Social Justice 1, Olympic Shooting Sports 0

Matthew Emmons has been hogging the medals. He and the other guys need to share more with the girls. (His wife is also an Olympic medalist — for another country!)

If you follow shooting sports, you know that  USA Shooting is powerfully competitive if not dominant in the international shooting sports, and brings home lots of medals. This is especially true at the Olympics. And you know that the gun-hating TV network — whichever one has overbid to bring viewers an increasingly politicized, commercialized, and dull quadrennial sports event — will do its level best to minimize or ignore these sports.

But now, the sports themselves are being reorganized from the top down — and not to enhance competition.

The official reason for reshuffling the sports is, and we are not making this up, because the International Olympic Committee’s “Agenda 2020” demands 100% equal participation of men and women.  It’s basically Title IX for a slower, weaker, duller, more political, Feminist Olympics. If the US Olympic Committee didn’t buy off on this, the IOC would threaten the US’s bid for the Olympics in LA. (Fine. Hold it in Lagos then, or Manila. Let them pay to feed 10,000 useless IOC bureaucrats: the ones who only eat lobster, so long as it has to be flown in by Learjet).

For reasons that should need no elaboration, but in this day of you-go-grrl infantrywomen being carried through training by the male peers, and resenting them for it, will have to be elaborated on in a future post, women and men do not compete directly against one another in almost all sports. This means male sports must go to make room, as they have done at colleges.

The three sports on the chopping block are men’s 50 meter rifle prone, men’s

The IOC is irretrievably opposed to men competing directly against women — in most sports, women would be rare on the podium, although several of the shooting sports might be exceptions — so male events are being eliminated to create female events, and individual events are being deprecated to create “mixed double” team events, turning everything into the yawnfest that is Tennis Mixed Doubles.

A Tee-Ball, Participation Trophy Olympics.

The US Olympic Committee’s honcho, Scott Blackmun, has put his thumb on the scale — against his own athletes, as a nod towards Social Justice. Chris Dolnack of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports:

Perhaps most alarming is that the USOC’s motivation seems to be securing the bid for Los Angeles as host of the 2024 games. USOC CEO Scott Blackmun has urged USA Shooting to not participate in the ISSF vote, citing that there are already enough votes to eliminate double trap and that USA Shooting’s participation in the vote could hurt the chances of Los Angeles being awarded the games.

Angelenos and Californians should be appealing to their gods — whatever santeria believes in, we suppose, because that’s about the only faith superstition left in Greater Aztlan — that they don’t get the Olympics. Every city that’s had one since Montreal is still paying for it, except for Sarajevo, which cleverly got out of the debt by destroying itself in civil war.

But it’s a great deal for Scott Blackmun, and all the other Olympicrats.

Anyway, for a critical take, read the above-linked story by Dolnack. (We’ll link it again). To read what the fully-SJW-converged International Shooting Sports Federation has to say about it, go here. We’ll just excerpt a bit of question-begging (emphasis theirs):

Gender equality is one of the key principles in Agenda 2020.  Gender equality means all Olympic sports must have 50-50 men’s and women’s events and participation quotas for the Tokyo 2020 Games.  There are concerns regarding the shooting events program because there were nine men’s events and only six women’s events in the 2016 Games.

And, of course, because Diversity is Our Vibrancy™, this will magically decant us all onto the bright sunlit uplands, as New Soviet Man Gender-Fluid Cog in Society!

The changes necessary to achieve gender equality in Olympic shooting have great potential to make shooting an even stronger Olympic sport.  Deciding the ISSF recommendations to the IOC is a past versus future decision….

We march forward in the Vanguard of the Proletariat, the winds of history at our back!

Gender equality is right and the ISSF fully supports this aim.

Translation: no discussion is wanted or will be heard. Shut up and follow.

The changes necessary to achieve gender equality will probably include the loss of three beloved events that represent the past and no longer fulfil [sic] the highest standards for dynamic, growing Olympic events.

If we were one of those East German guys who got gelded to participate in female sports back in the nineties, and was DQ’d for it, we’d be pretty bitter.

The strange thing is for this to be happening in shooting sports, where women have always been much more competitive with the men than in any of the more physical, less cerebral sports.

40 thoughts on “Social Justice 1, Olympic Shooting Sports 0

  1. Scott

    Truncated sentence, if not paragraph:

    The three sports on the chopping block are men’s 50 meter rifle prone, men’s

  2. whomever

    I get why we have women’s and men’s marathons or wrestling or weightlifting or whatever; sexual dimorphism is a real thing.

    I don’t get why the shooting sports need separate events, any more than racing does. They aren’t sports where dimorphism matters.

