Collectors Have Rationales, Not Rationality

Consider this guy. How many suspect that cartoonist David Malki ! used you as his model?

And yes, the Wondermark cartoon is humorous, in a sophisticated and wry way. You may like it. (Heck, you may already know it. Are we the last to learn about everything around here?)


16 thoughts on “Collectors Have Rationales, Not Rationality

  1. TBoone

    Thanks for this! I was unfamiliar with Wondermark, and shall have to catch up with the rest of the class…

  2. "Greg"

    first time that I’m hearing about wondermark (that I *consciously* remember, anyway!)

  3. Nathaniel F

    My solution to this problem is simple: Embrace and intensify.

    Since I have implemented this strategy, I have discovered that my firearm purchases no longer need any plausible usefulness, or even a connection to reality. In that spirit, my current project is to create a replica of an AK as used by a primitive African tribesman using a Romanian parts kit, some white paint, an old belt, and human hair.

    I’m thinking after that, I’m going to glue fiber optic and model race car parts onto my Steyr L9A1 until it looks like something out of Blade Runner.

    I gotta say, I’m much happier now.

  4. Sommerbiwak

    Didn’t know Wondermark yet, either.
    Added to my too long list of web cartoon bookmarks. :-)

  5. James In Australia

    I’ve been reading Wondermark for years. Clever sometimes surreal humour.

  6. Boat Guy

    I’ve a love/HATE relationship with collectors. Yeah, they’re saving those 1917 Smifs from Bubba but they coulda waited till I had one; steada driving the prices up and availability down.

  7. TRX

    [looks at tube with .500 Nitro Express reamer lying next to the keyboard]

    Soon, I’ll be ready if any rabid mammoths or genetically-engineered dinosaurs come rampaging into my area…

    1. Brad

      Rabid mammoths, dinosaurs or Graboids about to break into the wrong Rec. Room!

      (I don’t apologize for liking Tremors. Tremors was awesome. And considering how gun nuts are usually portrayed by popular media I was pleasantly surprised by Tremors)

      exasperated says, “What do you have cannon fuse for?”

      puzzled response, “My cannon.”


    I don’t make up reasons for wanting/buying something. If I want one, I buy it. Nor do I have some hag bitching at me about buying stuff so as to need a justification, I am an adult male who made the decision long ago to buy what I want for any or no reason at all.

    This reminds me of a staff writer for the now defunct PRECISION SHOOTING MAGAZINE about 20 years ago. He was telling the story about two guys he knew talking about some guns one of them was showing. The ones made some comment on how he wished he could buy stuff like that and asked the other how he afforded it.. The guy with the guns and stuff made a response along the lines of ” I decided when I was in my 20s after considering two options , I could marry, have kids, mortgages, debt, work all the time to pay for all those things and have no time to enjoy anything for myself, or I could stay a bachelor spent my money and my free time on what I wanted to do and have, you only get one life and I decided to enjoy it my way the way I wanted to instead of living up to some standard society thought. I decided to live my life exactly the way that would make me the happiest”
    That really stuck with me and after a marriage to a terrible women interested only in herself, I set about living that sway myself. Since I was 23 I have yet to have to rationalize or have rationale for buying something I wanted and have yet to regret it

  9. Docduracoat

    I must be the luckiest guy around!
    I am happily married with 3 great kids
    My wife is very frugal with our money
    I get to buy guns and ammo (within our budget) and go shooting all the time
    She shoots also, but is not a gun nut like me
    I shoot the Walther Ppk and the Bushmaster AR I bought for her more than she does!
    However, I am not allowed to shoot steel case ammo through her guns

    1. Hognose Post author

      She is a woman of discernment and taste, including on the steel case thing. We all celebrate your good fortune, doc.

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