Thump with TRUMP (No, this is NOT political)

Not the least bit political… this is an entirely different TRUMP. The guy getting sworn in Friday is Trump. TRUMP, all caps, means Training Re-Usable Mortar Projectile, and here you see a demonstration of unboxing a live M2 60mm Mortar, setting it up, and setting up TRUMP rounds and firing them.

The propellant and the on-target pyro charge are 20 gauge shotgun shells loaded with black powder. Strict limits on powder weights must be observed, lest your TRUMP rounds cross the threshold where they’d become unregistered Destructive Devices, a felony violation of the National Firearms Act. This limits the range of the mortar and the spectacle of the rounds’ detonation, but it can’t be helped. The mortar itself is a registered Destructive Device, and in the USA that is handled under the NFA like a machine gun or silencer would be, requiring ATF registration prior to possession, and a $200 transfer or manufacturing tax.

“Yeah, but,” we can hear you thinking out loud, “Where are you going to get a mortar?”

They’re around, but if your local gun store is fresh out, try the guys who made the video, Ordnance.Com. They have a website and a YouTube channel, but they also have M2 mortars just like this one and TRUMP rounds for sale on Gun Broker.

They also have 81mm TRUMP rounds, and older-style 60mm inert, reusable rounds. You can use the 60mm rounds in any 60mm mortar, and the 81mm rounds in any 81 or 82mm mortar.

TRUMP. Make Artillery Great Again.

22 thoughts on “Thump with TRUMP (No, this is NOT political)

  1. Keith

    Looks like a lot of fun. The M2 60mm mortar was the best one of that class in W W II. Infantry companies could group there’s together and that gave each infantry company commander his own dedicated mortar battery. This was especially useful if they were deployed in one place long enough to lay wire communications register the mortars. We still used these in Korea but I don’t know about after that.

    1. Hognose Post author

      They still taught ’em in weapons school, and AFAIK still do. The new 60 is a lot more powerful, but the old M2/M19 is more portable.

  2. Neil S.

    Ohhh, boy. For some reason I had never considered that I could own my own mortar! I wonder if any of the sights ever hit the open market? Obviously you would only need direct lay given the short range of the TRUMP round, but the nostalgia factor would be through the roof.

  3. Aesop

    Love it.

    Some Bubba screwing it up for everyone by YouTubing a suitable application of Too Much Tannerite and a home-jury-rigged PD-fuze vs. a herd of feral hogs in 3,2,…

    1. bloke_from_ohio

      There is a guy out there who makes black power cannons and brass mortars that has “hunted” with both. He nailed a deer with grapeshot out of the cannon and got a feral cat with a large hard rubber ball out of the mortar. In both cases the “hunt” was accomplished by baiting a pre-registered impact zone and comically extreme patience.

  4. John Distai

    I’ve always thought of a potato gun as the mortar for the common man. Load that sucker with a good raw baker, aimed up at an acute angle, and let ‘er rip. Bam!

    High arc over the house, across the street and…splat! Right on top of the neighbor’s car.

  5. Brad

    In the video demonstration, I was impressed how far a little 20 gauge 1/2 blank could toss that practice round.

      1. Aesop

        I was also impressed with how workbench-simple a homemade mortar is/would be, watching the assembly for firing of the M2.

  6. arturo

    hmmm, does it always have to be black powder? I have read of guys with 40s that use 38 blanks for their projection. Also I dont think rifle grenades have the same restriction either, I have wondered why you have to register a 40 tube but not a rifle grenade launcher. Any body have any insight? Also does that atf define what black powder is?

    1. Brad

      I think the reason rifle grenade launchers are not regulated by the Feds is because they don’t use fixed ammunition (GL blank + projectile). So in that sense they fall into the same unregulated category as a muzzleloading black-powder cannon.

      Of course State laws are a different issue.

    2. DSM

      Our 40mm TP rounds used a .38 blank. Always wondered if those could be pressed out of that nylon case and reloaded…

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