    1. Brad

      Actually in the US the shooting sports generally are not segregated by gender. Over the years many women shooters have set records or been champions of NRA shooting competitions.

      And even the Olympics didn’t segregate by gender many of the shooting sports until recently. Which makes this new Olympics ‘Agenda 2020’ policy decision all the weirder. If the Olympics truly wanted gender equality in the Olympic shooting events, all they would have to do is merge all the participants into the same events regardless of gender.

      1. whomever

        “Actually in the US the shooting sports generally are not segregated by gender.”

        Right. I ran a Bullseye league for several years. And my wife usually placed in the top 5 out of 30 some.
        (and, no, I didn’t score her targets :-))

        Completely agree with your 2nd paragraph.

      2. Hognose Post author

        I think that (throw everyone in one competitor pool) is a non-starter with the IOC because it’s pulled two ways, between the Western countries that are in the throes of “gender” confusion, and the Muslims who want to beat female competitors (but not with a stick any bigger than your thumb. That’s against sharia).

  3. BDFT

    Women in the shooting sports are equal to and perhaps superior to men. I have been beaten by women many times on the trap field and they would be the first to object if women’s only trap shooting was directed. I’ve seen some pretty high speed low drag females at the three gun matches too.

  4. Keith

    Men and women are different and as far as I’m concerned viva a less the difference. I do not mean that there should be discrimination against either because of that. However trying to paper and political over the differences will get nowhere.

    Men are stronger by design above the waist and can develop more strength there. Women are stronger below the waist and can develop more strength there. There is a self defense philosophy that teaches women if flight is not an option to fall down and start kicking there attacker. This maximizes there strength there while removing them from the reach of the man greater upper body strength.

    The one area were I acknowledge full equality is intelligence. Any thing that reduces that equality (outside of medical issue’s) is largely socialization based IMHO. While the military is creating greater roles for women the one I have not read about being opened is armor. I challenge any woman of average fitness to break track. And that is a basic, vital, part of the tank crew’s skill set. For those of you who have served in modern armor can you see any woman handling 105/120mm ammo? Or how about artillery? The shells and powder bags are still handled by hand at points. And same applies.

    Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

    1. Y.

      The one area were I acknowledge full equality is intelligence.

      Male intelligence shows greater variance, which leads to more men being either very dumb or very smart. Some more differences exist.

      Women also seems to be at a disadvantage when it comes to working in groups, but it’s hard for me to express exactly what’s wrong there.

      Also, it’s worth noting that if personalities get measured (imperfectly, of course), male are found to be quite different to women.

      1. RT

        It’s ok,

        HL MENCKEN already explained it long ago, and thank God for that…

        Because we can just pull up the quotes on Google, wordlessly point, and the women will read the screen shrug smile and say the equivalent of 10/10 can confirm!

  5. Y.

    If we were one of those East German guys who got gelded to participate in female sports back in the nineties, and was DQ’d for it, we’d be pretty bitter.


    Wasn’t East Germany merged into West Germany sometime in 1990, and wasn’t their sports program abolished with it?

      1. Kirk

        Somebody did a follow-up “where are they now” kinda thing with a bunch of those women, and the results were sad as hell–Massive health problems, early death, high suicide rates. I saw the article back around 2000, and I can’t find it now. I want to say it was Sports Illustrated or New York Times, maybe…?

        Anyway, the final outcome for all too many of those women was incredibly bad, and since the supporting system had collapsed, they were basically screwed for both their pensions and health care. Lot of ’em were basically drafted into the programs, as well, with no real choices about the matter.

        1. Sommerbiwak

          Boys and girls alike were selected for their sports talents and trained in special schools. From a young age they were often given “vitamin pills” and whatever else excuses they were told. Actually often hormones. Causing in the girls a more male expression like broad shoulders, deeper voice, more muscle etc.

          Friends of mine who had been in this programme at a still young age when the germanies reunited told me that. Had the DDR not dissolved quite a few of them might have become medal winners, but the training system dissolved together with the DDR.

          it has been no coincidence that the biggest training centre was in Jena, where also the pharmacy firms were located that developed and produced the hormone treatments.

      2. Sommerbiwak

        The DDR ceased to exist at 24:00h on 2nd Octobre 1990. So must have been before that. ;-)

        The hormone doping goes back to the sixties at least and has been done on both sides of the iron curtain, but the USSR and DDR had the most sophisticated programmes. It was no coincidence that the biggest training centre of the DDR was in Jena where also happened to be the firms developing and producing the hormone treatments. Some friends of mine who had been in these programmes at around the age of ten when the wall fell, told me that they regularly received “nutritional supplements” “vitamin pills” and such, but if these were just that or hormones they don’t know.

