Where Treason is A-OK, and Criticism of it is Forbidden

We’re referring (and this is unlikely to shock you) to the People’s Republic of California, and specifically to the Senate of that failing State.

Legislative éminence grise Tom Hayden, perhaps best known to the general public as the former Mrs. Jane Fonda, expired in October (or, as practitioners of one of the few faiths still alive in San Francisco put it, “Satan called him home.”) And naturally his peers — we use the term advisedly — in the Senate have spent from then till now engaged in hosannas to the pulchritude and luminosity of the former violent radical turned typical grifting, grasping, greedy politician.

State Senator Janet Nguyen, who on her election was (and as far as we know, still is) the first ethnic Vietnamese state senator in any American state, was not having any of that, and she prepared a powerful statement. Here are the highlights:

I and the children of the former South Vietnam soldiers will never forget the support of former Senator Tom Hayden for the Communist government of Vietnam and the oppression by the Communist Government of Vietnam for the people of Vietnam.

After 40 years, the efforts by people like him have hurt the people of Vietnam and have worked to stop the Vietnamese refugees from coming to the United States, a free country. We will always continue to fight for freedom and human rights for the people of Vietnam.

Members, I recognize today in memory of the million of Vietnamese and the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who died seeking freedom and democracy. … I would like to offer another historical perspective.

… I want to share what Senator Hayden meant to me and to the over 500,000 Vietnamese Americans who call California their home, as well as to the over 1 million Vietnamese Americans across the United States.

As you may be aware, Tom Hayden chose to work directly with the Communist North Vietnamese Government to oppose the efforts of United States forces in South Vietnam.

Mr. Hayden sided with a communist government that enslaved and/or killed millions of Vietnamese, including members of my own family. Mr. Hayden’s actions are viewed by many as harmful to democratic values and hateful towards those who sought the very freedoms on which this nation is founded.

…. In contrast to the great many people who fought to defend freedom and democracy, Mr. Hayden supported a Communist agenda ….

In sum: bad cess to him. Naturally, his friends and allies would not let Nguyen make that statement, but you can read it here (she got away with the introduction, in Vietnamese, before Kevin de Leon called the Senate Bouncers to give her the bum’s rush).

Hayden is especially beloved in institutional and academic Californistan — the environment that produced his modern cognate, Sulayman al-Faris, aka Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi, aka John Walker Lindh — for his “opposition to the Vietnam war.” This opposition included gathering information for the People’s Republic of Vietnam and harassing American families of prisoners of war. He first came to the public’s attention of one of the organizers of the Alinskyite attack by hippies armed with sticks, bricks and molotov cocktails on the police at the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago in 1968. Hayden himself, a physical coward, was far from the “cannon fodder” he sent in, for his objective was to provoke the police into “overreaction.”

The media, safe behind the cops, and in on Hayden’s plan, produced thousands of these images, making it look like the Chicago PD made an unprovoked attack on “protesters,” and that’s how they reported it. (It wasn’t a complete loss. A lot of deserving skulls got cracked, and a beginning news fabricator named Dan Rather got punched in his glass jaw. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?)

Hayden went on to win a mistrial as one of the Chicago Eight clown show defendants, and continued to serve the interests of Communism and foreign powers for the rest of his miserable life.


After trying to make a statement about the late Tom Hayden and his opposition to the Vietnam War, Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) was removed from the floor of the state Senate on Thursday, a tense scene that ended in a slew of angry accusations…

Nguyen, who was brought to the United States as a Vietnamese refugee when she was a child, said she wanted to offer “a different historical perspective” on what Hayden and his opposition to the war had meant to her and other refugees.

Hayden, the former state legislator who died last October, was remembered in a Senate ceremony Tuesday. ….

“I’m very sad because the very people who elected me to represent them and be their voice on the Senate floor, I wasn’t allowed to speak on their behalf,” Nguyen said later in an interview with The Times. “I was told I cannot speak on the issue at all,” she said.

The LA Times, being the LA Times, can’t even describe the sanguinary efforts of Hayden honestly. (Apart from all he did directly in Chicago and Vietnam, he also was a founder of the SDS, the “overt” political branch of the murderous Weather Underground terrorist movement).

Hayden was an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and made celebrated trips to North Vietnam and Cambodia, offering to help broker a peaceful end.

via A state senator is removed from the chamber for her comments about Tom Hayden and Vietnam – LA Times.

“Broker a peaceful end,” that is probably the most dishonest phrase ever written, and it took two LA Times hacks, John Myers and Melanie Mason, to generate a lie that big. (That’s like saying the Wannsee Conference met to “broker a peaceful end” to the “Jewish Question.” It’s always peaceful if you just get on the boxcars yourself, which was always Hayden’s goal for the free people of Vietnam).

Let’s reconsider what Hayden actually did during his period of Vietnam “protest.”

On visits to Vietnam, he not only performed propaganda for his Communist masters, but worked to help Communist organs recruit propaganda mouthpieces and spies among disaffected, tortured prisoners:

Tom Hayden’s anti-war efforts included recruitment efforts of military personnel, and propaganda from release of American POWs. Whether or not Hayden and Fonda were in bed together on this one (literally and figuratively) is not clear.

