When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Charity Bins

We often say, “Anything can kill you. Anything.” But we were’t expecting this. We couldn’t have imagined this method of checking out in a thousand tries.

And yes, it happened in New Jersey, where guns are just about outlawed. (Or was it New York? To people living in the Free World, they’re the same thing). The New York Post:

A Mount Carmel woman who died after her arm got caught in the door of a clothing drop-off box was apparently removing bags from the container and was left dangling with her feet off the ground.

Judith Permar, 56, was standing on a step stool Sunday when it collapsed, breaking her arms and wrist and trapping her in the donation box.

Wait, what was she doing?

Stealing stuff. From a charity bin.

“She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way and she couldn’t get her hand loose,” Mount Carmel Township Police Chief Brian Hollenbush said when contacted by phone.

Permar died from blunt force trauma and hypothermia, according to the county coroner.

Permar reportedly went to the drop-off box in Natalie about 2 a.m. Sunday but was not found until 8:30 a.m. Monday. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cause of death: karma. Sure, the death certificate has the boxes for trauma and hypothermia checked, but that’s only because there’s o box for karma.

Bags with clothes and shoes that had been pulled from the bin were on the ground. Permar’s black Hummer was nearby with the engine still running, Hollenbush said.

Hollenbush, who knew Permar, described her as a very nice woman.

Well, apart from the stealing-from-charities bit.

“It wasn’t something that I would expect to be seeing,” he said when asked about the items being removed from the donation bin.

No, this is not something one normally expects to find, but apparently this lady was a serial charity-bin burglar:

In November, police received a report of a woman who was driving a black Hummer removing items from the bin, he said.

Maybe she was new to the whole second-story-man shtick? Because if there’s one thing that those guys value, it’s a good, sturdy ladder.

Family of the thief to sue the ladder manufacturer in 5… 4… 3….

29 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Charity Bins

  1. trone abeetin

    the moral of the story is this type of activity is ill advised if you’re a spinner.

  2. robert semprini

    Been a reader of this site for some time , GREAT JOB.
    Just one thing, when an old lady is rummaging around in a charity bin in the middle of the night, MAYBE,
    just maybe, she was really in need. Just saying , its not like she was some mook sticking up a liquor store.
    Kinda feel sorry for her. I would like to think the local LEO would too , that would depend whether he was a city or country guy-imho.
    Think ya went a little harsh on the old hag.

    1. AndyN

      I bet even if she priced it for quick sale, she could get enough for her used Hummer to buy more clothes at Goodwill than she’ll ever need.

      1. Hognose Post author

        Andy and Robert, maybe I’m wrong but the perception I have is that poverty is not an issue with this lady. She had some income and she had a home and a family. It seems more likely that there is some mental illness like one sees in hoarders.

        1. TF-BA

          Well great point. There is also the fact that she DIED STEALING WHILE HER FUCKING HUMMER BURNED GAS. At this point I’d like to remind readers that MANY donation stations RESELL the clothes in third world countries. Which is why you see random African Marine Master Guns running down the road. I Doubleplus bet that Master Guns didn’t lose 60 pounds, get black and find the fountain of youth just in fucking time to almost get hit by my land cruiser at dusk in east africa. When questioned on when he would be giving a safety brief to us troops in country his answer was not ” GRAB YOUR BALLS”, or any satisfactory USMC answer for that matter. We were all WILDLY dissappointed in African Master Guns performance to be blunt.

  3. Larry Kaiser

    I had to laugh at the people who made comments on MSN who were “sure” she just dropped something in by accident or she changed her mind about donating an item. I know whenever I drop something off at good will I always bring along a stepladder in case I change my mind about the donation.

  4. Cap'n Mike

    If she could afford to drive a Hummer, she probably wasn’t in great need.

    But Hanging by your broken arm until you died of exposure 20 or 30 hours later should be a fate saved for some of the other truly deserving people who get profiled in When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have…

    Maybe it was Karma for some other horrible things she has done in her life?

  5. Billybob

    I had a river- bottom transient camp on my best. Pallet and tarp homes, tents and shopping carts. Even had Bobby traps in the pathways.
    Right across the street was a charity drop off site.
    The pallet shacks had complete bedroom sets, kitchen tables with chairs and lots of couches. Thieves gotta steal.

  6. Tom Stone

    A nasty way to go, but I love the Hummer.
    It reminds me of when I lived in Oakland, there was a couple who drove a newish Mercedes sedan ( A nice one with faux gold wheels) who used to raid the recycle bins for aluminum cans and redeemable bottles, they’d come by once a week between 4:30 and 5:00 AM like clockwork.
    They probably cleared $1K or more a week.
    If this gal had a regular “Garage Sale” every week or a booth at a flea market it could easily have brought in an extra $1,000-$1,500 a month, maybe more.

