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We’re looking over some preliminary numbers for January and February of 2017, and the site is still growing. January set an all-time traffic record of 268,176 unique users, up 31.5% over January 2016 and up 10.2% over the previous month, December 2016. February with its 28 days fell a little shorter, 245,157 hits, up 12.9% from last year, and, as you can see, down 8.6% from January. (February with 28 days is about 9.7% shorter than January, so our average daily visitors increased slightly). Our record hit months, then, were January, October 2016, and February.

It is highly probable based on performance so far and our detailed history since 2014 (our stats for the first couple years are lousy) that we’ll not only break the 2.5 million hitcount that eluded us in 2016 by a few measly thousand, but break 3.0 million.

One caution: February’s numbers are partly estimated. This is due to a loss of statistics for about one and one half days as a result of a plug-in configuration error that broke some administrative access to our servers (pages were still served throughout). To make up conservatively for the lost traffic, we added 1/28 of our final February count (“an average day”) back in. This is a conservative figure because it is 1/28 and not 1/26.5 which would more nearly correspond to the actual stats outage. One hopes that we shan’t have to do that again, although we’re going to be poking numbers in through the end of the year; hopefully at 0000 1/1/18 we’ll zero the stats again.

During the month of February, we passed a significant milestone: over 60,000 approved comments since the founding of the blog on 1 January 2012. Several posts are drawing over 50 comments every week.

Our outreach to new audiences continues, with many of our stories being linked at Gab, which has brought in some new readers and commenters. If you’re unaware of Gab, this free-speech oriented Twitter replacement has a lot of advantages over the legacy platform, and several disadvantages:

  1. Doesn’t have “everybody” on it;
  2. Doesn’t have an IOS app, as Apple has banned the firm on political grounds (the founder is a conservative Christian, apparently anathema at 1 Infinite Loop).
  3. It currently is ideologically lopsided, given the fact that many ejected from Twitter over politics have shown up there.

The site is in an extended beta status, or an open-not-open mode. If you have difficulty signing up, we do have some invitations to give you; ask in the comments (include a link if you want the comment to be held in moderation and SAY SO if you don’t want us to release it when we send the invitation).

We have also promised to do some pieces for another firearms news site, but we’ve been buried with the site here, with work on the Czech Firearms books, and with life in the analog world. Believe me, when it happens, you guys will hear about it and it will be linked. will remain our primary online output for the forseeable future; all this other stuff is just ways to reach more people (well, the books will be a way to get paid, too).

24 thoughts on “How is Doing


    Allow me to congratulate you once again on the wit, erudition and deep knowledge that you contribute to the world via Weaponsman each day Hognose. This is without a doubt one of the best sites on the Internet. And a big Bravo Zulu to the commenters as well, who are as knowledgeable and pleasant a bunch of blokes as one could wish to hang out with. Life would hardly be worth living without my regular dose of Kirk! :-)

  2. James

    Nice that the site is growing with visitors ect.As for the rotten apple not allowing(?)Gab why the hell is one using their OP or or the dirty window,Linux is the answer folks.We as a nation need to even the tiniest bit do our part to starve these companies.

  3. Keith

    This has become and remains my must read with coffee every morning or whenever I’m up on the weekends. Is there a link to Gab?

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  4. Ti

    Let me also jump in and congratulate you sir. I found you while researching for retro AR-15 stuff, and now a regular stop for opinion.
    I looked at your Gab site also. Very interesting and informative. Cool! and I would say, you have longevity in the blogosphere!
    You and I definitely around same age as that post about Rick Derringer brought back a lot of memories in high school for me.
    And lastly, my first Co Commander was SF. There were 4 pilots while I was there that were SF, and by far, I would say the SF guys(WO pilots) were the mot approachable and relaxed around us enlisted. They were also Vietnam era and had some good knowledge to pass on.

  5. Jacobs

    I don’t quite remember how I found this site, but for quite a while I was convinced that there was a whole team of writers and that I only happened to be catching the ones written by Hognose. You put out a tremendous amount of work of superb quality. Thank you.

  6. soapweed

    Sir: Having twice tried to sign up foe Gab, and hearing silence on the line, could you please help a dumb-stick do so? Invitation? Thanks, soapweed

    1. Sommerbiwak

      Definitely. The comments are gold here.

      I wonder when the tipping point is reached and the comments are filled with useless debate of .45 vs. 9 mm. Or pontificating about the M14. Or commenters complaining about hognose pulling his vocabulary from an ancient OED edition. (or wherever he finds these english rarities)

      With this growth rate… when are all bangstick we sites replaced by ;-D

      1. James

        Sommer,how about Chevy vrs. Ford/AK or AR,skyies the limit!I believe a lot of the “english rarities”are actually just Monty Python sayings and thoughts!

  7. C Otto

    been a regular reader here for a few years. If anything, I wish there were a way to post some of your articles to facebook. You have some amazing stuff on here that I would love to share, but my technical prowess has diminished in the last few years and don’t know how to do it. But I think it would also help bring more people into the “weaponsman fold” so to speak.

    Keep it up hognose!

    I don’t comment as often as i should (mostly cause I’m at work). Also loved the arisaka/carcano post the other day.

  8. jfre

    I have signed up for gab twice and heard nothing back. If you have another way to get in, I would appreciate it

  9. Linz

    You are putting together books on Czech firearms?
    If it includes military products- how do I sign up?

    1. Hognose Post author

      Tentative titles:
      Firearms of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic 1918-2018. Volume I: Handguns Volume II: Rifles Volume III: Sub-machine and Machine Guns.

      Nothing written on v. III yet, vII is being outlined & researched, v. I is in heavy research and writing phase. It’s actually a mess at present.
      Original plan was a handgun book to replace the out of print Berger. Big time mission creep.

  10. Steve M.

    Glad to hear the blog is doing well. I come for the content and stay for the content. The comments are quite good, but still ancillary. However, the comments section exchanges can be so informative at times, I am forced to sit on my hands and learn from the more intelligent and articulate.

    Thanks Hognose!

    1. Hognose Post author

      Sigh. I have already promised content to Paul at The Firearm Blog which I’m behind in delivering. (In a weird coincidence, I ran into Pete M. of TFB at my transfer dealer today. He will have a review of something interesting for TFB readers, once he wrings it out). I’ve actually wanted to do videos, but the time and learning curve have delayed me. I don’t want to do crap; I want to provide good videos, like Ian at Forgotten Weapons. I’m less photogenic, though.

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