His efforts (among other traitors’) were an inspiration to Vo Nguyen Giap, the military leader of North Vietnam, and extended the war, leading to over 50,000 more Americans killed. (Same page as last quote).

General Giap and the NVA viewed the Tet 1968 offensive as a failure, they were on their knees and had prepared to negotiate a surrender.

At that time, there were fewer than 10,000 U.S. casualties, the Vietnam War was about to end, as the NVA was prepared to accept their defeat.

Then, they heard Walter Cronkite (former CBS News anchor and correspondent) on TV proclaiming the success of the Tet 1968 offensive by the communist NVA. They were completely and totally amazed at hearing that the US Embassy had been overrun. In reality, The NVA had not gained access to the Embassy–there were some VC who had been killed on the grassy lawn, but they hadn’t gained access. Further reports indicated the riots and protesting on the streets of America.

According to Giap, these distorted reports were inspirational to the NVA. They changed their plans from a negotiated surrender and decided instead, they only needed to persevere….

Today, there are 58,229 names on the Vietnam Wall Memorial.

We know where we stand on this. We stand with State Senator Nguyen. Her powerful statement is available on her State Senate web page, at least for now. Who knows how long that will stand, before the Cult of Hayden burns it down?

28 thoughts on “Where Treason is A-OK, and Criticism of it is Forbidden

  1. Boat Guy

    Just saw this via Instapundit. Typical leftist outrage against Free Speech. One cannot speak ill of the cowardly traitor in a land overwhelmingly ruled by leftists. I’d be happy to assist Sen Nguyen to emigrate to Free America but if she chooses to stay in Occupied Territory and fight I applaud her courage and candor.

  2. Badger

    Good for Sen. Nguyen; thanks for sharing that.
    May he and his (hopefully soon to join him) collaborator ex-bitch burn in the fires of Eternity.
    Too subtle?

  3. Roger

    I’d pay to piss on Tom Hayden’s grave and hope I live long enough to do the same on
    Hanoi Jane’s. Words are insufficient to convey the depths of disgust & revulsion directed
    at those two.

  4. Aesop

    Bravo, Sen. Nguyen!
    Stickin’ it to The Man.
    Hopefully she can deliver a similar eulogy for Hanoi Jane when Satan calls her home too.

    And for the CA bashers, look in vain for that level of honesty or courage in your own state to mark Hayden’s conversion at last into something actually useful; in this case, fertilizer.
    There are still plenty of folks hereabouts of far sterner stuff than most of you imagine.

    1. Billybob

      Mr Aesop, I must protest. I have been an organic gardener my entire life. I once had a buried bathtub in California with 10,000 red wiggler earthworms.
      I use fungi and microorganisms to break down organic material.
      Only maggots would be useful in breaking down liberal politicians and traitors.

  5. John M.

    “one of the organizes of the Alinskyite attack”

    And a stray period:
    “.Nguyen, who was brought to the United States”

    -John M.

  6. John M.

    Anyone who doesn’t think that America is a commie country can go ahead and close his eyes and imagine what would have happened to Hayden if he’d assisted Nazi Germany in ’43.

    -John M.

  7. JV


    I originally came here for the weapons, but I keep coming back, just as much for all this other stuff. This place is a window on America where there still is a pane, but a much thinner and seemingly way less tinted than the heavy cathedral-type windows we usually get to peek through over here. Much appreciated.


  8. Boat Guy

    Friend of mine went to Chicago in 68 – his dad was a congresscritter. One of our “teachers” was talking about how the cops were “unprovoked” and Frank chimed in with “Oh, they were provoked alright – people were bombing them with champagne bottles out of the hotel windows”

    1. whomever

      In the ‘yes and no’ department: I once read an account by a longtime Chicago police beat reporter. He was on good terms with the cops. On one of the mornings of the convention, a friendly cop took him aside and suggested he find a reason to take the day off, because things were going to get ugly. The implication wasn’t ‘we have intelligence that the protesters are going to get ugly’, it was ‘we have decided it’s payback time’.

      I was of the ‘yippies getting their just deserts’ school of thought for many years. Then I read the ‘Report to the National Commission on the the Causes and Prevention of Violence’, including looking at the membership of the commission. It changed my mind a bit – the commission, which included conservatives, described it as a ‘police riot’. Used copies are available for $3 – read it and see what you think. The title on amazon is ‘Rights in Conflict’.

      (as an aside, thanks for posting, HN – I utterly loathe Mr & Mrs Jane Fonda. What a wonderful thing for Sen Nguyen to try to do)

  9. Bill Robbins

    For those of us in CA, do not just complain here. Go to the web site of your CA assemblymember and state senator and give him/her a dressing down. Also, try calling your elected official’s local office phone number. Properly channeled, anger can be a good thing.

    1. Tom Stone

      I do that, and maybe it helps. For those of you who are under the misapprehension that California has any form of Representative Government I will mention that one legislative district is 240 miles long and averages 2 miles wide.
      That Gerrymandering was done by Willie Brown with the active cooperation of the California Republican Party…it gave incumbents a 98% reelection rate.
      And for those that think Willie Brown is retired and no longer active in distributing graft. erm… acting as a distinguished statesman…I’d be happy to talk to you about a bridge for sale.

