When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Sulfuric Acid

Meet Samir Hussein, the man in the mask.

Why is he in the mask? Because of skin loss due to an acid attack. The mask is not cosmetic (although it does somewhat minimize the shock of seeing his face), but it serves to cover skinless areas, which would be dangerously receptive to infection.

How did he get this way? Creeps. Being creeps.

Shop worker Samir Hussain was scarred for life when Michael McPherson threw sulphuric acid in his face outside Cineworld in Crawley, West Sussex.

Mr Hussain still wears a mask 18 months on, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.

Lee Bates, who was with McPherson at the time, was sentenced after admitting common assault, while McPherson, who admitted GBH, will be sentenced later.

Mr Hussain’s ordeal began when he and a friend, Yasir Khan, left a late-night showing of the film Straight Outta Compton at the complex in August 2015.

The court heard that they were approached outside the cinema by Bates and by McPherson, who told them: “You’ve seen a gangster movie; you can see gangsters now.”

Well, there’s the problem right there. Go to a thug-glorifying movie, expect to meet thug wannabees.

Steven Talbot Hadley, prosecuting, said Mr Hussain was punched by both men before McPherson retrieved a bottle of acid from his car and threw it in his victim’s face.

Mr Hussain, who suffered severe burns to his face, neck and right arm, has had a number of skin grafts.

via Crawley cinema acid attack: Man admits assault – BBC News.

It’s amazing that a brutal attack like this — click “more” to see Mr Hussein without his mask, which is not recommended for the sqeuamish, and remember that this is after dozens of operations and grafts — is not taken seriously in the British courts, but it evidently isn’t, judging by the suspended sentence bestowed on the first attacker.

Mr Hussein, mask off, after the jump. Again, not a happy picture.

Well, we warned you, and you clicked. Not the worst acid attack we’ve seen, but the worst that has just been generic criminal conduct and not Islam in action (indeed, here, the victim is moslem and the perps white Britons). The poor guy will never look like a normal human being again.

Note that the two bums that did this did not turn themselves in; they fled and had to be hunted down.

14 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Sulfuric Acid

  1. SPEMack

    My inner retired BN S-2 is wondering if this is almost some sort of retaliatory thing based on Muslim acid attacks?

  2. staghounds

    Your inner BN S-2 is wrong. This is evil for evil’s sake. NOTHING excuses or rationalises it. NOTHING.

    It’s only “retaliation” to an insane and delusional evil person.

  3. Jacobs

    I think his inner S-2 might be right, in that the perpetrators may have felt it was proper retaliation. Not saying it is proper retaliation, but I don’t think Mack was either.

    1. Trone Abeetin

      I am a “vendetta” kind of guy but jeez, nobody deserves this action. it’s reprehensible.
      I am not in any way saying that you condone this. it’s bestial to do this kind of crap. I really wonder what the
      social interaction is like is the perps circles.

  4. Trone Abeetin

    The mask reminds me of Vincent Dinofrio’s character in The Salton Sea. Great movie albiet offbeat.

    1. LFMayor

      That guy working again? Thought he succumbed to Them Vapours and was off to the nervous home when Bush beat Kerry.

  5. Trone Abeetin

    The movie is from 2002, his characters name was “pooh bear” he was a meth addict/ dealer that wore that kind of apparatus on his nose. Val Kilmer was also in it. A dark movie, but entertaining nonetheless.

  6. Trone Abeetin

    I do want to say that the guys that did this deserve a little “eye for an eye” type retribution.
    England has changed much of late, may she right herself soon.

  7. Ti

    I’d estimate probably 8 or so years ago, that you couldn’t buy the good old industrial grade ( professional use only) drain cleaner at the hardware store anymore. You go to the local HD or L’s and all they have is the weak diluted caustic that someone tries to clear the hair they keep putting down the drain in their bathtub. I believe either they were instructed from corp legal or somebody else do gooder know better than you, to keep the best drain cleaner out of civilian hands. Professional grade drain cleaner is essentially concentrated sulfuric acid. Large influx of cultures using acid attack as vendetta and good old family honor lesson, HD right down the street, VOILA! you can’t buy drain cleaner no mo! Welcome

  8. Docduracoat

    I have predicted that increased Moslem immigration will lead to honor killings and acid attacks as these are part of Moslem ” cultural values”
    I am surprised to hear that the perpetrators are not Moslem
    Sulfuric acid is easily obtained from car batteries

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