    1. Mike_C

      There were a couple of elderly Asians, probably Chinese, who used to get dropped off in Harvard Square from a pricey late-model SUV, to go through the trash for deposit bottles and cans. My problem with this was not the scavenging, but that they’d leave trash strewn all over.

      >reportedly went to the drop-off box […] about 2 a.m. Sunday […] was pronounced dead at [about 8:30am].
      Dunno how cold it was, but someone elsewhere suggested that positional asphyxia may have played a role in her demise.

      1. TF-BA

        My Grandfather was a pre-teen through the depression and scavenged dumpsters into his 90’s. Every Christmas we got a box of “new combs, hairbrushes and stocking caps”. He was unstoppable til the third cancer. Hoarding, survival whatever. He was a pharmacist and compounding chemist.

  7. Merle Eckles

    Ft Worth, TX. 09 Feb 17. Eunice Rodriguez 40, was sentenced to life in prison. She talked her present boyfriend (Braylon Ellis) to rob her ex boyfriend, Tommy Brown. During the robbery she smashed Brown’s head in with a toilet-tank lid. Then, she and Ellis cleaned out Browns bank account.
    merle eckles

  8. Alan Ward

    Probably sold the stuff EBay. Specialised in vintage or slightly distressed. Probably made enough to pay for the hummer and the gas.

  9. Keith

    IMHO anther case of stupid does as stupid does. Darwin award anybody? I agree whether it was an H1 or the H2 and H3 knockoffs you don’t have one of those without having a serious income.

    Keep your powder dry, arms out of where they don’t belong and your faith in God.

  10. John Distai

    My observation on the poor and “luxury”:

    When I was a teenager I worked at a local grocery store as a bagger. One of my duties was to bag groceries and then carry it out to people’s cars. This was back when food stamps were paper instead of a fancy credit card.

    I started trying to predict when I would see food stamps based on the customers and what they bought. “Oh, here’s a lady who’s dressed poorly, and is buying a few staple items. Probably food stamps.” Wrong. Cash.

    Many times I’d see people buy very cheap candy with the stamps. There wasn’t “change” for food stamps, so they’d get real change in return. They’d use this to buy whatever it was they were after anyhow.

    After several wrong guesses and lots of observation, I started to notice a pattern: Full carts. Brand name food items. Brand name junk food. No generics. Well dressed. New shoes. New cars. Almost never a “beater” vehicle.

    Many years later I’d volunteer at Salvation Army for a Christmas toy “gift” selection. This is where the “poor” would come in to “shop” for gifts for their families. There were two volunteer roles. “Shopping assistant” and “Carry out help”. I’d choose “Shopping assistant”. I wanted to see how poor people made choices. Many of my counterparts chose “Carry out help” as that was the more “manly” of the options.

    The “poor” people would choose toys that looked like “fun”. The semi-educational or skill building toys were rarely, if ever chosen. My “carry out” acquaintances complained about loading the toys into someone’s new Hummer, Mercedes, Benz, etc. Many of them had “spinners”. [ Cue up Eastern Motors commercial ]. I wasn’t surprised.

    I have some old money (OM) friends that want to help the local “disadvantaged” (DA). They’d find some disadvantaged school mate of their children, and offer to help the family. Very kind and generous of them. At one point they found the “disadvantaged” mother was asking for money for various things like “bus fare”. The OM wife would give her the money.

    Then one day the OM father and son dropped the DA child off at his house. Out front was a brand new, high end BMW. More expensive than the OM parent’s cars. The OM dad asked the child about the car. “My mom’s boyfriend just bought it for her.” No more bus fare. Eyes opening (?) on the charity racket.

    I’ve heard similar stories about “giving trees” and other feel good efforts.

    1. Mike_C

      >After several wrong guesses and lots of observation, I started to notice a pattern: Full carts. Brand name food items.
      Oh yeah. Not just full carts, but full of nice cuts of red meat and seafood at that. I see a lot of this where I shop, and yes, remarkably often the EBT-purchased goods are loaded into a late-model SUV. FWIW I think anyone who wants to work for any government agency handing out such aid should have to work as a cashier or bagger for at least 3 months as a mandatory qualification for employment.

      For those so inclined, search on “James Lafond” and “ghetto grocer” for his anecdotes of managing and working in a Baltimore grocery store.

      1. John Distai

        I did see lots of red meat and seafood. Birthday cakes. Pastries. All kinds of shit that people paying the bill wouldn’t buy. It’s disgusting.

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