenal”?

We get the impression from you guys in the comments that gun ownership among the readership ranges from zero to hundreds of firearms.

Since we’ve seen that the media counts anything more than a couple firearms as an “arsenal,” we assume most of you have an arsenal at home. But how big?  So it’s time for a poll.

How many guns have you got? free polls

You can vote with confidence, as even Super Administrator Powers can’t tell us who said what. Of course, if you spill your collection size in the comments, then everyone can see. We can’t see how that would harm you, but it’s a free country and you can keep your secrets if you like.

This should be an excellent opportunity for smart-ass comments, from those of you who are so inclined. Tomorrow sometime we’ll tell you what bracket Your Humble Blogger falls into.

Update 1 @ Midnight 15 Mar

We’ve seen some interesting comments, and over 350 poll-takers, with some in each bin but the tails having the lowest numbers. Having just found some deficiencies in the inventory, Your Humble Blogger is pretty sure he falls in right around the midpoint of the 51-100 bracket, maybe 8 or 10 above midpoint if incomplete retro AR receivers count.

Lots of respect for all — doesn’t matter how many guns you have, what matters is having the right to make the decision for yourself. Mad props to the people who keep the light burning in the jurisdictions experiencing firearms Dark Ages.

Update 2 @ Noon 16 Mar

Over 600 poll takers so far. 70-something comments, plus another handful over at the poll site. If we ever do this again, we’ll have to include Boating Mishap among the choices.

99 thoughts on “How Many Guns In Your “Arsenal”?

  1. Jacobs

    I’ve got what I like to think of as the American Three: .45 ACP, .30-06, and 12 gauge. Plus a 9mm for the wife. Had a .22 rifle, .22 pistol, and 20 gauge, but sold all three for the .45.

  2. RHT447

    I will give you the same pat answer I give (with rare exception) to everyone outside my immediate family—more than two and less than 100. I was an FFL in Kalifornia for 20 years. Now live in Texas. Still a bit twitchy, but recovering. Sharing info about my firearms collection on the web is just outside my comfort zone.

    1. Garry

      Poor bastard. I’m glad you were able to make it out without a felony charge for freedom…

  3. whomever

    1)How about ‘I’m afraid to count them’?

    2)I’m never sure how to count N lowers + M uppers, where M>N. Legally, it’s N guns plus some parts. But when you start buying scopes, suppressors, …, reloading gear for M calibers, it seems more like M guns.

    1. John M.

      How do you count N lowers + M uppers where N>M? Legally, it’s N guns, but only M of them are useful as anything recognizable as a “gun.”

      Asking for a friend.

      -John M.

      1. Allison Theodore Frederickson

        Hi friend! Sounds like we should meet up and discuss your situation!

    2. Brad

      I recently decided I needed to count my collection. Afterwards I realized how clueless I had been of the true magnitude! How did that happen?

  4. C Otto

    At least I don’t have to lie to my spouse since i don’t have one…So yeah, my conscience is clear :D

  5. GunnyGene

    In the mid-range. A variety of pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, some BP antiques and repros. Some hanging on the wall.


  6. Calico Jack

    Holding steady at just under 100… Have traded quantity for quality over time and found the secret to be getting the missus involved in shooting and hunting so I can add one for her for every “x” number I pick up!

    Now as to ammo count…

    1. Bret Stevenson

      The benefits of getting The Spousal Unit on board cannot be overstated. I count myself most fortunate when the only question I’m faced with is when it’s her turn to give it a try.
      O.K. Now I remember why I married her…

      1. archy

        The benefits of getting The Spousal Unit on board cannot be overstated. I count myself most fortunate when the only question I’m faced with is when it’s her turn to give it a try.

        Yeah that worked out soooo well for me when my ex-USAF girlfriend was bitching about how poorly the DA trigger on a Beretta M9 worked for her. So one rainy day at the indoor range she tried out my sweet little East German PM Makarov, built the year I graduated from High School.
        She also swiped a half-dozen holsters, including a now-rare Bianchi X-17 shoulder rig, a dozen or so magazines, and the better part of 5000 rounds of 9mm Makarov ammo I had for it. *What do you want for it?* Says she, *I’ll make it up to you….*

        That was in 1998. *Fix me pancakes for the rest of my life,* I told her. Great, she took it as a proposal

        The events and aftermath of Sept 11 2001 got in the way a bit, but she’s been my awfully-married wifey for eight years now. But the flapjacks almost make up for the PM.

