Sunday Shivering

We’re expecting a blizzard this week, and in advance, the year’s first visitor from Canada is here already: a bitterly cold air mass. Having just had the heating system serviced we weren’t expecting the house to be cold… but it was.

We’d left a door to the insulated, but unheated, garage open. D’oh.

It’s getting back to livable at this writing.

It might be Spring Forward day, but we could use a little more spring in our spring.

Perhaps we’ll take the occasion to write some on cold weather weapons care. We’re still playing catch-up on last week’s Saturday Matinee (a disc of vintage documentaries) and TW3. And, given the low temps in the house, Small Dog Mark II’s tendency to be a lap-seeking missile is more pronounced than usual. As we type this, he is sleeping on our desk, with his muzzle in the crook of Your Humble Blogger’s right elbow. It reduces typing speed rather a lot.

But how can one say no?

41 thoughts on “Sunday Shivering

  1. James

    Plenty of firewood/ books(to read,not burn),no worries about the snow coming,plenty of food ect.,day off of work,no work this week anyhow.

  2. revjen45

    Thanks. Just when I was wallowing in Seasonal Affective Disorder (a malady particularly common in Western WA at this time of year) you showed me that the weather is a lot more FUBAR there. Knowing that somebody has it worse makes it better somehow.

      1. Hognose Post author

        I think it was my fifth trip when I finally saw Mount Rainier. Presumably named because everything there is rainier than it is around here?

        1. John M.

          Per Wikipedia, Boston gets 43.8″ of rain and 43.8″ of snow on average annually. Seattle gets 37.49″ of rain annually. Go figure.

          -John M.

          1. whomever

            It’s not the inches, it’s the hours … weeks … months :-)

            Seattle has two seasons – the summers are beautiful, but from Nov to May or so it’s always gray. Frequently not ‘rain’, in the sense of ‘rain’ back east; the days just segue from fog to drizzle to gray overcast to drizzle to …

            The place I can’t imagine is the Alaska panhandle. 300+ inches of rain, plus the short days. I dunno if I could stand it.

      2. Mike_C

        Hah! I was just in Portland (PDX not PWM) and the talk of the town (or the Uber drivers at least) was the 8 or 10″ of snow they had.

        But it’s bad in New England: I think the peach trees have taken another hit with buds being frozen/killed thanks to the recent unseasonably warm weather (60’s, deg F, naturally!) followed by freezing temps. Same thing happened in 2016 — it’s rough on the orchard owners.

  3. Trone Abeetin

    Feel the same way about my cats, the youngest likes to get under the covers. Strange critters.

  4. Sommerbiwak

    This side of the pond there is like 15 degrees and higher, sunshine, warm. Yesterday was my first day with short sleeves when in the sun.

  5. Aesop

    Trying to feel sympathy, but having traversed the distance to a local Fun Show yesterday in the 80-degree heat with the A/C on, it’s hard to relate.

    Cold and snow are for Christmas cards.

    But at least when it gets down to the locally Arctic mid 30s outside hereabouts, it cuts way back on ER visits for stupid $#!^.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Eh, gun laws here are a $10 5-year license to carry with a one sheet of paper application.

      And, oh yeah, it’s optional. There is that.

      1. John M.

        Arizona FTW. We opened pool season today (or the kids did, anyhow) somewhere a little north of 90 degrees, AND we have constitutional carry. Plus we have mountains, which makes us about 1000% awesomer than Florida.

        -John M.

          1. Hognose Post author

            Well, I can walk to the beach here, but swimming is for the hardy. Even in summer, the water is unpleasantly cold.

          2. John M.

            We have all the beach a guy could want. Sunny, sandy, no crowds, great views. Oh, it was an OCEAN you wanted? No problem, a quick drive to Rocky Point or San Diego will get you an ocean.

            -John M.

          3. John M.

            @Hognose: Having swum in both Aesop’s ocean and yours, I can report that Aesop’s is warmer, but surprisingly little. Alaska is apparently the gift that keeps on giving.

            The Beach Boys weren’t “out there having fun in the warm California ocean,” and not just because “fun” and “ocean” don’t rhyme.

            -John M.

          4. Aesop

            The Pacific hereabouts is pleasant on a hot day, but mainly by contrast.
            As generations of BUD/S candidates can attest, the Pacific here is perennially about 58-73 degrees, considered a winter swim by divers most of the year, and anyone fallen overboard is only good for about 6 hours, give or take. After that, the search is more likely a recovery, not a rescue.
            But without an ocean, it ain’t a beach John, no matter what the AZ Tourism Dept.’s been telling you.

