Wednesday Thursday Weapons Website of the Week: Burr Smith

This is not Burr Smith’s (full name, Robert Burr Smith) Facebook Page — he didn’t live to see Facebook, or personal computers for that matter — but it is a tribute page to Smith, an Army Airborne, Special Forces and unconventional warfare legend, set up by his son. Hey, how many guns can you ID from this grainy picture? (Four are easy, we’ll list ’em after the jump).

Smith was a member of the famous E Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, jumping into Normandy on the night of 5/6 June 1944, and that’s not even where he became legendary.

Sorry for the day late and brevity, but… well, sorry not sorry. Go to the page. Learn about this guy. There are a few books about the secret war in Laos that will help you understand a guy who began there with White Star and was there on and off for about as long as an American was welcome.

So, what were Smith’s guns?

Left to right: (1) can’t tell behind the sling; (2) Mosin-Nagant Carbine, Soviet M44 or Chinese Type 53; (3) Machined-receiver AK-47; (4) (In Smith’s hands): M1 rifle with M2 flash hider, possibly an M1C or M1D variant (the right-mounted scope wouldn’t show at this angle); (5) late M1 or (probably) M2 carbine; can’t tell what’s to the right of that, but it’s not recognizably a firearm.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Thursday Weapons Website of the Week: Burr Smith

  1. H

    Hog, the weapon to the right is a native crossbow, common to the indigenous hill peoples in SE Asia. You’d have seen some of them if your SF career had begun a bit earlier.

  2. Alan Ward

    You can tell he is a real man because he has the balls to wear white socks with black footwear! :-)

  3. Susan Smith Finn

    Hello! The Facebook page you refer to was not set up by his son, my brother. A fan of Band of Brothers set it up and made me the administrator without me knowing. Sometimes I forget and I post under my father’s name instead of my own. I have many more photos. I appreciate everyone’s interest in my father. He was an outstanding human being.

    Susan Smith Finn

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thank you for the correction, Ms Finn. Do you know, I knew about him in Laos from knowing White Star and Project 404 guys through the SF veterans’ mafia, and did not know he was a D-Day paratrooper! They did not mention it, but they must have known (to their generation, the WWII paras were giants much as the 404/SOG/Mike Force guys were to me).

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