Here’s Firearms Usage and Employment we Fully Support

The Atheist Criminal Lovers’ Union and other pro-criminal legal adventurers and murderer groupies have shut down Mississipi’s Death Row with lawsuit after lawsuit claiming this chemical or that is inhumane to their beloved baby batterers and axe murderers.

Mississippi comes back with a triple threat: the gas chamber, Old Sparky, and that perennial favorite, the Firing Squad.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

But alas, they have to get the bill through the legislature and signed by the Governor before they can post the sign-up sheet in Jackson.

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi lawmakers are advancing a proposal to add firing squad, electrocution and gas chamber as execution methods in case a court blocks the use of lethal injection drugs.

Republican Rep. Andy Gipson says House Bill 638 is a response to lawsuits by “liberal, left-wing radicals.”

The bill passed the House amid opposition Wednesday, and moves to the Senate.

“Passed the house amid opposition.” What the hell kind of sentence is that? It’s what a reporterette writers when her heart was with the opposition, but she doesn’t want to mention just how token it is.

Lethal injection is Mississippi’s only execution method. The state faces lawsuits claiming the drugs it plans to use would violate constitutional prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishment.

Mississippi hasn’t been able to acquire the execution drugs it once used, and it last carried out an execution in 2012.

The Death Penalty Information Center says of the 33 states with the death penalty, only Oklahoma and Utah have firing squad as an option.

via Mississippi considers firing squad as method of execution – – The News for South Mississippi.

And of course, the reporterette doesn’t mention that the “Death Penalty Information Center” is a pro-criminal advocacy group, whose spokespeople would gargle in the blood of murder victims if only they could.

Frankly, nothing we see from the criminal class (or their groupies in the defense bar) suggests that the death penalty is too common or too speedy.

And think of the tourism potential. Hey, get Larry Vickers to run the squad and auction off the privilege of being in the squad — you’d get humane executions, and guarantee the solvency of the state pension system.

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    1. James F.

      Hanging has to be done just right to be humane. The two things that can go wrong are (a) not enough drop, subject chokes unless someone pulls on his legs or (b) too much drop, subject’s head comes off.

      My feeling is that execution only has to be as painless as is consistent with being actually fatal.

      When a guy named Dennis McGuire was reported to have spent about 10 minutes gasping and choking during his lethal injection in 2014, a Democratic lawyer in Palm Beach named Adam B. Bear tweeted “It seems like we might as well be in Saudi Arabia.”

      The killer took all of 24 minutes to die, and was apparently about as uncomfortable as a man having either an asthma attack or a heart attack. Here’s what he`d done to deserve this:

      “Joy Stewart, 22, of West Alexandria, a small town about 20 miles west of Dayton, was about 30-weeks pregnant when McGuire raped her, choked her, and slashed her throat so deeply it severed both her carotid artery and jugular vein. At the same point, her unborn child died, too, probably in the woods in the rural area of Preble County where her body was found the next day by two hikers. ”

      The guy who said “we might as well be in Saudi Arabia” is missing the point about Saudi justice. The problem is that they execute people for crimes that aren`t crimes in Western society, after trials with no safeguards whatsoever.

      But when they get around to killing someone, they cut off his head with a sword, taking no time at all, which would pass the Founders` “cruel and unusual” test.

      The formulation I would use, if I were writing death penalty legislation, is that the penalty should be as swift and painless “as is consistent with being actually fatal.”

      The Founders only wanted to prevent things like drawing and quartering, or burning people alive. They didn`t think that you could kill someone without it hurting at all, and would have settled for a firing squad, a hanging, or beheading.

      Things like the electric chair, the gas chamber, and the modern fad for lethal injection are attempts to achieve humane, bloodless killings, and they keep backfiring.

      Lethal injection, in particular, runs up against the problem that many murderers are IV drug users, and you can`t find a vein. Some methods that do work quickly and surely require a skilled operator.

      If asked to name a quick, merciful method of execution, I would follow Alberta writer Colby Cosh`s suggestion of the guillotine, which he made at the time of an earlier lethal injection controversy. The point of the guillotine is that it doesn’t require a skilled hangman–you pull the handle, and the head comes off.

      The real problem with the choking guy`s death is not the 24 minutes it took him to die, but 24 years it took the State of Ohio to kill him at all. The murder was committed in 1989.

      Both for deterrence, and for justice to be seen to be done, executions need to be carried out fairly quickly. The current system of multiple-year delays is as much a miscarriage of justice as the (entirely hypothetical) execution of innocent man.

      (Link in nick goes to me saying this earlier on my own site.)