        The often perpetutated urban legends that soviet athletes were actually men disguised as women are untrue as far as i know. The women developed more male expression from the doping. Like broad shoulders, deeper voices, more muscle etc. Which led to the legend.

          1. Hognose Post author

            Most of the labeling of those steroid tabs is completely cognate German/English, but I’d like to point out the abbreviation “VEB” in the producer name VEB JENAPHARM is the East German version of “state enterprise” that all Soviet and satellite nations had in place of free world “corporations.” They acted a lot like corporations, with boards of directors, monthly accounting statements, but the only stockholder was the state or “the people.”

            Actually, the same nationalized businesses exist in many Western mixed economies (it’s the story of the decline of the British auto and aero industries, for example). The same race of men built Porsches and Mercedes when organized into profit-making corporations and incentivized, and Trabants when organized like this. It’s kind of amazing the steroids worked, but in a command economy, command emphasis can get results for quite a long time.

            There’s a lot of ruin in a nation, but I can’t think of a worthwhile patent used today that came out of East Germany.


    I heard last year that at least some Australian shooting teams are going to suffer SJW convergence.

    If a team is all male then the lowest ranked male will be replaced by the highest ranked female, regardless of her abilities. If a team contains a woman then the lowest ranked male will still be replaced by the next highest ranked woman, regardless of her abilities.

    By Christ, when I heard this appalling news I felt an overwhelming urge to unload 5 rounds rapid in the direction of the dumbass sonsabitches who came up with this idea. I mentioned the concept to my ladyfriend, and she thought it was patronising and stupid and would actually be humiliating for the women involved.

    There sure is some dumbass shit coming out of the political left in the USA, and unfortunately the infection is spreading to other countries.

  7. Nick

    I don’t live far from Camp Perry,and a really good friend of mine volunteers/teaches there.
    From what he just told me about the teenagers that are coming up,there is NO gender barrier.
    If anything,he said the females are somewhat cocky and are due there respect.
    All work hard.

  8. John M.

    Well. Good news, Hognose, dudes are “self-identifying” as female all over the country and beating the pants off their female athletic competition. I recently heard about a high school swimmer who won the girls’ meet with a time that wouldn’t have even qualified him for the boys’ meet.

    So dudes will have the last laugh here, no doubt. And they will only need to figuratively castrate themselves to do it. Which is mostly OK because their feminist families and feminist school system raised them gelded anyhow.

    The only real victim here is our millennia-old culture. But who cares about crap like that anymore. What’s on TV?

    -John M.

  9. William O. B'Livion

    I think either my reading skills have degraded or something is missing here:

    > The three sports on the chopping block are men’s 50 meter rifle prone, men’s

  10. Aesop

    All out of f***s to give about the Olympics.
    And as perusing any sports record gazeteer would indicate, if women competed directly against men at the Olympics, they’d be shut out wholesale by some high school and every college athlete male who ever competed, and it would thenceforth be know as the Men’s Olympics in nearly every sport judged by facts, rather than feelings and a panel of judges.
    I shoot regularly at the park built for the 1984 L.A. Olympics; I would not cry any tears to know I wouldn’t be pushed out of it for another year by the IOOC and their shenanigans if L.A. manages to snag a third Olympics.

    Let them hold it in BFEgypt.

    1. Sommerbiwak

      Sad for both Murdock and Bassham to have been awarded their medals because of a rules quirk. I would not be absolutely happy about winning a gold medal this way. Good gesture of Bassham to pull her up on his pedastal.

      Why did this lead to segregated shooting sports in olympics? If Murdock had been a man the events would have taken place just the same, because of the scoring.

      1. Daniel E. Watters

        It has been argued that the IOC didn’t allow a shootoff because they were afraid that Murdock would beat Bassham. It was bad enough for certain countries that their male competitors were upstaged by Murdock receiving a silver medal.

  11. Air

    I don’t get it. As a former Coach/Instructor with the 4H Shooting Education Program and the Scholastic Clay Target Program, assuredly a feeder program for the Olympics, the females and males compete side by side, with the young ladies often being the better shot, more easily coached, and smelled better too. Increase the women’s events or even combine the events, give that a shot.

  12. John Distai

    What if we looked at this from a different angle…

    Traditionally, shooting has been a male dominated sport. I perceive (correctly or incorrectly) that many of the people calling for “gun control” are women who do not know anything about the sport.

    Would combining the events result in more television coverage for the event? Would television coverage showing both genders competing together encourage more women to join the shooting sports?

    Would those new shooters be a counter force to the SJW “gun control” screamers?

    I wouldn’t mind watching more of the likes of Jenny Stene.