        O.K. Now I remember why I married her…

        Me too, starting with breakfast, sometimes a little earlier.

  7. James

    Telling folks what you own kinda like telling your age,hence,chose none of your F$%&ing business.

    As for me age,well,old enuff to know what the right thing is,young enuff still not always do it.

    As another commenter sagely put,could be obnoxious if/when necc.

  8. Don Williams

    I don’t have an arsenal, I have an armory. As a rule I don’t manufacture firearms.

  9. James F..

    Even Hognose, with his multiple gun safes and his two Johnsons, doesn’t have an arsenal (or armory) in the sense that military and police organizations have, since what they have is rows and rows of of the exact same gun, for the use of their organization.

    1. archy

      in the sense that military and police organizations have, since what they have is rows and rows of of the exact same gun, for the use of their organization.

      In the case of our local Sheriff’s Dep’t, the department issues 5 separate and distinct different guns to each road deputy and jailer. plus sniper rifles and some SMGs at the Dep’t armory & jail.

  10. Cap'n Mike

    I looked in the safe to count my ARs, and noticed there were 2 more in there since the last time I counted them.
    The damn things are multiplying like rabbits.

    1. Hognose Post author

      ARs do that. Insert Pin A into Hole B and reproduction ensues… kind of like mammals, except the young are usually able to hunt from birth.

  11. SemperFido

    What is this gun that you speak of? Now RIFLES, that might be a different matter. Except for that terrible boating accident. We have some well armed fish around here.

  12. nick

    But what will grab headlines like nobody’s business is ” He had over 2,000 rounds of ammunition”
    Who needs that much ammo?

  13. Nathan Gambino

    I need more pistols. My current goal is to have at least one firearm in the most common calibers. I want to be able to shoot *something* during the next ammo crunch. Of course, I also just finished buying a basic reloading setup, so maybe I just want more variety. It’s the spice of life!

    1. John M.

      Consider the benefits of leaning out your supply chain by restricting your set of calibers. Then you can lay in large stocks of a couple of calibers and call yourself ready for the next crunch.

      For example, there’s not much case to be made for owning more than two of 9mm/.40/.45. And running .357 gives you the built-in option to do .38. If you’re already into ARs, and want to add an AK, get one in 5.56. There’s not much you can do with a 20 ga. that can’t be done with a 12 ga. and vice-versa.

      -John M.

    2. Larry Kaiser

      I sent in a comment to another site about reloading in a SHTF scenario. They did not run it. Maybe it will stay up here for a while. I think that if you have a reloading outfit it should include a bullet puller and all the primers you can afford. If the ammo you have guns for is not available perhaps you can pull the bullets from what is available and reload your ammo. For example, if you have a .308/ 7.62 rifle and find some .30/30 ammo you can pull the bullets and put the powder into a primed 7.62 case and seat the .30/30 bullet. If you have 7.62 ammo and a .30/06 rifle you can do the same thing. Of course, I am going from a smaller case to a larger case. Not safe to go the other way. Get a copy of a good reloading manual and see what you can figure out. I am not recommending this as a general practice but in an emergency it might save your life. During WWII stay behind GI’s in the Phillipines found that the curtain rods in the windows of the country schools were brass rods just a tad over .308 in diameter. A little work with a hacksaw and a file and they had a bullet that would fit a .30/06 case and chamber in a Springfield or Enfield. They had to “reload” the primers as well. The decapped primers had the firing pin impression pounded out and the primer compound was formed from the tips of wooden kitchen matches.

      1. archy

        During WWII stay behind GI’s in the Phillipines found that the curtain rods in the windows of the country schools were brass rods just a tad over .308 in diameter. A little work with a hacksaw and a file and they had a bullet that would fit a .30/06 case and chamber in a Springfield or Enfield.

        The rods were [and many there are still] 5/16″ diameter, just almost perfectly .312″, and so ideal for reloading the 7,7mm Jap Arisaka and Type 99 LMG ammo, as well as the many .303 British Commonwealth SMLE Lee-Enfields the Japanese obtained when the Brits at Malaya surrendered.

    3. Brad

      fun info:

      During the last ammo buying panic, the last pistol caliber that remained on the shelf of my local Walmart was of all things .38 Super. It was weeks before those boxes of .38 Super finally disappeared.