      1. SAM

        “(b) too much drop, subject’s head comes off.” If that happens you know it has worked, and power washers don’t cost that much now.

      2. DSM

        Concur, there shouldn’t be a death row sentence that allows you to grow old. There would have to be safeguards, for lack of a better word, to ensure those people on the fast track, as it were, are your bona fide guilty party. After conviction, during sentencing if the state satisfies x, y and z then batter up, your next. Done.

      3. Keith

        You know if they did bring back the guillotine some liberal left leaning neurologist would produce ‘proof’ that the executed felt the cut and was aware of there head landing in the basket before blood loss caused loss of consciousness. Then a liberal left leaning lawyer would file suit to stop all further use of the guillotine. And in the years it took for it to go through the system to the Supreme Court convicted convicts would pile up even more on death row.

        Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

        1. RSR

          I am pro-guillotine here… Much more quick than a bullet or electric or hanging or gas. Definitely a cleaner killing than bullet, electric, or gas as well.

          Regardless, the brain and vision would work for 10-15 seconds after severing until losing consciousness. A hood would occlude vision however if concern.
          Brain neurons begin to die due to loss of oxygen in 2-4 minutes with irrecoverable brain function occurring around 10-15 minutes…
          Brain function is the same across all death causes; which is why it’s important to note in a self defense situation that someone you have killed still has a few seconds fight in them before dying given enough spirit and determination…

      4. William O. B'Livion

        I can see how (a) can be interpreted as a touch inhumane. Not that I really care.

        However (b) seems to get the job done with as much dispatch as anything else. Maybe a bit uncivilized, but like SAM says, power washers. Or put down plastic ahead of time.

        Heck, make the sentencee put the plastic down.

  1. Stacy0311

    Question: When you sign up to volunteer for the firing squad is it BYOR or will the state provide one?
    If it’s BYOR, will there be caliber restrictions?

    1. SAM

      BYOR would be best as they would be already sighted in. 5.56 min – .50 BMG max bring 20 rounds as test fire may be needed.

    2. James

      In Utah they had*a rack of Winchester 30/30 lever actions to use. They loaded 4 of them with real loads and one with blanks so no one (shooters are pulled from law enforcement) knew for sure who dun the deed. Blanks don’t kick though, so not sure how effective that was. The condemned had a paper target safety-pinned over his heart for the shooters to aim at, and a blindfold. Ronnie Lee Gardner has the distinction of being the last convict executed by firing squad, in 2010. He was convicted of killing a lawyer during a courthouse escape attempt .

      *”had” because if I reminder correctly they were surplussed a few years ago after the law was briefly removed from the books. The latest fiasco with leathal injection drugs brought it back. If they ever need a firin’ squad again they’ll have to procure new shootin’ irons.

      1. DSM

        And if you have your med transport and some ice handy you can harvest the organs from firing squad. Can’t do that with any other method as I understand it.

      2. John Stephens

        My understanding is that the blank’s not so much to provide deniability afterwards as it is to ease any qualms the shooter might have about pulling the trigger. Killing in combat is one thing, but cold-bloodedly ending a human life (regardless of how much the target deserves it) quite properly bothers most people.

  2. Jacobs

    I’d be ok with being on a firing squad. I know they say they give only one man an actual bullet; but I’d sure hope they only give one man a blank. I’d much rather be hit by 7 bullets in my vitals than taking the chance the 1 missed. (I may have no idea what I’m talking about)

  3. QuietMan

    Heroin use is supposed to be on the uptick. There’s bound to be some in evidence rooms: A turkey baster full of that should do the trick and reduce inventory. Twofer.

  4. Winston Smith

    If a drug is humane enough to ease the suffering of an elderly dog, its light years more than good enough for the scum of the earth. And there’s plenty of it around too.

    1. Dan

      I was thinking of another pet euthanizing method — hypoxia in a hypobaric chamber. I think our local dog pounds use a vacuum chamber to euthanize critters.

      Of course, there’s always carbon monoxide. I hear that’s a non-painful death.

      1. Clarence Chen

        Supposedly, in high enough doses, you’ll be unconscious in a few breathes, and die a few minutes later.

      2. Craig

        Pure Nitrogen does a great job. 2 deep breaths and you’re out. Death follows pretty quickly. As I understand it you don’t even feel like you are out of ‘air’ because it is the buildup of CO2 in your blood that causes you to feel like you don’t have enough oxygen. Breathing pure GN2 removes the CO2 from your lungs. It just doesn’t provide replacement O2 to keep you alive.

