When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Knives

This charming but hard-of-thinking-lookin’ fellow is Anthony Laine, from Worcestershire, England, and he’s here not for raping a woman — twice– but for what else he did.

He cut her face off.

Anthony Laine, 30, raped the woman twice near the River Severn in Bewdley, Worcestershire last summer.

The woman was left with a ‘floating face’ – a medical term for when the front of the face becomes detached from the skull.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and inflicting GBH with intent at Worcester Crown Court.

She said via a recorded video statement: ‘It’s ruined my life. I come across as a strong person. I’m not really. I’m looking at lots more operations, lots more time in hospital.

‘I’m in constant pain. I can’t eat properly. I have to eat soft food. I can’t chew anything at all. I can’t eat meat or even toast. I can’t open my mouth to yawn.’

She added: ‘I’m still alive, that’s the only thing. I’m fed up with the pain. That’s what gets me down more than anything.’

Prosecutor Timothy Sapwell said she suffered a 4ins cut down the middle of her forehead, a v-shaped cut over her right eye and another over her left eye.

Both eyes were also swollen shut and her eyelids had to be cut open to relieve pressure on her eyes.

A CT scan at hospital revealed serious underlying fractures to her face called ‘Le Fort Fractures’.

One of the fractures ran above her teeth and upper jaw with another running from the bridge of her nose across the floor of the eye socket to the hinge of her jaw.

Mr Sapwell said: ‘The front of the face was completely detached from the skull and smashed in two. It’s described in medical terms as floating face.’

The court heard her injuries required a nine and a half hour operation where bone grafts from other parts of the skull were used to repair her nose.

Metal plates and screws were also put into her eye sockets, her cheek and jawbone during the surgery.

The victim, who has no feeling in her top lip, also said she doesn’t like leaving the house because she feels people are looking at her.

via Rapist ripped woman’s face from her skull during horrific attack | Metro News.

This is how safe it is, where guns are outlawed.

Laine told the cops he didn’t see what the big deal was… apart from the knife stuff, “only hit her about four times.” With what? Le Fort fractures are usually associated with high-energy blunt force trauma and are potentially life-threatening.

So, naturally, the British criminal courts are going to throw a suitable book at him? Alas, no.

If they did, it was something lightweight like a Harlequin romance — he only got 12 years.

Somewhere, a vintage copy of Blackstone’s Commentaries is spinning in library stacks.

4 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Knives

  1. Keith

    Do that to the lawyers and judges and then see what they think. This is what happens when the Progressive/Cosmo/Tranzi Pravda is in force from behind the scenes. The perpetrator becomes the victim not the actual victim.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

  2. John M.

    “suffered a 4ins cut”

    It looks like the typo is in the original. Perhaps this is an odd Britishism? I’d give it a [sic] myself.

    -John M.

  3. SAM

    The news in the UK – if you can find it – is saying he a 20 year sentence as he got 12 years and must serve an extended period of eight years on licence – which means he’ll do under 6 years if he’s good (that means does not kill anyone) and 8 years if not. The years on licence mean if in that time he is convicted of anything he may go back to jail. Guest what, I’ve never be arrested for anything and if I am convicted of anything I may go to Jail the same as anyone so for him that means nothing. I have never heard of anyone on licence having to do more. What happens is if they get sent down for any more crime they are told that they will do the time on licence at the same time – think of it as being payed for two jobs at the same time.

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