      The .38 Super is easily reloaded because of the straight case walls.

      And supposedly, the .38 Super will function in .357 magnum revolvers, because the .38 Super is a semi-rimmed cartridge.

      1. Larry Kaiser

        I found an old American Rifleman mag that had an article about improvised ammo and the author said that he was stationed on an island in the Pacific with a contingent of Austrailians . The Americans had .38 cal revolvers but little ammo. The Aussies were flush with 9mm ammo but no pistols to shoot it in. The Americans discovered that if you took a pair of side cutters and turned up some burrs on the rims of the 9mm ammo it would chamber in the .38’s and stay in place when the firing pin hit it and go off reliably. A lot of trading went on and the gun nuts among the Americans were able to shoot to their hearts content.

    4. DaveP.

      Consider a Glock 22 or 23. I have 9mm and .357SIG conversion barrels for my Model 23, plus the original .40 tube. It works fine with all of the above (and is more accurate with the .357SIG barrel than it is in the original .40!) and both the .40 and .357 use the same magazine. Since the conversion barrels ran about $150 each, I have the ability to use all three calibers for about the cost of 1.5 guns.


    I have 57 guns are of this moment with more coming later this week

    FYI some Japanese do own guns, after insane requirements you can own firearms in Japan so even some japanese are more free than some areas of this country

  15. James

    Oh,for me smart ass comment.Hognose,when did you go from being a site that am sure has some interest from the nsa/atf ect. to a direct line to fusion center info. gather?!

        1. Air

          Moved South in 1981 where we still have 4 seasons…, just moved a little North of South, but still South. With that said, a lot of what is in those cases came outa New Jersey, therefore making New Jersey a safer State.

  16. Scott

    This is something I’ve pondered. I have probably owned and liquidated more guns than I presently own. In my younger days, I went off into the weeds over 7×30 Waters, .357 Max., .45-70, .45Colt/410, .41 Mag, .44Spl, 10mm, 7×57 Mauser and other off the beaten track / oddities. (Not counting front-stuffers. And I only really miss the Mauser, but the .308 will do anything it will do.)

    Now I’m focused on utility, looking to have at least two of every one of these (preferably the same model):

    .22LR Pistols
    9mm Pistols (.40S&W presently, but I’m a barrel swap away)
    .22LR Rifles
    .223/5.56 Pistols
    .223/5.56 Rifles
    .308 Rifles
    12ga shotguns

    I’m already doubled on some, and have at least one of each. Ammo requirements to feed such a ‘collection’ are simplified.

    Then, I may resume re-indulging my unnatural odd tastes. For example, the one guy I’d love to have after completing the above collection would be a Ruger No. 3 in .45-70.

    1. Scott

      I was laying in bed last night, couldn’t believe I forgot the 6mm Rem. and 8×57 Mauser.

      Oh, and my wife is wearing a M77 .30-06 on her finger.

      I still only miss the 7×57.

  17. LSWCHP

    4 handguns and 7 longarms here, with a new (well, very old) Smith revolver arriving next week after completing a 28-day mandatory “cooling off” period where I can change my mind about buying it. As if any man anywhere has ever changed his mind after buying a gun.

    However, I think the “arsenal” aspect deserves a little more nuance than just a simple weapon count. Specifically, I live in Australia, and owning a handgun here is almost but not quite impossible so I think a “degree of difficulty” scaling factor isn’t unreasonable.

    For example, if the US gets a “1” and Australia gets a “10” for difficulty then my 5 Aussie handguns would be equivalent to 50 US owned handguns. Yep…that makes me feel a lot better about my smallish arsenal. And a dozen guns definitely qualifies as an armageddon arsenal in the Aussie media.

    You guys in the US don’t know how lucky you are (or maybe you do?) to just be able to go and buy a gun.

    And if my ready-use ammo count ever dropped below 2000 rounds I’d…I’d…I’d make some more ammo! Speaking of which…My Dillon press with 50000+ rounds on it suffered a metal fatigue failure in a small part last weekend and the replacement part arrived today with a free one thrown in. Great products from a great compaany.

