When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have a Bad Mood

Perp: Chanel Lewis. “I was angry.” Angry enough to rape a random woman, and kill her with his bare hands.

He beat and strangled her because he was in a bad mood, he told cops. (What ever happened to having a Snickers bar?) He also raped her, according to copious evidence – but in a curious display of sensitivity, the creep who cheerfully admitted the assault and murder denied the necrophilia.

Perhaps he wants some credibility with his fellow crims once he goes up the river, and he knows that murderers have high status, but sex offenders low, where he’s going. The New York Post:

The man accused of killing Karina Vetrano told cops he strangled the beautiful Queens jogger simply because he was in a bad mood, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday.

“I was angry. I had some issues at home. I just lost it. When I saw her, I just hit her and kept hitting her. I hit her and choked her,’’ said unemployed Chanel Lewis, 20, according to sources.

Fitness buff Karina Vetrano fought for her life, but was overpowered.

The suspect, who was charged in the murder Sunday, told detectives that he happened to cross paths with Vetrano on a path inside Spring Creek Park while walking from his Brooklyn home to get something to eat in Howard Beach, Queens, on Aug. 2, sources said.

Lewis made “very detailed, incriminating statements” in which he described “each step of the assault,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told reporters at a press conference.

Boyce added that “Karina helped us identify this person.’’

“She had the DNA under her nails, she had touch DNA on her back, and there was more DNA on the cellphone,” Boyce said, adding that the samples matched Lewis.

New York, where guns are as outlawed as Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-Five Families) and his Senate and House leadership (D&R-various houses of correction) can make them, has already started its usual process of favoring violent criminals over violence victims. Lewis is charged only with 2nd degree murder, to ensure his sentence is short and he is paroled to kill again.

49 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have a Bad Mood

  1. Boat Guy

    A shame she wasn’t able to prevail. Fitness is good; trained responses are vital.

  2. Steve M.

    Well at least they caught him. May his cell mates do what needs to be done. The courts won’t. There’s no point in even hoping for that.

    This case stood out to me because it occurred about the same time as another woman’s murder in Massachusetts. Both women went missing while jogging and they looked very similar to one another. Creepy undertones of a serial killer.

    1. Winston Smith

      We are a sick sick nation when we don’t immediately beat to a bloody pulp and then put a bullet into the ‘brain’ of evil such as this.

  3. Hanzo

    The crims father (according to the NY Post) claims he doesn’t believe it, says his son is a compassionate person who isn’t capable of such savagery.

    1. Stacy0311

      He had obviously just left the soup kitchen where he volunteers to feed the homeless and was on his way to the orphanage to read bedtime stories to the children……..

  4. George

    I’ll bet he tried to make a crude and clumsy pass at her and she told him to buzz off. Then, pissed off at knowing that a woman like her is something he would never be able to get in good graces with, he decides to kill her and violate her dead body. And like most of his ilk (and sociopaths in general), he smiles for the camera and is proud of what he’s done. Bring back the death penalty. I have worked with this sort of biped in a prison setting in a past work life, and believe me, “rehabilitation” is both a fantasy as well as a lucrative industry (bet some of you didn’t know that many states hire corporations like Wakenhut to run their prisons for them, did you?) .

    I believe it was Ignatius of Loyola who said; “give me a child when he is 5 years old, and I will make him the Church’s (loyal subject) for the rest of his life. Point being; once they are are conditioned at an early age, there is NO changing them. So why should we have to feed and house them for the rest of their unnatural lives?

  5. Mike_C

    >give me a child when he is 5 years old
    If this horrible story has any legs in the regular news media (which I doubt it will), pretty soon Lewis’ photo will be one that WAS taken when he was around five years old.

    1. Hognose Post author

      They’re big on using first communion pictures, at least for kids that didn’t have a face tat before they made first communion (for non-Christian or non-communion-celebrating readers, that’s at about age seven).

      1. John Distai

        He’ll be an honor student, ala “Bonfire of the Vanities”.

        That is an excellent listen on Audible. Highly entertaining.

    1. Boat Guy

      Beg to differ. I’m not talking about hollywood historionics; I’m talking about training to fight.
      One example; a 5’2″ 100 lb masseusse won against her 6’2″ 200+ ex husband by fighting back a) hard and b) smart.

        1. Aesop

          No. Rather exactly the opposite, time and time again.
          Just like this time.

          Somebody might mention that to the Rangers, but it’ll probably just piss them off.

          Here’s hoping the perp can take it from Bubba his cellmate as well as he dished it out, and gets to do so for many years to come.

