Updates on Two Stories: Rock Island Auction, and NH Constitutional Carry

The Rock Island Auction company and our fellow bidders were completely unimpressed with our 28 bids, and we got nothin’ to show for it.

Don’t feel too bad about us missing the bids, though. We just landed an uncommon .32 CZ-82 on GunBroker for less than we bid on either of two we got outbid on at Rock Island, and that’s before we’d have had to pay the buyer’s premium.

Anyway, while the auction might have been a skunker for us, it wasn’t for the bidders on around 6,000 lots containing around 10,000 firearms.. and it definitely wasn’t for the auction house. They cleared $8 million for themselves and their consignors… and that also tells us that, despite some rare Colts and Winchesters going for nosebleed prices, the average price of a firearm was under $1,000. This is not only a game for people who send their butlers to the auction in the family Learjet. You can still play even if all you got is an RV-12, and it’s in pieces. (Although, technically, it’s the Blogbrother’s RV).

One of the things that sold was this World War II German sniper rifle… for $13,800:

A trifle, that rifle! (We think that’s more than our Mausers. All of them. Combined). And another was this World War II Jeep… for $9k and change (hey, the sniper rifle was in better shape. This Jeep is actually pretty rough).

Breaking industry records and selling 10,000+ guns in four days is a fantastic way to start off a year of exceptional firearms auctions. Thankfully, you all thought so too. Accompanying this record number of firearms was a record number of sealed bids, a staggering amount of participation from our collector friends, and a result that is both humbling and impressive.

They’re actually a pleasure to deal with, so they probably mean that “humbling” bit.

Because of the support from you and thousands of like-minded firearms enthusiasts, 2017 begins on a previously unimaginable threshold. For that, we offer our sincere gratitude and will continue to strive to make buying or consigning with RIAC better than ever before.

They have some more details on the results of the auction on their website. If you’re one of the skunked, like us, you might want to look at the .pdf of the prices realized and see just how badly you were skunked. (We haven’t done the correlation yet, but at a glance it looks like we were laughably low. On everything).

Like the Jews used to say, “Next year in Jerusalem” (maybe the ones who are not in Jerusalem still do?), next auction we’ll be in there bidding, and we’ll be bidding harder for the things we really want, which were not present in great quantities in this auction (Czech and Czechoslovak rarities).

More auctions are ahead at RIA.

The first is our March 23rd Online Only Auction, the catalog for which is up now and may be browsed at your convenience.

We’ve often found good stuff in the Online Only Auctions, but our definition of Good Stuff may not be yours. We didn’t find anything of buying interest in this one, but a lot to look at.

The next is the year’s first Premiere Auction, to be held May 5 – 7.

The best stuff is at the Premiere Auctions (bigger stuff than some of the six-figure sales this last auction had). How good is that “best stuff”? Well, here’s a Luger. A US Army test Luger. In .45. One of two.

No, we won’t be bidding on that. But we’ll enjoy looking at the rest of the pictures when they post ’em.

Constitutional Carry NH

Let’s not forget the political news, also: as expected, Governor Chris Sununu signed SB12, Constitutional Carry, into law in New Hampshire. Half the states in New England now require no permit. Thirteen states are CC or limited CC already. And the trend is accelerating. Several more states may go CC this year; others will only be prevented by an anti-2nd-Amendment governor’s veto. Here’s what it looks like as a rough chart (apologies for the missing labels. The years run from 1990 to 2017):

This happened despite a purple state, a pro-gun community that was divided among several factions (the NRA even thanked the “local groups,” plural; at one time there were three squabbling gun rights groups) and an NRA paid lobbyist who was a Fudd and single-handedly killed the bill in a previous session. It took the election of a solidly pro-gun majority in both houses, and a pro-gun Governor. (The previous governor had vetoed the bill… twice). The large small-l libertarian minority in New Hampshire were crucial allies in this effort, as well; other Republican legislative priorities (like right-to-work) haven’t passed in this session, but there was real grassroots support for SB12, and the only opposition was paid lobbyists and out-of-state paid activists.

One of the three squabbling factions’ website is no longer active, so perhaps we fractious and flinty New England turkey herders can learn to speak with one voice, even if we can’t always get along. And maybe you can help add your state to the baker’s dozen on this list:

Year # of States State Comments
1990 1 VT Since 18th Cent.
1991 2 VT, MT MT exempts municipalities though.
1992 2 VT, MT
1993 2 VT, MT
1994 2 VT, MT
1995 2 VT, MT
1996 2 VT, MT
1997 2 VT, MT
1998 2 VT, MT
1999 2 VT, MT
2000 2 VT, MT
2001 2 VT, MT
2002 2 VT, MT
2003 3 VT, MT, AK True CC in AK
2004 3 VT, MT, AK
2005 3 VT, MT, AK
2006 3 VT, MT, AK
2007 3 VT, MT, AK
2008 3 VT, MT, AK
2009 3 VT, MT, AK
2010 4 VT, MT, AK, AZ True CC in AZ also
2011 5 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY WY limits it to residents
2012 5 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY
2013 6 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY, AR True CC in AR
2014 6 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY, AR
2015 9 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY, AR, KS, MS, ME +3 year!
2016 11 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY, AR, KS, MS, ME, WV, ID +2 year
2017 13 VT, MT, AK, AZ, WY, AR, KS, MS, ME, WV, ID, MO, NH +2 and the year is still young

Your humble blogger called Governor Sununu’s office and urged him to sign the bill, and will call again to thank him. You can thank him too when you come to the Granite State and carry your personal firearm.