    1. James In Australia

      The “cooling off” period is meant to allow you to rethink any murderous or suicidal impulses before you get a new gun.
      Not as if you couldn’t just use another firearm in your safe.
      Personally I dont want to go through the hassle and commitments of getting a Cat H license (mandatory club shoots, fingerprinting , monitored security etc) for something I can only shoot at a range. So I only have longarms, just about at the point where I’ll have to sell one to get a new one without upgrading security.
      If I was in the US I’d probably have a lot more. Here we have to provide a “genuine reason” each time we apply for a permit to purchase and have storage requirements that increase in security depending on the quantity and category of firearms.
      And like everything else Guns are very expensive here compared to the USA.

  18. Jim Scrummy

    “How Many Guns In Your “Arsenal”?” Not enough. Never can have too many, never.

  19. Law of Self Defense

    Five or ten years ago I was working in the Netherlands, and folks there would from time to time ask me, given that I was an American, if I owned guns. I’d answer, sure.

    How many? Was the inevitable next question.

    I don’t really know, I’d answer, and start counting on my fingers. Then my toes. Probably X many, I’d say, but I wouldn’t want to swear to it. Could be +- 5 either way.

    They seemed far more shocked by the fact that I could own guns and not know exactly how many, than by the fact that I could own guns at all.



    1. Hognose Post author

      As I’m updating my inventory, I keep finding, “oh, that one” from time to time. I have a fairly solid number of around 70-75, but that’s not counting at least a half dozen unbuilt NoDak Spud AR receivers. For which there are parts.

      1. Law of Self Defense

        FYI, Hognose, I have one of my classes coming up in the New England area. If you’d be interested in a discount for your followers, I’d be glad to set something like that up. If not, no worries, just wanted to put it on the table. I know you place a lot of emphasis on keeping the site non-commercial, wouldn’t want to co-opt that. Class will fill up regardless.


      2. DaveP.

        “If you find a gun in your safe, and have NO idea where or when you bought it…”

        –from the “You might be a gun nut IF…” list

        1. Aesop

          Hi, I’m Aesop, and I’m a gunaholic.

          I built a gun room. A safe (or three) wouldn’t have cut it.
          Trouble was, it’s too small now. Stuff’s stacking up outside.
          I now need a gun hall.

          The trouble started when Califrutopia passed that idiotic “One pistol per month” law.
          B******s went and made it the law, the least I could do was comply, right?
          Then I found out I could still buy all the shotguns and rifles I wanted.

          We won’t talk about semi-auto right sideplates, stripped lower receivers, or 80% receivers. Except to note that welding equipment and a CNC lathe are both on the to-do list, and the number of parts kits seem to multiply like books and DVDs do: when you leave two together, the next time you check, they’ve had a litter of six or eight more.

          When I found three guns that I’d forgotten buying, I was beginning to wonder about early Alzheimer’s. Then I remembered where I’d put two others, which proved to me that if I had Alzheimer’s, I wouldn’t have remembered those two. Whew! That was close.

          Now I just mark my calendar, so I know when it’s time to comply with buying another handgun, and try to double up on all the most useful long arms. I know two is one, and one is none; anyone know what eight is?

          Just wondering.

          But I draw the line at discussing ammunition. What the fire marshall doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

          Supposedly, Teddy Roosevelt raised the last private regiment of volunteers.
          To hell with that. Before I die, I plan on outdoing the old so-and-so at that game.
          I want a full brigade.

          Because I can.

          At this point, A Company is almost good to go.
          And I know guys with a good start on Wpns Co, and the Field Arty Battery.

          1. archy

            *** Supposedly, Teddy Roosevelt raised the last private regiment of volunteers To hell with that. Before I die, I plan on outdoing the old so-and-so at that game.I want a full brigade Because I can.

            At this point, A Company is almost good to go. And I know guys with a good start on Wpns Co, and the Field Arty Battery.***

            Brigadeer Aesop has SUCH a nice ring to it!

            Roosevelt’s unit was the First Volunteer Cavalry. If you guys need a Headquarters Company tank section [An officer, a section NCO, and ten treadheads, with three main battle tanks.] give me a shout.

  20. nick

    Over the years I amassed just about anything one could imagine.
    I sold off everything except NATO stuff and my 22’s
    22 Lr pistols – 4
    22 Lr rifles -2
    9mm pistols -4
    45 1911 -2
    308- 2
    5.56 – 4
    It was just a hassle storing 30 different calibers of ammunition.
    It’s better to have 10,000 rounds for one gun than 200 rounds for 50 different guns.