        1. Dan

          Sounds like a winner.

          If you want to be really nice, inject some nitrous oxide in there, too, and they can go out drunk. (dead drunk?)

          1. Hognose Post author

            There’s a certain circular fitness to it. After all, that was the condition in which many of the crimes were conceived and carried out.

  5. SPEMack

    I’d always hoped that if I were ever convicted by general court martial they would give me a chance to ask for firing squad.

    The Georgia Dept of Corrections asks for volunteers to flip the switch. According to a fraternity brother of mine the list for volunteers is out the door every time an execution roles around.

  6. Sommerbiwak

    pah humbug.

    use a guillotine!

    works. easy to use. quick and painless.

    Injections fail, electrocutions fail, hanging is too failure prone, firing squads likewise. A guillotine definitely works reliably. Oh it is too much blood for the sensibilities of lawmakers and the squee public? Then don’t have the death penalty and come up with
    other punishments.

  7. Kirk

    Personally, I think they ought to do precisely what the murderer did to their victims to the murderer.

    Eye for an eye, and all that. Make it an across-the-board thing for crimes of personal violence, and I bet you watch the incidence rate go waaaaaaay down…

    Be fun to watch what happened to the animals that murdered that couple in Nashville, assuming you could find some equally sick bastard to inflict it on them.

    Be an interesting sentence to carry out, for some particularly depraved murderers. “OK, Mr. Smith… Says here you sodomized your victim with a broken coke bottle, set them on fire, and then fed the remains to your pigs… So, you wanna tell us which one you did first? And, the pigs ain’t it…”.

    I think Robert Heinlein wrote a part of The Number of the Beast where the protagonists visited a reality where they had a system like that in place, and they witnessed a guy who’d been found guilty of reckless driving that they took out, ran over, amputated his arm, and then left him to suffer for the length of time it took for the ambulance to reach his original victim.

    I dunno about y’all, but I kinda like the idea of a system of justice like that. I suspect it would probably lead to a lot of unanticipated side effects, however, like murderers being extremely solicitous about the comfort of their victims… “OK, I’m going to be killing you now, but, first, let’s do a nice, relaxing deep-tissue massage, and a bubble bath, while the sedative takes effect…”.

    1. Keith

      The justice system in William C. Dietz’s “Legion of the Damned” scyfi series executes the same way the murder was done.

      Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

    2. Steve M.

      “Personally, I think they ought to do precisely what the murderer did to their victims to the murderer.

      Eye for an eye, and all that. Make it an across-the-board thing for crimes of personal violence, and I bet you watch the incidence rate go waaaaaaay down…”

      Kirk, I couldn’t agree more.

    3. William O. B'Livion

      While I understand the sentiment, the manner in which we take out our trash is more about us than about them.

      The method should be relatively quick, relatively painless and 100% effective on the first go. If they suffer for a minute or two, oh well.

  8. Quill_&_Blade

    Years ago, a small kitten got run over in a garage, paralyzed, bleeding, no hope. I wanted to finish it off quickly, so I took it out back with a 12 G shotgun. 28″ barrel, modified choke, don’t remember the load. It couldn’t hold its head up, so I used a little stick to position it. Walked around behind the critter, where the head looked like an orange tennis ball with two pointy ears. Calculated in my mind how far back to stand, to get the shot to be the same size as the little head. Pulled trigger. The ground was dry, after the dust settled, I examined the results. The shot must have vaporized the head, there was absolutely nothing to be found, not a scrap. The dust came back around and cauterized (?) the flesh; there wasn’t a drop of blood to be found. Strange looking, really; felt sorta bad at being so good at killing, while feeling good that it was so cleanly done. Life is paradoxical I guess.
    How to replicate it on a bigger scale, I’m not sure. Might involve field artillery.

    1. Keith

      Back when I hunted a drive flushed a rabbit in front of a guy with a 12 gauge double OO buckshot loaded. It was heading away as he shot. As you said vaporized the head just forward of the ears. Also no blood coming out.

      Keep your powder dry and your faith in God.

    2. Steve M.

      Likwise, I too attempted the mercy killing some years ago. The cat had mutilated a bird and left it to suffer. So I set the bird down out back took and took about five paces backwards. I was using a .410 and had presumed the bird would look like the limp birds adorning the hunting magazines.
      There was a puff of feathers, a hole in the dirt pile and a drop of blood. That was it. The things you learn.

  9. Alan Ward

    I remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the mainstream here when Colby went all French revolution. It was wonderous to behold.
    I personally subscribe to RAH and Kirk’s philosophy. Only out the convict gets is if he or she has viable organs and is willing to donate them. Then they could choose guillotine!

