Crim Brings a Baseball Bat to a Football Game

Watch out for the one with your name on it.

In the annals of proportionate response: a southern California criminal came up to a police station, swinging a baseball bat. Now, the cops inside could easily and legally have drilled him one, because there is no question that a baseball bat constitutes deadly force. How many times has a headline here read: “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Baseball Bats” or some variation thereof? We checked: 13, almost three a year. Most of ’em fatal to somebody.

(Crims are even killing people with baseball bats in England, where nobody plays the American sport of baseball — and yet, no one seems to be killing people with bats in Japan, where baseball’s a popular pro sport. And in both countries, lots of guns are functionally outlawed).

But they didn’t do that. Instead, they took the citizens in their lobby to safety, and then got ready to swarm him, while a young and fit cop circled around, looking to make a blindside tackle. The video shows it all going down.

Batter up! Nope, batter down. Dumbass brought a baseball bat to a football game, and got the tackle of his lifetime for his pains.

This description is from the YouTube page, and it hints that the would-be Babe Ruth may be experiencing mental difficulties (that word “evaluation” is not usually a reason for hospitalizing you, apart from the goings-on going on in your Brain Housing Group).

Monday, February 27, 2017, a man carrying a baseball bat walked up to the front lobby of the West Covina Police Department and began striking the large glass windows. Seated inside the lobby by the windows were three women who immediately ran and entered a secured area of the lobby.

As officers responded from within the police station, the suspect walked up to the entry way repeatedly swinging and striking the glass entry doors threatening to enter. A West Covina PD officer who had been outside saw what was happening and ran up to the suspect, tackling him to the ground. Other officers then assisted in taking him into custody. The suspect suffered minor injuries from the fall and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

None of the women were injured. The outer glass of the police department did not break from the impact strikes made by the suspect. Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Resisting Arrest was Christopher Rivas, 28 of West Covina. The suspect was cited and released to the custody of the LA County Medical Center for treatment and evaluation.

via Man Swinging A Bat At A Police Station Gets Spine Shattering Tackle By A Cop! – YouTube.

The cops handled this well. With the citizens from the lobby behind their cypher lock, would-be Bat Boy couldn’t harm anything but property. The approach they chose minimized the risk of danger to everyone: cops, bystanders, and suspects. At the end of the day, the suspect’s in the bag, the disruption’s over, and nobody’s seriously injured or inconvenienced.

Well played, West Covina PD. We assess a penalty on your opponents, the Crims. The ball’s in your possession, first and ten.

16 thoughts on “Crim Brings a Baseball Bat to a Football Game

  1. Aesop

    Tell me again why it make sense that decent people lock themselves inside 24/7/365, while wingnuts like this are allowed to walk the streets, instead of the other way around.

  2. RLTW

    Bonus points to the cop for causing the bat to separate from the slugger-turned-QB and land outside.

  3. Trone Abeetin

    he couldn’t have been too soft, he didn’t cause any damage that i could see. just a bunch of feints. Still, they should’ve deadlined his ass on general principal.

  4. Haxo Angmark

    Rivas – a Mex – was a member of a protected class. If illegal, doubly so. If a white male, the cops would likely have drilled him.

  5. Jacobs

    No, Haxo, most cops just don’t want to deal with the mountain of paperwork and counseling associated with capping a dude if they can avoid it. That, and those of us who have put a solid hit on someone like that know, there’s something to be said about a perfect tackle and being remembered as the guy who “laid that one fool out”.

  6. Mike_C

    Hmmm. I just learned a way to get a bunch of random people into a “secured area” quickly….

  7. Kenrick

    A rake wielding local was shot by Police in Santa Cruz last year during an evening incident. Think West Covina PD is a bit more restrained in use of force.

  8. John Distai

    The guy didn’t mean any harm, he was just trying to use the batting cages across the street and the pitching machines kept taking his money. He was frustrated, and didn’t know where to turn. All he wanted was a little batting practice.

    The community PR officer should keep a bucket of balls in their office for just these occasions. Take a short break from paperwork and pitch them to him. The guy gets his batting practice in, and the PR officer gets a little exercise and a positive relationship with the community. It’s a win/win.

  9. Scott

    That was just … odd. I used to coach (a lot) of baseball. The guy either didn’t know what he was doing with that bat, or he really wasn’t trying to do damage. From some of his posturing, like he was in a batter’s box waiting for a pitch (just before the game became football), I’d say the latter.

    Bizarre. If he wasn’t off his meds, he needs to be on some.

    1. John M.

      He wasn’t trying to do any damage. An untrained 7 year-old with that bat could have left some marks if he’d wanted to. That guy just needed an attitude adjustment, not a bullet.

      Well done by the cops. I particularly like how the cops inside the shop were ready and waiting to receive the fellow once he arrived supine on the doorstep.

      -John M.

  10. Wysiwyg Mtwzzyzx

    Were I a football coach, I’d use the video for teaching good tackling form- lead with shoulder as close to center of gravity as possible, arms wide then wrapping target, launch thorough and lift with arms to unload target from the ground. Textbook.

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