        2. Boat Guy

          Yeah, actually there is. This anecdote is one example of several cases I am personally familiar with.
          No we’re NOT talking Rangerettes here; we’re talking about street-fighting against thugs and would-be rapists, frequently one-on-one . A big part of winning these fights is the fact that resistance is unexpected (e.g. “victim selection”) coupled with conditioning righteous anger as a reaction to attack instead of fear. Anger drives the response and IF the response is further “refined” to proper targets using proper mechanics the result can be victory.
          Or, y’all can just condition your womenfolk to the notion that they’re incapable of protecting themselves.

    2. John Distai

      I’m not a wimp and I’ve had my ass kicked by women. They even laughed while doing it.

      1. Gray

        Were you fighting them with the intent to put them down hard, with prejudice, with no regard for any injury they might sustain?

      2. Cap'n Mike

        “I’m not a wimp and I’ve had my ass kicked by women. They even laughed while doing it.”

        I knew a guy that used to pay good money for that:)

  6. Tom Stone

    She may well have been listening to her IPOD while she jogged.
    I see that frequently when I’m out walking trails and the women are quite often both attractive and completely unaware of their surroundings.
    Easy meat for any predator, but mentioning that to them gets you nowhere.
    His hope that his fellow inmates won’t learn of his necrophilia is unrealistic and the sooner he’s dead the better.

    1. John Distai

      “What?! Those things don’t happen around this neighborhood! I’m not worried. You’re paranoid!”

      Sound about right?

    2. Badger

      Yes, unfortunately I see that too much as well, whether all-season runners going by (“HEY, there’s a snowplow bearing down on your six!”) or the bike trail when running errands around town.
      Situational Awareness = 0

      1. John Distai

        If you mention to one that you are more comfortable in a restaurant where your back is to the wall and you can see the door and out the window. They don’t understand it and call you “paranoid”.

        1. Boat Guy

          S’OK. I’ll own being “paranoid” if that’s necessary. I’m not changing my seat.

    3. Dyspeptic Gunsmith

      If you hang around enough gyms and outdoor physical activities, you notice that the more attractive the female, the more likely they have some stupid bit of electronics in their ears.

      They use the earbuds to dissuade men from talking to them.

      Those who give up their situational awareness will have “random” accidents and assaults occur upon them. It’s just inevitable.

  7. Keith

    I’ll provide not only the 30-06 round to fix this but chamber it and fire it…

    Keep your powder dry, always maintain situational awareness and your faith in God.

  8. Nynemillameetuh

    It’s a damn shame that the American Colonization Society never fulfilled its mission in any meaningful way.

  9. Jim Scrummy

    This is the crap that keeps me up at night having a daughter. This piece of whale excrement needs to find a home in Davey Jone’s Locker.

    1. John Distai

      It’s even worse when you make your loved ones aware of this, they acknowledge your point, and then disregard the information and continue to be oblivious to their surroundings.

      1. Boat Guy

        Or … you can make your loved ones aware of this and begin conditioning righteous anger as a response instead of fear. Fear paralyzes; anger acts.

  10. Cap'n Mike

    Second Degree Murder?
    If they get a conviction, will the sentence be 20 years, out in 10 for good behavior?
    Its a joke.
    The system doesn’t work.

    1. Hognose Post author

      In the 90s, a murder two charge in the city could be bargained down to the point where some crumbs were walking on time served. Probably not still the case today (murder caseload is lower).

  11. Irish 6483

    Murder 2nd is the appropriate charge under the NY Penal law. Because NY has a bizarre way of breaking out murder charges. Murder 1st and Murder 2nd are both A-I felonies

  12. Steve M.

    Boat Guy is right as far as I’m concerned. A woman has a chance in this particular type of an engagement. No, she probably won’t be holding her attacker for the police, but she will at least have the ability to break away and remove herself from the threat. Mash his balls, gouge his eyes, go for the neck preferably with something sharp, etc. Break contact and get out of there.

    As with any fight, there are no guarantees. You may very well lose you life, but do your best to ensure the mongrel that attacks you bleeds out before he can he hurt someone else.

    Again as Boat Guy said, get angry. A healthy batch of righteous indignation is a good thing.

    Is there any evidence of smaller people winning against larger attackers? Not much. However, I believe we can all agree that finding hard evidence of it is similiar to trying to figure out how many times law abiding citizens have prevented a crime by introducing their firearm. It’s just not possible. It’s just not newsworthy. It does happen though, not enough because Karina still died.

    As Distai points out, getting the point across to loved ones is hard. Beyond words hard at times. You’re not alone brother. I’m currently trying to get my wife more aware as well. My daughter will receive the same training as well, age permitting. When mystery baby #2 arrives later this month, they too, shall receive the same.

    I view it as a leadership issue. I need to lead my family better. I need to ensure that a commitment to self defense is not perceived as mere interest. The way I live must match what I say, or else it’s just idle chatter.