  10. Toastrider

    I suppose I’m in the minority here, being opposed to the state-sponsored death penalty. This is less because of any worries about ‘humane treatment’, and more because I don’t trust the authorities to organize an orgy in a whorehouse nowadays.

    If we get to a point where prosecutorial misbehavior gets hammered down hard, I’ll change my tune and never flinch. And no, I -don’t- know a good way to handle unrepentant creatures who have less in common with humanity than a banana slug. Although lobotomy does come up from time to time…

    1. LSWCHP

      Minority of two at least, Toasty.

      I come from a farming family and I’ve hunted, fished and killed for food, vermin control and sport all my life. Death is a natural part of the cycle, and I’ve been real close to it once myself in a car wreck. I’m real comfortable with killing.

      If someone tried to harm me or mine, I’d kill them as efficiently as I could, or die in the trying and be happy if I gave it my best shot beacause a man can only do his best.

      If a queue of monsters like the sonofabitch who killed that young runner woman as recently reported on WN was lined up in front of me, well, I’d shoot ’em or cut their cocks and balls off and let them bleed out, or whatever the victims families wanted. I’d grin, and whistle while I worked, and I doubt my pulse would change a bit. I really am very comfortable with killing.

      But…every gummint I’ve known can’t even organise a proper fuckup. Even their fuckups are no damn good. And while I’d gleefully kill goblins, the idea of killing an innocent man fills me with horror, coz I can see myself in that position and know how I’d feel. And there are too many goddamned lawyer prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves who might not really give a shit about killing an innocent man if it advanced their careers.

      I guess what I mean by that rant (feel like I’m channeling Kirk..and that’s a compliment mate!) is that I reckon the standard of proof for the death penalty needs to be way beyond that for other crimes. If that could be somehow arranged then I’d be overjoyed to pull the trigger, press the button or pull the lever as required.

      1. Sommerbiwak

        Which cannot be done. Humans are fallible. The high standards required by you make a death penalty impossible in the end.

        It is further a folly to kill people to show other people that killing people is wrong. Society contradicts itself there.

        Or you could put it religiously: the decision if a person lives or dies is not up to mere men, but only to god. Which in the end is the same argument about human fallibility wrapped in religion.

        what about false positives? No way to right this wrong later. Dead is dead.

        But if a society is of the opinion to employ capital punishment, it should be done properly and in the least failure prone way possible. So injections are right out, because they fail or do not work as desired on heavy drug abusers. With other methods too many things can go wrong as well. Hence I advocate for the guillotine. Less opportunities for failure.

        So make that three that oppose death penalty here.

        1. Hognose Post author

          I’ve come around to nitrogen asphyxiation. Carbon monoxide would work as well, but nitrogen has, like the criminals are about to, a carbon footprint of zero!

  11. Brad

    I understand that Nitrogen Hypoxia is a simple, safe, and relatively painless method of execution. Certainly much better than using Hydrogen Cyanide.

  12. Aesop

    The guillotine is France’s choice, but other than that quibble I have no objection.

    Frankly, I think they should be smothered with a pillow by kin of the victim, or pushed off a barge, bound and weighted down with cinder blocks, in deepest water just inside the 12-mile ocean limit, but I’m old-fashioned. If they float to the surface, and can swim back to shore, that’s God’s business.

    At any rate, kudos to Mississippi for taking steps to end the legal horsesh nonsense that’s beset capital punishment.

    And agree wholeheartedly that the statutes involved should specify only that death be accomplished as rapidly as humanly possible.

    BTW, junkies aren’t the problem you imagine for lethal injection. The number of ways to get a vein are legion, and require nothing more than one skilled practitioner. States should hire one, and be done with it. I imagine the line for that would only be around the block as well.

    1. Clarence Chen

      Even the most tolerant addict cannot withstand some of the stronger synthetic opiates, especially the fentanyl analogs.

      1. Aesop

        The newest synthetic fentanyl is something like 500x stronger than purest heroin, such that even Narcan can’t bring you back; they’d need a Narcan drip, continuously, for days.
        It’s a one-shot one-time high, no do-over, and is rapidly cleaning out the supply of Rust Belt addicts.

        It would be just the thing for lethal injection advocates to use on the convicted.
        Ideally, same day, as Bill T lays out below.

