Due to an Imagination Failure…

..there will be no Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week this week. The feature will return next weekend (after an imagination overhaul, presumably).

WeaponsMan.com will return to usual programming at 0600 tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Due to an Imagination Failure…

  1. redc1c4

    might i suggest the site in the link in my nick, which i have been meaning to send you

    i got it from Steyr America, who didn’t have an owners manual for my used HS rifle in 460…and sent me to this site instead…

    Treasure of the Incas,, near as i can tell.

  2. Steve M.

    I thought it said “immigration failure” not “imagination failure” at first glance. (It is 0545 and the coffee magic is still trying to work.)

    My initial micro thought was “Oh no, what happened now?!”

    So I clicked on it, read the post and found out everything is okay.

    Hognose, thank you for the extreme vetting you conduct on the blog. I enjoy reading your stuff everyday. Sometimes, you just have to say nobody is coming in today.

          1. John M.

            @redc1c4: Fascism is far too democratic for my tastes. Give me a good Renaissance monarch any day.

            -John M.

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