          5. John M.


            Actually, it’s me who’s been trying to sell it to the AZ Tourism Department. And my California-native wife.

            And re California beaches, if nothing else, the hot days burn off the fog. Nothing says miserable quite like a foggy June day on a California beach.

            -John M.

  6. Alan Ward

    Ditto the freaking weather!
    After all the snow melting in Feb., we had a foot in the past 10 days.
    Including 2 inches this morning.
    Welcome to Edmonton in March. Oh well.

  7. Eric

    As one born inside the Arctic Circle, and who is the guy in flip flops, shorts and tee you will watch from the comfort of your snowsuit inside your heated car… going out to the end of his 50 foot driveway in a driving January snow storm, wind at 20-25 mph out of the North, and 32F or so to get his paper… I do not see any reason for whining. Put another log on the fire and suck it up mein Blogmeister!

  8. redc1c4

    it’s currently 90*F at the Bob Hope Burbank Airport, with 12% humidity…with a breeze out of the NE

    first warm Santa Ana of the year for us. (this may be the first summer in several years where planting tomatoes won’t be a waste of time… the last few haven’t been warm enough to bother with doing that)

    last week the candy asses were all going around dressed as if it was freezing, and today they’re out & about wearing next to nothing.

    i’m wearing my usual t-shirt & shorts, but, then again, i’m a local, not a tourist.

  9. Mike in Canada

    Tonight we will be treated to -22C… again… and the wood -fired appliances will be on duty, you may be assured.
    You can have the air mass from us, since we are tired of it and have no further use for it.

    It’s all yours. Oh, you are more than welcome. Think nothing of it.

      1. redc1c4

        hey, he enabled the link…

        anytime i poast a URL in a comment, it goes into moderation

        1. Haxo Angmark

          I know. Such tragedy. It was Rachmaninoff’s Spring Cantata, op. 20. Apparently the (accurate) link itself is broken. Or maybe a copyright lawyer wandered by.

  10. Jim Scrummy

    Made it to the grocery store this morning (Sunday mornings are my usual grocery day), and the “crazies” were already out and about. Stocked up on essentials (beer, wine, toilet paper) and was good to go… Since nobody other than me and few others in the DC Metro, who have been raised in the “northlands”, know how to drive in this coming event, I will stay off the roads starting tomorrow evening. If the DC Metro gets more than a foot, the schools will be shut down at a minimum of 3 days or longer. The DC area can’t cope with a snow storm. Just food for thought when something really big may happen.

      1. Scipio Americanus

        From your lips to God’s ears. With 3-month old at home I would really enjoy the work-from-home time, and as someone who grew up in the Catskills it’s fun to watch everyone flail around on the roads in NoVA – as long as I’m not out there with them.

  11. Cap'n Mike

    There is a coastal flood watch for the High Tide Tuesday Afternoon, and a Blizzard warning.
    Good times in the Northeast.

  12. Keith

    As I type this it 39 outside the window near midnight. Original prediction called for snow this weekend and mix of snow and ice all week. Last I saw supposed to be low in the 20’s high in the 40’s Wednesday.

    Keep warm or cool depending on were you are.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  13. redc1c4

    it’s almost 2200 Local here as i type this.

    windows are open all over, and i’m busting a light sweat just sitting here typing…

    po’ me!

  14. Loren

    I spent the last week on a small Gili (tropical island). Something about watching the sunset over a Balinese volcano makes those mojitos just that much better.

  15. LSWCHP

    26C today here in Eastern Australia as we farewell summer. I wore a t-shirt on on my morning stroll to the coffee shop, but there’s rain coming tonight and temps will be dropping close to freezing soon.

    I’m looking forward to it. It was a blasting hot summer here, and after 40 years in the mountains I don’t do so well in hot weather. I can always rug up, but there’s only so much clothing a man my age can take off before women run screaming in horror, dogs bark at me and children cry.

  16. Simon

    Hey, you are lucky that your cold weather comes from Canada. Here, the cold stuff comes straight from Siberia. You can tell that they do not change their socks often, or is that the sugar refinery?

  17. Scott

    So far, while we projected some snow over the weekend, all we got was:


    Looking at 6+” over the next few days, but apparently the NE is gonna get whacked. Here’s hoping our humble blogger’s power and internet stay up over the duration…

    1. James

      Scott a foot or two is annoying but hardly whacked,especially with all the warning,us New Englanders can handle it!

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