When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Snow (x3)

Even a unique and special snowflake must obey the laws — of physics.

One Unique and Special Snowflake™ is bad enough, but you should see the mayhem that ensues when they all get together and gang up. And this time, we’re talking about literal snowflakes.

At least four skiers have been killed and four others injured after an avalanche in the Italian Alps, rescuers have said.

The avalanche was triggered at Plan de la Gabba around midday when a group was back-country skiing on new snow, Milan Walter of the national alpine rescue corps said.

It is thought that as many as 20 people, all foreign, may have been swept up in the avalanche and as many as four could still be missing, according to La Repubblica.

Skiers nearby were the first to intervene and raise the alarm, before digging through the snow looking for survivors, Corriere Della Sera said.

Another avalanche is thought to have struck at the same time in Colle San Carlo, involving two skiers, however neither needed rescuing.

via At least four skiers killed after avalanche in the Italian Alps | Metro News.

If you’re reading this, we survived our encounter with snow in the form of the Dread Nor’easter of ’17, and didn’t have The Big One shoveling the jeezly snow.

Which reminds us… why do weathermen and other TV empty suits exhume a lost and archaic Sea Dog accent for this one word, and this one word alone? It’s enough to make you go, “Arrrrr!” and hoist high the Jolly Roger. Really, you can’t get much more northeast than Hog Manor without going Full Downeaster, and even they don’t say Nor’east. Even when they’re fishin’ for lahbstah.

9 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Snow (x3)

  1. LCpl Martinez USMC

    When I read the title I thought you were writing about Generation Snowflake, and was gonna rant about Generation Snowflake vis-a-vis this Marine Corps “scandal” on naked photos of women on social media.

    If you don’t mind, Hog, here’s my rant.

    re Naked photos in social media by Marines (i’m sure it’s not only us) , but specifically on why Marines post photos, it’s basically the Hog Board, we had it in bootcamp; at SOI, at every clime and place we find ourselves in.

    It’s essentially a form of gossip (and I’m not agreeing with it here, but my point is that there’s a purpose for it), also some part revenge,

    but it’s connected to the Dear John letters and to Jody , more importantly IMHO though the milieu that is the Marine Corps base (or any military base for that matter , i’m sure).

    it’s an incestious , testosterone (as well as estrogen, or whatever hormone that causes females to go in-heat when surrounded by studs) filled climate—- you’d have to cut off every swinging d’s and flappin’ p’s to make something like this stop IMHO, which would be more cruel and unusual in the long run (than the sanest option which is to get some mean S-2 Gunny to scare the living hell out of young Marines for PERSEC and OPSEC dings, IMHO that’s the most you can do),

    but back to its purpose (Hog Boards and its virtual equivalent) aside from revenge (which I’m very against, since you’re essentially coming from a weak and whiny position… some sort of ridicule or shame tactic can be used to curb this),

    gossip or intel however is necessary, for good guys you need to know who the bad girls are on base and just off base (so you don’t marry & date ’em); and for bad guys , they need to know who the bad girls are on base (STDs, child support later on, etc.).

    Unless these photos or videos were gotten illegally, i say let it continue, for they serve a purpose—- again, most of these photos and videos (i’m no member of these social media groups, only basing my knowledge on barracks life, analog copies of these), are either sent to Marines themselves, in lust or sometimes in spite (ie. like that video sent by a Marine’s wife, in that movie ‘Jarhead’, which is kinda pretty common) is IMHO fair game (nothing illegal),

    and if there are Marines actually turning on females’ video cameras off-site, then consider that Marine a volunteer for the Cyber command!!! like I said, if a female is a victim, sick JAG on their culprits… the burden of proof should be on them, ie. if they can prove invasion of privacy or hacking (otherwise assume that they provided photos & videos).

    1. John M.

      “Snowy the Abominable Snowman says: ‘Only YOU can prevent avalanches!'”

      -John M.

  2. Cap'n Mike

    The only thing worse than shoveling in the rain that sloppy wet crap we got yesterday was trying to shovel it this morning after it all froze

    You would think they would spell it Nah’eastah.

  3. Keith

    Here in NC the weather is predicted to remain in the 20’s at night and 40’s in the daytime with light winds making it feel 10-15 colder. For this area that is very cold.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  4. Doctor Fierce

    In Halifax, Nova Scotia, we say Nor’easter with a smile, acknowledging that we don’t really talk like that. Whether this applies to the rural boys, or the newfs I don’t know.

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