    1. Boat Guy

      You’re correct that “holding for the police” is not the objecti of the exercise. THE singular object is to stop the attack and leave – unless the attack is in the home; even then the next step may be to leave.
      As I started researching various women’s “self defense” courses I noticed there were some that were teaching potentially lethal moves – without telling the women that those techniques might cause death. I have NO problem with a defender killing an attacker but I never wanted a woman to do what I taught her, and kill someone without knowing that was a possible outcome.
      Teaching these skills is far more about mindset than technique.

      1. Steve M.

        Agreed. As Kirk has expounded upon many times before self defense/combat training often fails to prepare the trainee for the fact that they may very well end up taking somebody’s life.

        I spent approximately four years of my youth taking private martial arts classes from a little Italian lady who had trained hard for many years. The few family members in the class were all under 5’6″ and lightly built. The primary focus was breaking contact with an aggressor by any means necessary. She was very good about driving home the potential lethality of a fight.

        As with many things in life, I wish I had trained harder and kept at it.

    2. John M.

      Does she have a chance? Absolutely, and she should look for that chance and exploit it with a maximum of speed, surprise and violence of action. How big is that chance? Statistically speaking, fairly small against a determined, healthy, young male aggressor. That should be taught in addition to how to exploit that chance. The surest way for females like Vetrano to prevail against males like Lewis is to avoid the engagement in the first place. Second best is to cheat by bringing some ballistic friends.

      In our feminist age, where women look for excuses to make bad decisions and live apart from the consequences, “you have a chance” gets heard as “you go grrrrrl.”

      -John M.

      1. Steve M.


        Your last paragraph precisely describes a significant portion of the problem. Unfortunately, telling a female not to do what the dead girl did is no longer a warning, but “victim blaming”.

  13. Mike_C

    > [Attractive women] use the earbuds to dissuade men from talking to them.
    Sure, and I for one cannot blame them. (Sometimes the earbuds are not connected to anything, BTW. Hell, I’ve done this myself on airplanes or other places where I’m proximity-trapped next to someone I don’t know and have no interest in.) While it’s indubitably better to be attractive than ugly, it’s not an unmixed blessing. Plenty of other women hate you on sight (and treat you accordingly) for no other reason, and it seems every other decidedly unattractive man thinks you have a wide-on for him — and acts like it. “It’s just not right! I only want the cute ones to flirt with me!”

    Hahaha! One reason I like this place is that so far as the (mostly left-wing, eternally Condition White, er Condition genetically-oppressive, that is to say) academics with whom I work are concerned, I am a full-on paranoid nut. Here, not so much; below the mean even. Heh. Anyway, while not being obnoxious about it, I’ve at least gotten the woman-friends I work with to lock their car doors while driving. The ones who don’t know how to change a car tire, and have declined instruction in same, have been given a can or two of that emergency inflation/tire goop stuff, and so forth. (And how the hell can you be expert in putting in a pacemaker, or performing coronary angiography, or some other task requiring both thought and dexterity, and claim you’re not capable to do basic tasks?) But yeah, it’s an uphill battle. Some take to it more than others. I worry about Swedish girl who is back in Copenhagen but has family in Malmö. On the other hand, pretty Korean girl has become much better about her situational awareness, and now actually asks for the “gunfighter’s table” when we go out, so that’s something.

    >woman vs man
    I’m not getting into this debate, but would note that feral “youths” generally don’t commit their acts of predation one-on-one. The usual crew is three, and a common pattern is to engage the victim in conversation, often mildly confrontational. E.g. to a cyclist: “Hey, why you ridin’ my bike?” When the earnest victim-designate stops to explain that it really is his bike and all this must be a mistake, another “youth” runs up blindside and knocks the cyclist over. Bonus for trapping the foolish cyclist’s leg under the bike. Then it’s beating time. The erstwhile bone of contention, the bike, may not even be taken after all this. All that said, the right attitude (with a healthy dose of paranoia and willingness to – gasp – profile, both people and places) helps minimize the chance of getting into a bad situation, and if all that failed, may help you get through a bad situation without actual violence. John Ringo had a good line about that: “You react to fear by being angry. It’s your gift.”

  14. Docduracoat

    My wife carries her Walther Ppk/s everywhere
    Except when she chaperones the school field trips!
    No guns permitted at school sanctioned events
    This is a huge problem
    I hope Florida changes this law soon

  15. Fuel Filter.

    “In social systems as in mechanical systems, action will always be met by reaction. The rise of racial animosity among blacks toward whites has evoked an equal but opposite feeling among whites toward blacks. As American whites are six to seven times as numerous as American blacks [and have many more guns]  this is not a lever that favors black aspirations, regardless of their nature.”
    ~ Francis Porretto

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