  21. Antibubba

    Less an arsenal than a collection. The newest is from 1991. Most are much older.

  22. Bret Stevenson

    Crap, I’m in AZ- not sure that “boating accident” thing is gonna fly…

    1. Stacy0311


      BTW-I LOVE the public range here. No fees, just pull up and shoot.

      1. Bret Stevenson

        I absolutely love that I can also rock the NV & IR toys. Yes, AZ does indeed provide quite the playground for the toys.

  23. Steve M.

    36, I think. I have a hard time breaking 40 for some reason. Waiting on my suppressor paperwork to go through, which may bring one or two more later this year. This year will be challenging as falling ammo prices continue to compete with the “just one more” gun buying habit.

  24. TRX

    That’s one of those questions that devolves into “for what value of ‘gun’?”

    The operational firearms are easy enough to count. Then there’s the rifle I disassembled in 1987, but I’m pretty sure I know where all the parts are. Several naked receivers are also “firearms” by ATF definition, even though they’re just doorstops. The pile of AK flats aren’t receivers, but they would be if I spent a few minutes to bend them. And then there are the kits and projects, in various stages of completeness…

    In the end, the count always comes down to “not enough”…

    1. Jonathan

      I agree – personally, I count black powder weapons as guns, but legally they aren’t.

  25. quiaudetadipiscitur

    9mm, 10mm, .45ACP, .38/.357, .22LR (2), .22LR/WMR, 16ga (2), 20ga, .308 (2), .257, .280, .30-06.

    I never know if suppressors count since their purchase is treated like a firearm…

    On the “to acquire” list:

    FN FAL, MP5, 6.5 Grendel (no ARs in the armory yet), 5.7, .38 Super, 9mm 1911 (shouldn’t have sold my last one), .416 Rigby, .375/.300 H&H, Browning 4 barrel set

  26. Garry

    My guns are pretty modest, I’ve just been building up a nice arrangement for all situations. USP 40, Colt LE6920, Mossberg 500, Henry .22, and my heirloom Type 99 Arisaka. I have a gun for about any situation, and that’s more than a 19 year old like me needs to be happy. When I have more money, though, you can bet your bolts I’ll have more guns. Alas, until then bills take precedent.

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s wise prioritization, Garry. Unless or until we’re at WROL, guns are not a first priority in life, but an enhancement to it. At your age I had about the same number of guns, I think; mine were more biased towards military surplus. Then the next year I joined the Army.

        1. Hognose Post author

          I bet you’re like me in one other way: “I played with war toys as a kid, but it never influenced me.”

  27. Sixgunner

    Elements of design from three different centuries with a diversity of launching power sources, from self contained internal combustion to highly compressed atmospheric gas. Not nearly enough accumulation of munitions to keep yours truly happy, but more than enough to launch the typical liberal into paroxysms of terror induced rage.

  28. Hognose Post author

    Tam made a reference this week to something like “the blessed ‘thump’ at the door.” I don’t think I buy anything in 20 or 50 round boxes any more. Maybe .25 ACP, even though I have over 10 .25s and carry one occasionally… they’re just unpleasant to shoot, with tiny grips and lots of blast. But what else fits in a bathing suit like a stainless .25? Hmmm… don’t have a Micro Desert Eagle yet. (For the overseas reader, US knock-off of the ZVI Kevin).

    1. Jonathan

      The size of boxes I buy depends on the cost per round; sometimes with local sales 50 round boxes on the shelf are cheapest, other times 1000 round cases are cheapest.

    2. John M.

      “But what else fits in a bathing suit like a stainless .25?”

      I’ll take “NAA mini-revolver in .22LR” for $500, please, Hognose.

      And no, I don’t have one. Yet.

      -John M.

    3. Steve M.

      The UPS man might not appreciate the 30 to 40 pound boxes, but he delivers them cheerfully. It is a “blessed thump”.

      I’m guessing he might not appreciate the bulk boxes of ammo cans. They are rather unwieldy.

