President’s Day Sale on Precision Guided Rifles

Received from Tracking Point, and we thought we’d pass it on to all of you. The biggest single objection people have had to a Tracking Point Precision Guided Firearm has been cost — and that’s not going away; it’s the price of being an early adopter of future technology in any milieu. (People are still amazed to hear what a Mac IIcx cost us in 1987). Still, the cost has come down to much closer to the cost of a premium AR and a premium scope at these discounted prices… price-wise, they don’t bear comparison to a bottom-tier AR at $500 or less, but then, they offer a completely different capability you can’t just pluck off any LGS shelf.

Presidents Day Pricing on .300BLK, 5.56 and 7.62… Limited Time Only!

Call to Order: 512.354.2114


  • .300 BlackOut
  • 400-Yard Lock Range
  • 2-14x Zoom
  • 10 MPH Target Velocity
  • * Combat Tan + $495
  • * 50% off Ext. Warranty
  • Learn More Now

M600 SR

  • 5.56MM NATO
  • 600-Yard Lock Range
  • 2-14x Zoom
  • 15 MPH Target Velocity
  • * Combat Tan + $495
  • * 50% off Ext. Warranty
  • Learn More Now

M800 DMR

    • 7.62MM NATO
    • 800-Yard Lock Range
    • 3-21x Zoom
    • 20 MPH Target Velocity
    • * Combat Tan + $495
    • * 50% off Ext. Warranty
    • Learn More Now

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That’s TrackingPoint’s pitch, and as we said, we’re passing it on.

Obviously we’re fans of the technology and the company, so you might ask, why don’t we own one of these things? What, are we hypocrites?

We don’t think so, we have reasons for not buying, yet. First, it is a lot of money for a firearm. Second, you have to have a reason to shoot it to justify spending that money. (It also works best with Tracking Point;s own ammo, which is, to put it mildly, premium priced). Third, you have to have a place to shoot it.

If we were javelina assassins working the ranches and fields of Texas we would be all over this offer like ugly on a Womyn’s Studies convention. But as it is, we have a selection of 100-yard ranges to shoot at, and hunting around here tends to be a close-in sport, with a long shot being 200 yards, and most shots with a firearm taking place at a range where archery would do the job. However, there is a 1000-yard range complex fighting its way through zoning less than two hours away, in the southwestern corner of NH.

10 thoughts on “President’s Day Sale on Precision Guided Rifles

  1. Ti

    That’s like Ferrari technology to me. I’d love to have a Ferrari and I’d love to have one of them too.. I hope it’s EMP hardened for that price. Sure you could put it in a faraday cage six feet down, dig it up and go.

  2. Ryan

    Does it have an option to input the basic ballistic data of the ammo you want to use? Seems that would be a no-brainer.

  3. Loren

    I prefer my guns with purified silicon sights and mark 1 eyeball to doped silicon, bits of wire and plastic. Hell, I prefer black walnut to whatever passes for gun stock material nowadays. Guess that makes me officially an old fart.

      1. Scott

        I’m reminded of a Jim Carmichael remark. Discussing then new (for regular folk) range-finding scopes, he said something to the effect of, “Hell, why not dispense with the rifle and just call in air strikes!”

  4. Docduracoat

    It’s funny that when everyone talks about smart guns, they are referring to guns with biometric locks
    This is the future of smart guns
    I imagine a future wher every rifle and pistol has this kind of technology
    It takes away all the skill, but every shot will be a hit

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