    1. LSWCHP

      15 well aimed shots from a bolt gun in 30 seconds including a reload!!! And she was using the old WWI BEF rapid fire trigger manipulation technique as well. Amazing! I also approve.

    2. Aesop

      No, they wouldn’t cover it at all, but they’d be sure and put the numbers in the gender tallies.

      The arbiters of political correctness at ABCNNBCBS are nothing if not predictably close-minded.

      The women from TeamUSA would (and probably already do) get death threats, and be the object of gun-shaming by sending them pictures of dead kids in the ghetto “killed by the gun culture you shill for”.

  13. Jacobs

    I take it you’re referring to Prado, Aesop? I’ve been shooting there for years, but not very frequently. At most two or three times a year, but if I’m not up by Ft. Irwin trying to keep it super-legal out in the desert, I’m there.

  14. Tom Stone

    Hognose, please be more accurate when dissing California. I’m in a small town (8,000 in city limits) and we have 7 Catholic or Christian Churches.
    And the vast majority of Hispanics here are Catholics, some of whose families have resided here since before California became part of the USA.
    California is an extremely diverse state when it comes to climate and culture, if what you know of it comes from TV, the movies or a short trip to LA or SF you have a skewed perspective.
    Yes, it is a corrupt one party state ruled by political apparatchiks who pander to the worst instincts of City Dwellers.
    Spend a little time Inland and you will get a different perspective.
    Plenty of genuine Conservatives and it is Christian.

    1. Hognose Post author

      I spent a year in Language School in Monterey, and that’s pretty much it. Only been back for trade shows, etc. since.

      1. Kirk

        California is really about three or five different states, held together in the same cell of the insane asylum. In my opinion, it’s far past the time when they ought to be broken up into their rational components, but that ain’t happening in my lifetime. The Constitution didn’t foresee the radical effects of growth on state characteristics and natures, nor did the folks who laid out the boundaries for California in the first place.

        1. Aesop

          All of which is impermissible under the Constitution.
          It is what it is, and will remain so.

          BTW, splitting the competition followed the practice in every other sport, thus guaranteeing the chicks medals. Whatever.

          To attempt to combine it now would, both rightly and wrongly, be seen as male suppression of women’s achievement. And shooting, being far less dependent on muscle mass than nearly any other Olympic contest, is one of the few where they’d have a hope in hell of competing on a level playing field.

          It would also be (foolishly) cited in support of women in combat. (If they wanted to bring out the coed Modern Military Pentathalon instead, to see women shut out in perpetuity, the IOOC should go ahead on. It would be hard to sneak in booster steps or spot the women 30 yards’ shorter courses without the whole world noticing. Which is why that’ll never happen. Unlike, say, Ranger School or the like.)

  15. James

    Here in Ewtah a leftist judge just ruled that a young lady be allowed to wrestle on her high school team. Last I heard, all her possible competitors have forfeited rather than get beat by a girl. Or maybe their Dads taught them never to put the hurt on a girl, let’s hope.
    I’m all for gender equality, but there’s a dozen obvious reasons we keep boys and girls separate in contact sports. Shooting sports though? I don’t see a problem, I shoot against females all the time and get my butt kicked. I’m used to it, and am happy for them.

    Oh, and I think our Olympics stayed out of the red IIRC. Thank favorite son Mitt Romney plus added scrutiny due to the bid scandal for that one I suppose. The IOC needs to rotate through the same cities every 16 years or so at least 3X to re-utilize the facilities before they become obsolete in my opinion….

    1. Y.

      Here in Czech Republic, I know of a young woman who was let to compete in a male kickboxing competition.

      No courts were involved, doubt anyone forfeited. But she was a WOUS, probably somewhere in the 99.99th percentile of female height.

      Similar person as Yao Ming, though I believe her parents got together without any outside pressure.

    2. Mike_C

      >all her possible competitors have forfeited rather than get beat by a girl. Or maybe their Dads taught them never to put the hurt on a girl, let’s hope.

      Considering that high-school age males are already basically no more than life-support systems for erections, I suspect there may be a reason other than shame or chivalry that the boys are reluctant to wrestle a girl (in front of witnesses at any rate). Something like this happened [mumble mumble over 30] years ago in my high school. Two of the “hot girls” announced they were joining the wrestling team. This being a famously liberal academic town, they got fitted out with the uniforms and headgear without anyone raising an objection (other than whether a bra was permitted “by the rules” which apparently it wasn’t, but an exception was made for obvious reasons having to do with the coverage of a wrestling singlet). But none of the guys were willing to wrestle with either Cindy or Shannon (what, you expected Hortense and Imelda?) , including ones known to have, er wrestled, with C or S in private.

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