  29. William

    I really don’t know exactly how many I have, but I just bought another standup safe. One size smaller than the other standup model, which was the biggest in it’s series. When they off loaded it from the trailer, I said to myself, that’s it’s already damn too small. The standup’s are joined by a horizontal Treadlock steel storage unit. Not truly a safe, but damn hard to get into. It’s full of mostly new rifles, long guns, all still in the factory boxes. Plus I have some long arms, NIB, tucked between the floor joists in the basement. I can say for curtain it’s over 50. Now we don’t need a poll of our ammo stash. According to a poll posted long ago on, I’m a Advanced Ammo Slut/Whore Wannabe. And I just added a 300 Blackout SBR to the collection. Well sort of as it’s still in NFA jail.

  30. Matthew Hooper

    Huh… I was the 666th person to vote… that number keeps following me around the past couple years. Kinda creeping me out.

  31. archy

    Paternal granddad was not a WWI vet, and had fewer guns than he had fingers, [both hands] though I’ve heard he was pretty good with them, including a .44WCF Model 73 Winchester and the Colt .25 auto with which he fought off a pair of highway robbers trying to steal the ice plant payrolls he was carrying. In those days the cars involved had thicker body sheet metal but the glass was not impact and shatter resistant; his tactics would likely work as well against today’s clunkers. Though he passed away two years before I was born, I’ve heard the story from other family members and the police officer who later traded him one of the .38 S&Ws that the robbers had been carrying for the Colt. That cop later became the county Sheriff, was one of the pallbearers at my dad’s funeral, and after the wake, presented with me with the Granda’s .25 Colt. I already had the 5″ S&W M&P.

    Grandpop on mom’s side was a veteran of WWI, enlisted/Navy, and WWII, Signal Corps, Army officer, as well as his first for-real shootin’ match at Columbus, NM as a young man when Pancho Villa’s raiders came to play, and later in life, homesteaded in Wyoming in the area known for the Homesteader/Cattlemen wars. He was fond of telling me that *a feller don’t really need more shooters than he can swim the nearest river with…* but he did not take his own advice, considering his own working guns, spares, parts queens and souvenirs from his younger days in the Aleutians and before as a NJ state service rifle match competitor with a beautiful and effective M1903A1NM. I’ve got it, his M1911 from the Villiaista raid in New Mexico, and a Jap 7.7 Type 99 from the Aleutians.

    Myself? I figure a feller deserves his real working guns, like granddad said, at a fairly early age, and thereafter ought to have at least one more for every birthday candle on his/her cake. I have yet ANOTHER birthday coming up next week, and haven't gone shopping yet.

      1. archy

        ‘preciate it. Been working off a laptop lately, and some of its keyboard bugs/features infuriate me. Sorry. A good many photos I have onboard it won’t post either.

  32. CJ

    Can I change my vote? I just put myself into the next higher bracket. Which is better than finding yourself in the next higher TAX bracket.

  33. Pericles

    Included in the gun total is everything capable of firing a projectile to include matchlock, flintlock, and percussion in addition to metallic cartridge weapons. Not included are of course, bayonets, swords, and pole arms. I have my eye in that M224 as I can foresee a need to lob a couple of pounds of projectile some 3000 meters or so. These comments are useless without pics:

  34. Christopher

    I should have heeded the Old Testament and not taken a census. I can no longer say I have more than one and less than a hundred.

    My collection is eclectic and unfocused, like the SMLE I got for $47.50 (sans magazine and extractor – fixed now)

    I can stop any time I want.

  35. Ti

    All comments are awesome!
    My collection is kinda based on the “times” I grew up in, and the military models I built with the neighborhood kids. Always looking at ref books of WWII this n’ that. As you get older your circle of influence grows.
    I can’t believe that my trans FFL actually sent me a 2016 Xmas card! Used him for years but got an Xmas card this time.
    1 shotgun (orig firearm I started with – (xmas pres. from parents when 12)
    1 bolt gun mod 70 super express in .458 win mag (think Dirty Harry)
    1 wheelgun sw mod 17 .22
    And the rest are semi auto long and short arms. Sorta the most worn pages in my copy of Small Arms of the World. My wife’s family is of military background – like above O-7 level, so we have her grandfathers issued RemRand 1911 and his hammerless general officers model in the safe. Last year one of their childhood friends( wife’s parents – mil brats), who is also from O-7+ land gave me his dad’s battle field pickup P-08! This guy is 88 years old! The mag s/n’s don’t match and the holster is missing the take-down tool, but other than that it’s in good to very good used condition. NO, I won’t shoot it!

    more than 20 less than 30

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