      1. John M.

        New Hampshire’s house has one rep for about 3,000 New Hampshirites. If California had that ratio, you would have 13,000 legislators. I don’t know if that would be an improvement, but it’s hard to see that it would make anything there worse. It would certainly make things more entertaining.

        -John M.

  10. TBoone

    Bravo indeed State Senator Nguyen. Standing up to speak up. Shine the Light of Truth into the dark festering recesses of the Commie pissant soul of sad little man Hayden. May he have a place in hell next to Cronkite and be soon joined by Ayres & Dorn et al…

    Hognose thanks for writing about this. Always enjoy hearing of people willing to fight the good fight. I was shocked to learn that so few US casualties in ’68 at the time of Tet. Was a child then and came to the truth about Tet about 12ish years ago when James Robbins wrote about it so well.

    I continue to enjoy the breadth & depth of things cogently discussed here. I have become aware of how highly I value Truth, whether great or small and people who write it and live it. Lots of that here in posts and comments.

    Regrettably I won’t be in CA anytime soon so as to be able to piss on Hayden’s grave but I shall ‘aim’ in his, and Cronkite’s, specific direction from time to time….

  11. Sommerbiwak

    Home of the brave? Senator Nguyen is definitely.

    Land of the free? A SENATOR is kept from speaking in her SENATE…

    President Trump should offer her a position and U.S. Congress award her a Freedom Medal (or which is appropiate)

  12. mandaloin

    I’m 25 and this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything close to this perspective of the Vietnam war and the way it was covered. Holy hell, I’ve been lied to my whole life.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Find some Vietnam veterans. Crash a meeting of the Special Forces Association if there’s a chapter near you. The old geezer would be glad to give you a variety of opinions from guys who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt (or funny looking scars, or both).

    2. Pathfinder

      Your redpill is starting to work.

      Keep studying and learning. I don’t know if the lie of Vietnam will ever be erased.

      1. Jim Scrummy

        All the leftist crapola you’ve learned about Viet Nam, is still crapola. Good men, who fought and died there, who are 100 times better men than that POS Hayden (he’s still dead), didn’t deserve any of the crap they received when they came home.

        Keep learning and keep coming back to weaponsman, it’s a firehose of learning from Hognose and the good people who comment here from all over.

  13. Josey Wales

    In 2007, Hayden made news for his speech at the wedding of his son Troy, where, as Hilton Als wrote in The New Yorker, he “said that he was especially happy about his son’s union with actress Simone Bent, who is black, because, among other things, it was ‘another step in a long-term goal of mine: the peaceful, nonviolent disappearance of the white race.”

    Self hatred seems to be a particular feature of leftists. In fairness, on a personal level it’s usually justified……

  14. SemperFido

    Yeah, we won Tet. I will never forgive Cronkite for his propaganda that swayed the tide for the communists. Vietnam was the start of everything that brought us to where we are now. Bravo to the Senator for her courage and conviction. I escaped commifornyastan years ago.

    1. Toastrider

      I remember finding out that the Tet offensive, far from being a victory for the NVA/VC, ended in them getting savagely mauled. My reaction was, ‘Wait, what?!’.

      If people want to argue over the wisdom of entering into Vietnam in the first place, that’s one thing (the whole ‘foreign entanglements’ issue, versus trying to prevent the Soviets from exporting their infection everywhere they could). But the left will never admit they screwed the U.S. over it, just like they screwed Vietnam and Cambodia. I speculate that the NVA would not have been able to overrun Vietnam if we’d held to our treaty agreements upon leaving — but of course, the Dems wiped their ass with those agreements as soon as we were out.

      The stories that came out of Cambodia were arguably even worse. I fully expect the upcoming film (First They Killed My Father) to get quietly memory holed, even if Angelina Jolie is directing it. After all, the Cambodians were just more acceptable casualties in the march of progressive thought.

      Cripes, I can forgive Joan Baez — she handed out the complaints equally, and broke ranks to criticize the communist governments for their actions. I don’t think anyone can forgive Jane Fonda, though.

  15. Docduracoat

    Tet was indeed a defeat for the Viet Cong
    They were never a fighting force after that
    This is the first I ever heard the General Giap was willing to surrender after Tet
    The war was then fought by NVA regular army units
    Who were there until victory or death
    If we really thought it was necessary for Americas’ security to win, then we would have had to live in the villages and eat rice for 10 years.
    And accept the casualties
    It may not even be possible to win if the enemy can flee to sanctuaries just over the border and be immune from attack and get resupplied
    Look at our experience in Afghanistan

  16. Fuel Filter.

    “We must exterminate them. Pig after pig, cow after cow.
    Village after village, army after army.”
    ~ Colonel Water E. Kurtz 

    Ol’ Walter was right as rain.

    As for Hayden, I sincerely hope to Almighty God he is now getting mistaken for a goat and being ass-raped by Muhammad throughout eternity.

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