Oh, and One Last Thing…

We only promised two updates, but here’s a third: as he said he would, Kim du Toit is blogging again (he’s got an enormous splash picture, so scroll down to find the content). And his GoFundMe is still live; he’s using the money to pay down medical bills from Connie’s long illness, and to pay down his own student loans. (Guy finally went and got a degree, God bless him).

15 thoughts on “Updates on Two Stories: Rock Island Auction, and NH Constitutional Carry

  1. Clarence Chen

    “The free state movement”. I read about that a while back. Glad to see they’ve made some headway. Liberty is a very worthy cause.

  2. TRX

    > true CC in AR

    In actuality, that’s kind of squishy. Act 746 of 2013 is what is usually waved about, in my opinion it does not actually say that. The operative section is where it says you may carry a firearm “on a journey”; it defines that as “travel beyond the county in which a person lives.” Unless you can prove you are about to, or have just crossed a county line, the old prohibition still applies.

    The previous Attorney General issued a “non-binding opinion” to the same effect. Our current AG issued another non-binding opinion, quite long and repetitious, to the effect that it actually does mean Constitutional Carry… but he’s not willing to make it official.

    There are a couple of court cases hanging fire, last I looked. Neither the Arkansas Supreme Court nor the legislature have chosen to clarify the situation.

    The way I look at it, unless you’re prepared to become another test case, Arkansas is *not* a Constitutional Carry state. If you choose to carry here without a permit or recipricocity from your home state, you should read the Act for yourself instead of depending on net.lore: ftp://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/acts/2013/Public/ACT746.pdf As such things go it’s quite short and to the point.

    Hopefully this will get cleared up soon.

  3. James

    Way to go N.H.,ironically,working here in state as I type,northern New England has/is getting it’s act together.Will be a long slog but the home of “Shot heard around the world”and the constitution state(?)are in dire need of a makeover in these regards,a long but worthwhile battle.

  4. Sommerbiwak

    That .45 Luger…

    Seeing a DWM rollmark together with the U.S. coat of arms and a U.S. stamped holster is a delightful contrast. I didn’t know that the trial pistol had a window for the magazine. Very ahead of its time seeing the proliferation of this feature at least for rifle and SMG magazines today.

    Does the other known example have the window, too?

  5. Jonathan

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person to lowball RIA bids. I noticed that in this auction there were a bunch of of lots with several firearms each; I’ll have to look and see how some of them did.
    I got 3 phone calls from RIA before this acution urging me to bid and offering to help with the process; I assume I’m the bottom of the barrel for them since I have not yet won any bids.

  6. Elaine

    Good for NH. In this past Sunday’s paper there was an article about a bill introduced in the state (AL) legislature to eliminate permits for guns. Of course my county sheriff is ‘anxious’ about it, because, “I’m just worried about public safety”. Translation, ‘my office will be losing money’.

    He says he has seen more proposed legislation designed to curtail it. “I see more and more being chipped away.” I say quit chipping and get a sledge hammer.

    1. Hognose Post author

      We did have some protests by one particular anti-gun Sheriff, who believes his personal opinion about who and who should not get a gun is rather more important than any silly document written by dead old white guys.

      (Sheriffs are elected in NH, and even though they are nominally LEOs, they’re really politicians. A Sheriff of an urban county is likely to be the voice of his NY and MA refugee neighbors).

      Third state in 2017 is likely to be ND, where it’s already through one house of the legislature, but welcome Alabama to the race, or as the higher ups in 20th Group used to say, Roll Tide. (Don’t think there was an Auburn man among them, actually).

      1. Elaine

        Our sheriffs are elected also, so you are correct, they are politicians—a breed I wish would become extinct.

        LOL on the Roll Tide. I’m an Alabama graduate and my husband and son are Auburn graduates. But neither of us were/are rabid fans. I enjoy the football, but getting less and less—-just getting too dark for my liking—and I’m not a rabid racist either.

        Sorry about the auction, but at least you got something on Gun Broker.

  7. Aesop

    A Luger in .45 ACP?
    That mainly begs the question of why someone doesn’t make them that way.
    Interesting that they’d shave the backs of the toggles; to save a few grams of weight?

    1. Hognose Post author

      There was a guy who did back in the 70s and 80s. He got a couple of American Rifleman covers with his incredible Lugers.

      ETA: a few cobwebbed synapses are firing intermittently, and came up with the name John Martz. That might be the guy.

      1. cm smith

        If borrowed pictures are OK … A Martz baby .45. He also modified P-38 pistols in 9 and .45.

  8. Matt

    The four lots I was looking at went high, too. A couple of PPKs, one alone with holster, one with a Radom, and three together in .22 and 7.65 along with a TPH .22.

    It’s kind of like the local Mecum auto auctions, where there’s things real people can afford, maybe. I’ve seen a few Blazers, Broncos, Ramchargers and pickups under 10k restored that I’d love to have from KC or Akron. Probably full of bondo, though.

  9. Steve

    Color me jealous over the .32ACP CZ82. I’ve been on the lookout for one of them – along with an older model Beretta 81 – for a while now. I’m hoping CZ imports a new batch, as Beretta did with the 81FS, but considering they can’t cram enough CZ75s in the containers they ship here, I doubt we’ll see new CZ82/83s anytime soon.

    Congratulations to NH on constitutional carry. Perhaps one day NJ’s fractious gun owner groups will get their sh*t together enough to make a point at the ballot box and repeal some of our absurdly strict gun laws. Though if the recent controversy over building a gun range in one NJ town (Ramsey) is any indication, I’ll be dead a century before that happens.

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