  13. Bill T

    My opinion about capital punishment is fairly simple. Build a standard execution scaffold at each county courthouse in the state, only as the need arises, out of treated lumber. Carry out the hanging by sundown on the day of conviction by a jury. The hanging needs to be done in public for the deterrence of any future criminals. The need for this type of punishment will diminish to near zero before the scaffold needs to be repaired or replaced. The execution itself needs to be public, carried out with as much dignity as possible, and not be made into a party. The idea is to dispatch the criminal into the next life where he will be judged by God. It is not up to us to inflict drawn out punishment. Sitting on death row for 10 to 20 years seems to be pretty inhumane to me.

    1. William O. B'Livion

      Didn’t work when we last did it that way, won’t work today.

      The problem is that most of the worst criminals are psychopaths, psychotics, and schizophrenics. The latter two may (at the time the crime is committed) not realize what they are doing, or may be under the impression they are following Gods Orders or something.

      Not a reason to spare their life, but the reason that public hangings won’t do squat.

      Also given the rate of sociopaths in the profession of law we really *do* want time for prosecutorial misconduct to be investigated, for evidence of innocence etc. to be brought forth.

      The State is not all powerful, and it is not all knowing. It makes mistakes, and we can let someone out of jail but we cannot bring the back from the dead.

      Which isn’t an argument for sparing their life, but rather one for giving them time to find proof of their innocence (which is only philosophically impossible).

  14. Docduracoat

    I do not like that executions now resemble an anesthetic
    They require skilled personnel to start an I.V. and difficult to obtain controlled drugs. It is also easy to mess it up.
    Filling a chamber with Nitrogen gas as Brad said is completely painless
    You breathe in and out normally and go unconscious and die of hypoxia
    We see this all the time in hypoxic closed spaces on ships and factories
    Rescuers often go in and die also
    Interviews with rescuers who are themselves rescued always say they never even knew anything was happening
    Nitrogen gas is easy to obtain.
    This method is foolproof, rapid and painless

  15. Mike_C

    I was all ready to get into the minutae of how to access the blood stream of a person with shit veins before the bigger picture kicked in. Access is almost irrelevant. (But briefly, central venous catheter, or arterial access. It’s not that hard.)

    The bigger picture is we’ve gone from proper (IMO) “do not cause excessive suffering” to insane (again, IMO) “no discomfort”. Plenty of ways to end someone’s life without either making it a quasi-medical procedure or excessively cruel. Hell, the Monty Pythonesque “16-ton weight” dropped onto one’s head is probably not a bad way to go, if you think about it. Messy job of cleanup, but not the decedent’s problem. While I see the emotional appeal of what Kirk said, I am decidedly against use of the power of the State to inflict suffering for its own sake. It’s not a matter of “kindness” to horrible people, it’s a matter of not lowering ourselves to that. I want such persons dead because that produces a 0% recidivism rate; punishment I leave in God’s hands (which is strange coming from an agnostic, but still…). I hear what Toastrider and LSWCHP have to say, but in clear-cut cases, I also have no problem with the death penalty.

    I’m not sure about the whole “one blank round” business. Frankly if you don’t have the proper mental constitution for the job you shouldn’t be on a firing squad. I don’t understand the “I cannot take a human life” thing. Got sucked into a debate with a former (physician) office mate once (dude loved to argue, and would spend literally hours poking at me), about IIRC the “Knoxville Horror” that Kirk alluded to. “But suppose the guy was tied up, helpless, in front of you! What could you do then?” I believe the phrase, “I’d cheerfully cut his carotid arteries, with a #11 scalpel blade if I had to, and sleep like a baby afterwards,” came out of my mouth. (Little did I know I was channeling a prepubescent girl: “I’d kill Joffrey with a chicken bone, if I had to!” — thanks, Arya Stark. Nor did I mean by “sleeping like a baby” that I’d wake crying and shitting myself :-) Officemate says, “Sheesh. I, couldn’t push the button for a lethal injection.” [this said virtuously].

    “Really, you couldn’t end the life of a vicious rapist and murderer. Fine. Have you ever written an order for ‘Morphine sulfate IV, prn for pain/respiratory distress; titrate to comfort‘?”
    Dude’s not stupid, sees where this is going. Very uncomfortably, “Uh… yes, but…”
    “So you’ve given an order that you know will end someone’s life. And an innocent person at that, not a sadistic criminal. No one’s asking you to put down a rabid feral. I just want you to get out of the way while grown ups do the unpleasant but necessary.”
    It’s amazing to me, really. Former officemate is highly intelligent, up on both history and current events, very well read, in the Classics even, yet lives in an almost completely different reality.

  16. Hanzo

    “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?”

    Yeah, someone stole my thunder, I’m thinking guillotine.

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